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Olivia Frazer from MAFS moved to Scotland for a man. He had a girlfriend the whole time.

Olivia Frazer rose to fame as the reality TV villain everyone loved to loathe on Married at First Sight in 2022.

She was matched with Jackson Lonie and clashed with Domenica Calarco in the experiment, making her one of the most memorable brides to ever grace the reality TV phenomenon. 

Frazer broke up with Lonie a few months after the series finished airing and has since relocated to Scotland. When the move was announced in June, the MAFS star originally said she wanted to escape her reputation in Australia, with the former teacher adding that there were more work opportunities available over in the UK. 

However, it turns out she also wanted to move to Scotland for a man. 

A man that ended up having a girlfriend.

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Olivia said she travelled to a remote Scottish town Fort William to be with a guy she met last December. 

“We spoke almost every day since we met at the start of the year and he told me he wanted me to meet his son once I got back to Scotland, told me he wanted to give things a real go between us and made me feel so wanted after everything I'd been through after MAFS – but it was all lies.”

After being reunited, Olivia immediately sensed something wasn't right.

Image: Instagram/@olivefrazer. 

The plan was for Olivia to fly to Scotland in June with two girlfriends who would then return home leaving Olivia there alone. But when she introduced her friends to her new man, she said they were “suspicious” as things “didn't add up”.


Olivia revealed that once her friends left, the relationship quickly fizzled out leaving her feeling “stranded” in Scotland. 

“I had no idea what to do, or what I'd done wrong and a lady in a pub then approached me and asked if I was still seeing him. I told her 'ah that's a bit complicated' and she said: 'Don’t. He has a girlfriend. Has had a girlfriend the whole time'," the 30-year-old revealed. 

This upsetting saga went down in early July which means the MAFS star has spent the following months healing. She spent recent months travelling around with some women she encountered in her travels. 

Olivia now plans to return to Australia. 

“Part of me is embarrassed to be coming home after all of the articles made such a big deal out of me moving to the UK, but I'm proud of myself for at least giving it a go, being vulnerable and open to finding love again. I just know next time I meet someone not to be so blinded by how much I want it to work," she said.

“I wasn't going to share this publicly, but I think it's important to remind other girls not to ignore red flags from the start because you so desperately want it to work with someone. I feel like I've been completely scammed and made a fool out of."

Feature image: Instagram/@olivefrazer. 

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