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The 2020 MAFS cast have ruined this year's season for Australia, and themselves.


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Let me start off by saying, I was really excited for this year’s season of Married at First Sight.

Don’t fight me but it is hands down the best reality TV show on Australian television during the summer/autumn period (The Bachelor takes the winter/spring spot, of course) and I look forward to it every year.

And for one good reason: drama. Constant drama.


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But this year, I’m mad.

During previous seasons, the drama builds over the course of the three months air time and we have to patiently (and happily) sit through weeks of dinner parties and commitment ceremonies to see which couples go the distance.

BUT THIS YEAR, we already know all those details and we’re nowhere near the end of the show yet. And it’s all because the bloody contestants are sharing all the spoilers before it goes to air.


Let me explain why this is making me angry.

Think about a movie: it begins with the introduction, the plot thickens and there is a conflict, and then there is a climax.

If someone spoiled the climax, would you watch the movie? I sure wouldn’t.

Here are all the reasons this year’s cast members have completely spoiled Married at First Sight 2020 for both Australia and themselves.

The endless rumours the contestants have shared.

There have been plenty of drama-filled moments spoiled by the cast members this year. Whether they’ve let their anger out on social media or shared too much with a radio station or media outlet, this lot of contestants just can’t seem to pipe down.

Here are five times the 2020 MAFS contestants have ruined gobsmacking situations before they even aired.

Stacey and KC

These two talk way too much.

There have been emojis alluding to breakups, ‘leaked’ text messages and not so subtle hints during interviews.

Firstly, Stacey seemingly confirmed she and Michael don’t last with a sad emoji.

Mafs couples still together
Image: Instagram.

And then, text messages obtained by the Daily Mail show KC asking Stacey if she could get drinks with her husband, Michael Goonan. Again, confirming that Stacey and Michael most likely don't last.

“I spoke to Michael a couple [of] days ago, he asked how I was, we had a chat, he said he was coming to Sydney and if I wanted to go meet him for a drink,” read KC’s message.

“I said if I do I would first ask you… Not sure I will but I do see Michael as a friend but that’s it.”

In a separate interview with Hit FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron, KC hints she ‘hooks up’ with someone after the experiment.


“Have you hooked up after the experiment?” asked a host.

“You know everything is going to reveal itself after the experiment,” replied KC.

“The one thing that bothered me is I never ever, ever cheated on my husband during the experiment and, I know he will be the first one to back me up on that,” she said, adding of Michael: “We always got along super well and yeah that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

After additional pressing, KC maintained her silence on the matter but she didn’t deny anything either.

“So mark that down as a yes,” they joked.


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The question is, are my bags packed with my business class ticket out of here or am I staying? #MAFS

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Speaking to Daily Mail about KC and Michael’s rumoured affair, Stacey said: “KC was my friend. She went behind my back and proceeded to see Michael after he broke my heart. KC and I are no longer friends.”

Mikey and Stacey

Apparently, Mikey and Stacey have slept together. Both have spoken out about it, but with differing stories.

In a previous interview, Mikey (who left the experiment with Natasha) told that he and Stacey have a “one night stand” during filming.


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“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren’t together,” he said.

“I actually didn’t want this (story) out as it’s not the best way to end my time on the show, but it did happen,” he continued, suggesting that their encounter happened during the show’s reunion episode.

However, Stacey has completely denied it.

"He tried to partner swap with me, I said no," Stacey told Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa.

"I think he was upset, he didn't get his time on the show. He didn't get who he wanted. I respected that guy, I like him. I think he wanted his little bit at the end to pump his name up."

She continued to deny the allegations on KIIS 106.5 Kyle and Jackie O, adding: "I did not hook up with Mikey. He looks like he could be my son... I'm sorry, he's not my type".

KC and Drew


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Dreams do come true, I got my fairytale wedding ❤️ #MAFS

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She's only been on MAFS for a couple of weeks but she's already not so subtly confirmed that she and Drew are no longer together.

“Honestly, now Drew and I talk like friends and it’s nice. We don’t talk a lot but when we do it’s fine. I have zero feelings for him now,” she wrote in messages obtained and published by the Daily Mail.

Josh and Cathy

Josh Pihlak has just seemingly confirmed that he and Cathy have split, despite previously speaking out against his other co-stars who have spoiled the show.


Taking to Facebook after his homestay episode aired, he spoke about the bad editing job by producers.

During the episode, Josh sided with his mother as she argued with Cathy.


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A post shared by Josh (@joshyp_91) on


“What a terrible edit, f*ck it, I’m calling [my] mum,” he wrote on Facebook.

“F*ck me dead on a Devon sandwich. [Producers] left out the [entire] lunch and I had the old hugs and kisses back [from Cathy afterwards]. MAFS [has] f*cked me in the backside. Should’ve went on Survivor. I’ll never do a TV show again.”

In the comments on the post, Josh’s mother Mandy accused Cathy of being a “paid actress employed by producers”.

Another family member commented: “We did well to keep our gobs shut until now! Cathy is playing a victim! The tears, definitely trying to get on Home and Away. She’s playing her role, well, sort of.”

There have been rumours circulating that a few cast members, including Cathy, are actors hired for the show.

Aleks and Ivan

Again, it seems that social media is everyone's favourite place to spoil what happens.

In an Instagram photo showing Aleks, Ivan, Stacey and Michael filming, the two women seemingly confirm neither couple make it.


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A post shared by MAFS funny (@mafsfunny) on


"I just vomited," Stacey commented.

"I'm feeling ill as well! What were we thinking?" Aleks added.

"As if we were seen with that. Hahaha f*ck sake. I blame lack of sleep," Stacey replied.

"We must have been losing our minds! Or maybe just falling for the f*ck boy lies and manipulation," Aleks responded.

How the contestants have spoiled it for themselves.

As a result of alllll the spoilers, viewers are becoming less interested in these people outside of the show. That is not a good thing for them.

See, public image is everything when it comes to reality TV.

Contestants want to make as much of an impression while on-air to ensure they remain relevant as public figures once they are off-air. But if contestants share their most juicy scenes before they are seen by the public, people never become fully invested in them.


Here's some evidence to prove it:

Last year, by week six, all of the main brides had over 100,000 followers on Instagram. That includes Martha Kalifatidis (now has 309,000) and Jessika Power (now has 215,000) who have become full-time influencers since their stint on the reality TV show.

This year, the only new contestant with over 100,000 followers at the six-week mark is Cathy Evans.

By sharing these moments before they air, they are really just doing themselves a disservice and shortening the span of their fame post-show.

Even Lizzie, who made a return this season, agrees. “It’s disappointing and it’s upsetting and frustrating. I understand if something slips out… because it’s already happened. But the fact that they’re actually going into detail about things, it’s frustrating, totally frustrating,” she told

So in conclusion, this year's contestants have ruined Married at First Sight. Not just for Australia, but for themselves.

Let's just hope that next year's different.

Do you feel the same about this year's season of Married at First Sight? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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