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Olivia Frazer posted a Q&A for her followers. She just told us why she had to take it down.

It's been two years since Olivia Frazer made her TV debut on the 2022 season of Married at First Sight.

But despite two different casts of brides and grooms participating in the experiment in the following years, she told us she still gets trolled constantly.

On MAFS, Olivia was matched with Jackson Lonie, and the couple dated for several months after their season aired before calling it quits. Back in 2022, she received overwhelming public criticism for her constant feuding with fellow bride Domenica Calarco during the experiment.

She has since grown an Instagram following of more than 200,000, and just hosted a recent Q&A with her followers which took a turn for the worse. Olivia revealed she had to remove the question box posted on her Instagram Story because of the responses 'fat shaming' her.

"I shared my weight loss story on MAFS," Olivia told Mamamia.

"People still like to troll me for it, saying 'you're a fat ass,' or 'you'll always be fat', all that sort of stuff. MAFS really just fueled a lot of ammunition for people to be horrible about it."

Read Olivia's full Instagram statement about the Q&A below:

Image: Instagram/@olivefrazer. 


Olivia said that, as the Q&A was anonymous, it brought out some of the worst trolls. 

"I was a bit scared of doing it," she admitted. "Unfortunately, that just gives trolls another place to be anonymous."

One comment that Olivia reposted said that Jackson left her because of her weight. "This is incorrect," she said. "I think that's a lot of people's perceptions, and it's completely inaccurate."

The podcaster went on to say that some of the worst comments she received were about her late father, who passed away from terminal cancer in June 2020. She shared one example of someone who wrote, "Thank God your dad's dead, so he doesn't have to see you."

The former MAFS bride said she finds the most problematic comments come from men. "I find that men comment on my body a lot more," she shared. "Women are more inclined to troll me about the whole Dominica storyline... women do comment, usually like 'you look so good with the extra weight', so it's more passive-aggressive," she said.


"Whereas, it was men who trolled me about my dad and my body."

Considering that Olivia's season of MAFS aired two years ago, she struggles with the constant trolling she still faces to this day. "When does it end? It's just so frustrating," she vented.

The reality star reckons the fact the 2023 and 2024 seasons had men as villains — Harrison Boon and Jack Dunkley, respectively — could have something to do with why people haven't moved on from her stint on the show.

Image: Instagram/@olivefrazer.


"People haven't forgotten about me being a villain because the last two villains have both been men. Nobody's ever gonna hate them. The general public is not going to hate the man more than they hate a woman," she said. 

"Harrison tried to tell me last year that he is the biggest villain of all time. I asked, 'Have you had people come to your house... Have you been physically threatened in public?' No. Because you're a man."

Olivia admitted she's struggling with the negative messages she continues to endure to his day. She no longer watches MAFS but her short time on the show continues to haunt her. "I wish that somebody who wanted to be the biggest villain of all time would take it. Take the negative attention away from me. But it hasn't happened yet. I'm just still waking up every day and there's always someone with something else you to say," she told Mamamia.

"I was trying to be honest and vulnerable on MAFS. I wear everything that's hurt me on my sleeve. And unfortunately, it's just basically handed everybody the keys to break my heart."

Olivia is about to move back to the Central Coast and hopes to move to Scotland in the coming years. "I've been in a bit of a stalemate where I don't know what to do for work, as I really want to move on from OnlyFans but I just don't know what I can do," she shared.

"Scotland is the end goal, but I'm not ready quite yet." 

Feature image: Instagram/@olivefrazer. 

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