There are 8 main eye shapes. Here's the best eye makeup tip to accentuate yours.

Although makeup is all-inclusive, there are some tips and tricks depending on your facial features to suit you the best.

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Eye makeup can change up your whole face, especially if you know which eye shape you're blessed with. There are eight main eye shapes, so read on to discover which one is you – and how best to flatter your peepers with some help from celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney (including her number one tip to accentuate each shape.)

And heads up: it's easier than you think.

Almond eyes.

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"Most eye looks suit this eye shape," Tobi explained to Mamamia

"To create a beautiful eye look, shade a darker shadow into the crease and pull the shape upwards and outwards for a more striking look."

Round eyes.

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"I like to use eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines and pull the liner outward to cheat a more almond eye shape. I also love using a shadow on top to smoke this liner out."

"Try the Huda Beauty Obsessions eyeshadow palette," Tobi added.

Hooded eyes.

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As hooded eyes tend to hide any form of eyeshadow on the crease of your eyelid, Tobi suggests a little trick.

"I love to cheat a crease on hooded eyes," she said. "Use a matte dark brown shade where the crease would sit if you are looking directly into the mirror."

Monolid eyes.

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"A feline flick with the liner predominately on the outer edge of the eye works best for this eye shape. My go-to liner is the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen," Tobi said.

Upturned eyes.

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"This shape is very similar to almond eyes," Tobi explained. 

"A beautiful smokey eye look works great for this eye shape. Start by lining the top and bottom lash line and smudge the product. I love the Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liners. Then from there build the eyeshadow focusing on the outer edge/crease of the eye and wrap the shadow under the lower lash line," she continued.


Downturned eyes.

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As the name suggests, downturned eyes turn the eyes down on the outer corners. So the aim of your eye makeup is to create a more lifted eye. 

"For this eye shape it's great to create the illusion that the shadow is pulling the eye shape upward," Tobi said. "The darkest part of the eye should start above where the eye shape pulls down. Blend this shadow outwards and upwards."

"Ardell Demi Wispies lashes work great for this eye shape," she added.

Close set eyes.

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For close set eyes, Tobi suggests to "focus the eyeshadow out the outer edge of the eye and blend a darker shadow outwards.

"Using a liner a little thicker on the outer part of the upper lash and [creating a] feline flick will help with the appearance of more wide set eyes."

Wide set eyes.

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Finally, for wide set eyes, Tobi suggests using eyeshadow.

"You can create shadow in the inner part of the eye. I love to shade the inner part of the eye and pull the shading down into the sides of the nose contour," she said.


Feature Image: Instagram/@tobimakeup

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