A reality TV star and two divorces: Inside Zooey Deschanel's relationships.




Earlier this month, Zooey Deschanel and her husband Jacob Pechenik announced their divorce after four years of marriage.

Now, just a week later, news has emerged that the New Girl star is happily venturing into a new relationship.

According to People, the actress is reportedly dating Property Brothers reality TV star, Jonathan Scott, after they met while shooting an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

The 39-year-old has been married twice, and has two children – four-year-old Elsie and two-year-old Charlie – with producer Pechenik.

Here’s Zooey Deschanel talking about her home life. Post continues after video.

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As the American actress (who we also loved in Elf and 500 Days of Summer) starts a new chapter in her love life, we thought we’d take a look back into her past relationships.

Here’s everything we know about Zooey Deschanel’s romantic history.

Jason Schwartzman

2004 Toronto International Film Festival - Fox Searchlight Party Hosted by Gucci
Jason and Zooey dated from 2003 - 2005. Image: Getty.

Jason and Zooey met when they were 19-year-old fellow "slashies" (aka, musician/actors).

As she revealed to Cosmopolitan at the time, it was actually Dustin Hoffman who set them up.

"Jason and I dated when we were 19... he was my first boyfriend. Then I didn't see him much until Dustin Hoffman invited us over at the same time. He was like, 'I'll leave you two alone.' It was clear he was setting us up," she told the magazine.

To refresh your memory, you'll remember Jason from films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to name a few.


The couple met in 2003 and dated for two years, parting ways in 2005 without any real public comment.

While they were together, Zooey did give this little insight into her first love: "My boyfriend is a lot like me. We always agree on the same stuff we don't like. When a song comes on in the car and I go, 'I hate this song' he'll go, 'I hate it too!'"

Mickey Madden

Clear Channel Presents iHeart Album Release Party With Maroon 5 For Their New Album "V"
It's believed Mickey and Zooey dated, though not much is known about their relationship. Image: Getty.

If you haven't heard of the name Mickey Madden, you'll most definitely have heard of his band Maroon 5.


The pop/rock band's bass guitarist is rumoured to have been with Zooey for a time between Jason and her first husband Ben Gibbard.

There's not much proof of their union, apart from this mention in passing on Rolling Stone. So if they were in fact a "thing", they managed to keep their fling out of the public eye.

Ben Gibbard

os Angeles Premiere of "500 Days Of Summer"
Ben and Zooey married in 2009 after a whirlwind romance. Image: Getty.

Zooey's relationship with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard was a whirlwind of a romance.


They started dating in 2008, were engaged the same year, married in 2009 and divorced in 2011.

News of their engagement only emerged because of a false report, which stated that Zooey was engaged to someone else. That report was soon  debunked when the couple shared their engagement announcement just a few hours later.

"To be honest, we didn’t even know Zooey and Ben were an item, and apparently neither did the rest of the media," wrote Rolling Stone at the time.

Jamie Linden

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals
Zooey dated Jamie for two years from 2012. Image: Getty.

In 2012, which is the year Zooey's divorce with Ben was finalised – she met Dear John and We Are Marshall screenwriter Jamie Linden.

The pair dated for two years, but once again they managed to keep their relationship fairly private.

(Interesting side note – Jamie is now with fellow leading lady Rachel McAdams. They've been together since 2016, and share a son.)

Jacob Pechenik

2018 Heal The Bay's Bring Back The Beach Awards Gala - Arrivals
Jacob and Zooey have this month announced their divorce. Image: Getty.

Jacob and Zooey's relationship was made public in 2014, as news outlets around the globe reported about the New Girl actress "cozying up" to the producer for her new movie Rock The Kasbah. 


At the time, the media still thought she was with Jamie with the paparazzi having a field day after spotting the newly dating pair flirting, dining together and walking arm in arm.

By the time the pictures and news broke in the media, it's believed Zooey and Jamie had already been split for a month.

Jacob and Zooey married in 2015 with Zooey converting to Judaism for her new husband. The pair have two children together, Elsie, four and Charlie, two, who they've kept largely away from the media's gaze.

Speaking to People earlier this year, Zooey said she hadn't shown her kids any of her work remarking that she and Jacob "don't do the whole TV thing" with them.


Earlier this month they announced their split, releasing a joint statement that read: "After much discussion and a long period of contemplation we have decided we are better off as friends, business partners and co-parents rather than life partners."

"We remain committed to our business, our values, and most of all, our children. Thank you for respecting our privacy at this time," the couple added.

Hollywood Life, who were the first to break the news, shared further insight from a source who revealed "they're both very private people who have been focusing on their family, which is why they haven't said anything before this, but it's been several months they've been separated."

“Everything is amicable and we have two beautiful children together,” Pechenik went on to tell the same publication. “We’ve been raising them and we’re going to continue to raise them, and take great care of get them… I’m happy.”

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott
Jonathan and Zooey are newly dating. Image: Getty.

A week after announcing her divorce, Zooey was spotted with Jonathan Scott.

The Property Brothers reality TV star was papped by Hollywood Life arm in arm with Zooey, with a source telling People, "It's new, but they are having a lot of fun together."

The pair met while shooting a recent episode of Carpool Karaoke together.


“It’s sometimes a little weird when you just get thrust on camera with people you’ve never met before, but we just clicked,” Jonathan told Hollywood Life about meeting Zooey.

Jonathan and his twin brother and co-host Drew Scott had no idea Zooey and her sister Emily would be joining for them for the (yet to be aired) episode.

Jonathan spoke to Us on Friday, admitting, "I am seeing someone... I'm a very private person, so I don't typically talk about that."

Despite his failure to reveal his new love interest's identity, he was seen out with Zooey on the same day holding hands.

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