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1.  Errr, it appears we know who the 2020 Bachelorette will be: Sharna Burgess.

Well. It seems like reality TV crossovers are becoming the new thing. Last week, Survivor star Locky Gilbert was named this year’s Bachelor and now it looks like Dancing With The Stars judge Sharna Burgess could very well be our next Bachelorette.

According to TV Blackbox’s Benjamin Norris, Sharna has already signed the contract for the show.

“The contract is dry and she is going to be The Bachelorette,” said Norris on the most recent TV Blackbox podcast.

But according to a Channel 10 spokesman, a decision hasn’t exactly been made yet.

“We welcome speculation about the identity of the new Bachelorette. We are thrilled that so many talented and accomplished women have expressed interest in appearing on the show. We are in the very early stages of casting and an announcement will be made in the coming months,” said the spokesperson.


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Different trailer… same selfie ????????‍♀️ happy Saturday beauties ???? tell me what you got going on this weekend

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That said, there have been rumours going around for a while that Sharna could be in the running.

The 34-year-old told TV Week last month that it all started after she made a joke at last year’s Melbourne Cup.


“Ten were saying to me (after the joke), ‘Are you serious about this? Would you want to do it? Let’s have a conversation,’” she told TV Week. “And then I realised this could be a real thing if I wanted it to be.”

While nothing has been confirmed, it does make sense the DWTS judge would sign on to another Channel 10 show.

Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

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2. Precisely no one seems to know if Amanda Bynes and her fiancé are still engaged.

So… we’re confused.

Just days after calling off their short-lived engagement, Amanda Bynes has posted a selfie with her fiancé, Paul Michael, on Instagram.

The actress captioned the photo “My love”. And no one seems to know if they’re back together or not.


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My love ????

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The couple announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day when Amanda posted a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram.

But three weeks later, Michael confirmed the breakup after Amanda deleted all photos of him from her Instagram.


“We did,” he told In Touch magazine when asked if they had split. “I love her though, she’s my best friend.”

But now – just to add to the confusion – Paul has confirmed the couple are still very much together and their reported split was a result of a hacker who apparently wanted them to break up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Both of our Instagrams got hacked and someone deleted our pictures and sent direct messages saying we broke up,” he told Page Six. 

“We never broke up and weren’t able to log into our Instagrams until last night. Assumably [the person wanted] to make it seem like we broke up.”

So it seems like Amanda and Paul are back together… maybe?

3. “Our hearts exploded.” Jenna Dewan has given birth to her second child.

Jenna Dewan has given birth!

Uploading a photo to Instagram earlier today, Dewan announced that she and fiancé Steve Kazee have welcomed a baby boy into the world.

The Step Up actress, who already has a six-year-old daughter with ex-husband Channing Tatum, gave birth to her second child, Callum Michael Rebel on March 6.

In the photo shared, she wrote, “And just like that, our hearts exploded into all of eternity and beyond.


“Welcome to the world you little angel! Callum Michael Rebel Kazee.”

Kazee also uploaded a similar black and white photo to social media, captioning it, “In an instant our universe burst wide open and nothing would ever be the same. Welcome to earth star child.”

Dewan and Kazee announced they were expecting back in September last year, and in early 2020 shared that they were engaged.


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A lifetime to love and grow with you…you have my heart ❤️

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4. “I wrote that very tongue-in-cheek.” MAFS’ Drew Brauer has explained that, erm, interesting music video.

Married At First Sight intruder groom Drew has finally spoken out about that very questionable YouTube music video he made.


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This is me sending a photo to KC to approve my outfit for dinner… #MAFS

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If you’re unsure what we’re talking about or just need a little refresher, please let us explain.

In May 2018, Drewboy (MAFS‘ Drew) uploaded a music video to YouTube. The song is called Kick Ons, and it is absolutely everything you’d expect it to be.


The video begins with Drew, drinking from a red cup and with a ripped shirt, entering his house.

There is a party taking place in his house. Then he decides to put on a kangaroo onesie and Todd Carney makes an appearance.

Honestly, it’s a lot and it would make a lot more sense if you just watch it below.

And now he has explained it.

In an interview with Now to Lovethe 31-year-old wedding singer has opened up about why he wrote it and whether he actually likes it.

“The lyrics sound so much worse when you read them out slowly – it’s terrible!” Drew said.

“Look, most of my songs are written about heartache or hard stuff I’ve been through or love song.” He continued.

“We started playing big festivals and basically we needed some festival songs. So I wrote that very tongue-in-cheek and it was written specifically for festival-goers and it was a heap of fun to write and it’s a heap of fun to play on stage.”

Hmm interesting.

We’re glad to hear some like it!

5. “We’re receiving death threats.” MAFS Josh on the aftermath of his ‘edited’ fight with Cathy.

Married At First Sight contestant, Josh Pihlak, has called out the show’s editing after his mum, Mandy Manning, and younger brothers received death threats for their appearance on Monday night’s episode.

The 28-year-old Sydney tradie went against the show’s social media guidelines and shared a two-minute and 50 second Instagram video.

cathy josh mafs instagram video
Image: Instagram.

“I’m meant to say we’re not meant to be using our social media. We’re meant to be keeping it all hush-hush and quiet,” he began. “I think sometimes it’s better to speak up and I definitely think this is the right time to do so.”

“I knew going into this, it would be highly edited. I was sweet with that. Watching back last night, what transpired and what actually happened is an absolute joke.”

“The reason why I’m speaking up is because it definitely takes a toll when your mum, yourself and your little brothers are even receiving death threats. You know, it isn’t cool.”

Posted at 5pm AEDT before Tuesday night’s episode, Josh was referring to his homestay with Cathy, in which his mum was filmed grilling his wife at a family lunch.

“Never ignore Josh again,” Mandy says to Cathy, leaving her in tears.

“I’m feeling attacked,” Cathy explains later. “[Mandy] bringing this up again brings up those feelings again. I have never felt so alone.”

Cathy and Josh’s relationship further deteriorates after their lunch, with Cathy storming off after their argument at the beach.


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Straight off the chest

A post shared by Josh (@joshyp_91) on


Speaking to fans on Instagram, Josh said this scene was highly edited and incorrect.

“I knew going into this, it would be highly edited,” he said. “What transpired at that lunch yesterday was an absolute crock of sh*t.”

“Yes my mum did bring up the three days, which I shut down straight away and then we had the producers come in and say, ‘now Mandy we’ll get you to ask – particularly Cathy – three things you like about each other and three things you don’t’, as a constructive-criticism type thing.

“To which my answers were given to different questions and so forth, it is what it is, I’m not going to argue about it, nothing you can do about it.”

For more on Josh's edited fight with Cathy, read our earlier article here. 

Feature Image: Instagram @sharnaburgess/ Ten.

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