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'If you find love, you take love.' Domenica Calarco on her new relationship with her ex-husband's friend.

We've watched Domenica Calarco's love life with a vested interest ever since she walked down the aisle on Married At First Sight in 2022. 

The former makeup artist, who shot to fame with her on-screen partner Jack Millar, didn't find a happily ever after on the reality dating show, but has since found love again. 

With her first husband's friend. 

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Calarco opened up about her new relationship on Listnr Radio in July.

"It’s actually a very complicated story. We've actually known each other for a very, very long time," she shared.

"He was actually friends with my ex-husband which some people might find as controversial but I think if you find love, you take love."

The reality star continued by telling listeners the pair had initially formed a connection during COVID. Shortly after, Calarco went on to star in Married At First Sight.

"At the time, it wasn’t the right timing for him and I to be in a proper relationship so I went on my MAFS journey," she explained. "And funnily enough, his name is Jack and I married a Jack on MAFS."


According to a report by So Dramatic!Calarco's new boyfriend was the best man at her wedding to ex-husband Luke Rodley. 

They have reportedly been dating more than six months.

"In their speeches at the wedding, they both joked about how Jack almost ended up as the groom," an insider told the publication earlier this month. "They often talked about how 'the better man won' and all these kinds of jokes.

"They all thought it was funny at the time."


The reality star first confirmed her new relationship on Sit With Usa podcast she hosts with her MAFS co-star Ella Ding, back in June. 

"It’s a real thing, what we have," she shared with Ding. "I’m very happy. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been."

"This is it, this is real, this is life," she continued. "I wanna die with this person, I wanna grow old with this person."

While she's shared some key details about her new romance, the reality star explained she won't be sharing much about him since he's not comfortable being in the spotlight. 


Listen to this episode of Cancelled, hosted by Clare and Jessie Stephens. Post continues after audio. 

Calarco previously had a brief romance when she was travelling throughout Europe in 2022. 

"My summer romance hasn't played out how, I guess, I wanted it to play out," she said on her podcast. 

"As much as I want to say everything and talk about everything, I think there are certain details of this thing that I want to keep private."

In 2023, she continued on her reality TV stint when she joined the cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, before exiting the jungle in April.

"The whole experience was way more difficult than I expected," Calarco told 10 Play.

"I really thought going in I'd be able to cope mentally with being away from my family for so long but, I think after about a week, it really set in that I was away from them and this was my reality now.

"Once I got over that hurdle it was just like this beautiful unknown that you just leapt into and it was great from then on."

Feature Image: Nine/Instagram @domcalarco.

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