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"We're receiving death threats." MAFS Josh on the aftermath of his 'edited' fight with Cathy.

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Married At First Sight contestant, Josh Pihlak, has called out the show’s editing after his mum, Mandy Manning, and younger brothers received death threats for their appearance on Monday night’s episode.

The 28-year-old Sydney tradie went against the show’s social media guidelines and shared a two-minute and 50 second Instagram video.

The MAFS experts have a lot to answer for. Post continues below video.

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“I’m meant to say we’re not meant to be using our social media. We’re meant to be keeping it all hush-hush and quiet,” he began. “I think sometimes it’s better to speak up and I definitely think this is the right time to do so.”

“I knew going into this, it would be highly edited. I was sweet with that. Watching back last night, what transpired and what actually happened is an absolute joke.”

“The reason why I’m speaking up is because it definitely takes a toll when your mum, yourself and your little brothers are even receiving death threats. You know, it isn’t cool.”


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Straight off the chest

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Posted at 5pm AEDT before Tuesday night’s episode, Josh was referring to his homestay with Cathy, in which his mum was filmed grilling his wife at a family lunch.

“Never ignore Josh again,” Mandy says to Cathy, leaving her in tears.

“I’m feeling attacked,” Cathy explains later. “[Mandy] bringing this up again brings up those feelings again. I have never felt so alone.”

Cathy and Josh’s relationship further deteriorates after their lunch, with Cathy storming off after their argument at the beach.

Speaking to fans on Instagram, Josh said this scene was highly edited and incorrect.

“I knew going into this, it would be highly edited,” he said. “What transpired at that lunch yesterday was an absolute crock of sh*t.”

“Yes my mum did bring up the three days, which I shut down straight away and then we had the producers come in and say, ‘now Mandy we’ll get you to ask – particularly Cathy – three things you like about each other and three things you don’t’, as a constructive-criticism type thing.

“To which my answers were given to different questions and so forth, it is what it is, I’m not going to argue about it, nothing you can do about it.”


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Josh said the producers left out a lot of footage from their homestay.

“It’s just so disappointing to see how they made that come across, how much they left out,” he said.

“Me and Cathy actually had a wonderful lunch, we had many more activities after that. An argument transpired down at the beach in regards to her going out all night and the fight happened there.”

When it came to his views on Cathy, Josh remained diplomatic and respectful, while confirming they do not leave the show as a couple.

“I want to say Cathy, [she’s a] beautiful girl. I’ve got nothing against her. It just didn’t work out, it’s just unfortunate,” he said.


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He also had a word of warning for contestants contemplating applying to be on next year’s season.

“I just can’t stress enough to people who are trying out for this show as they’re doing applications now, just have a good hard think,” he said.

“Because when you sign that contract, any audio, any footage can be cut and spliced however they choose. It says in the fine print you may or may not be received in a positive light and me being naive, I thought why not, I’ll give it a chance, how could this possibly go wrong?”

Both Connie Crayden (who is married to Jonethen Musulin) and Stacey Hampton (who is married to Michale Goonan) shared their words of support in the comments section.

“I am beyond proud of you! Well done for staying true to yourself and speaking out. You were only honest and genuine through the whole process and I am so sorry that this happened to you… to most of us!!” wrote Connie.

“Seriously, to anyone who is even thinking about applying for next season really take into consideration what you’re actually signing up for.”

“Love you Josh!!!!! We all know how genuine you are and NO ONE deserves death threats. Speaks volumes of the audience we have attracted. Disgusting and need to look in the mirror when they speak,” replied Stacey.

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