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alessandra.z87 February 11, 2024

Yep. Twelfth year as a teacher. It's a lot. There is a lot of disrespect from the general public, not much accountability for student behaviour, and stupid box-ticking. If it was literally just teaching it would be easy! It has been super-difficult to staff our school, and this is in a metropolitan area, not a regional or remote school. Being understaffed then puts way more pressure on those who remain. 

alessandra.z87 February 2, 2024

A second gender equals less diversity. Right. For $40k a year, I would want my kid to know what 'diversity' means and to identify when it is used incorrectly on a placard.

alessandra.z87 February 1, 2024

Has anyone associated with the Grammys ever apologised to Janet Jackson? Imagine being assaulted in your workplace in front of millions of people, then YOU get blacklisted and banned from an industry event. There's still no explaining that one. 

alessandra.z87 January 22, 2024

This is very scary because of the implied lack of respect also for the younger one's peanut allergy. Food allergies can be FATAL. And quickly. That kid has peanuts, you need to react with an EpiPen immediately, if not sooner. Bye Grandma.

alessandra.z87 January 8, 2024

Holy freaking entitlement, Batman. Who thinks to even do this? 

alessandra.z87 December 27, 2023

In the age of cameras on phones and iPads, there needs to be a widespread understanding that it is not okay to film people without their consent, especially in the course of their job. I do not want to teach a particular incoming Year 10 student this year because of my knowledge of him photographing staff on the iPad he uses for classwork. This is an issue both kids, and obviously, a lot of adults, need messaging on.

alessandra.z87 December 13, 2023

Consider that this doctor was essentially saying "go root anybody" to a CHILD that was 5 years below the minimum age of consent. That should be considered 'you're struck off' behaviour. 

alessandra.z87 December 4, 2023

I could never be a nurse. They are utterly extraordinary. I don't know how anyone does it.

alessandra.z87 December 3, 2023

That's amazing. What a great outcome for this family. 

alessandra.z87 November 28, 2023

@snorks Then our police liaison officer is wrong too.

alessandra.z87 November 27, 2023

@simple simon In NSW, if you are under 18, it's +/- 730 days age difference between you and your partner. After that, the similar age defence doesn't stack up. It doesn't matter how you know the person. 

alessandra.z87 November 9, 2023

Such a tragedy. 35 is very young, and by all accounts Johnny seemed to be a lovely person. Brain cancer is cruel. I feel tremendously sorry for his partner Tahnee, having spent most of her 20s loyally standing by Johnny through this fight and now being left without him.

alessandra.z87 November 4, 2023

This sounds highly practical for most people.....

alessandra.z87 October 18, 2023

What a horrible psychological burden for this woman. I hope she is getting what she needs after such an intense trauma.

alessandra.z87 October 16, 2023

I hope this was reported to AHPRA, AMA, any patient advocacy bodies at that particular hospital, etc. Women die of sepsis from ruptured, untreated ectopics. And suicidal ideation is a very real consequence of miscarriage for many. Report, report  and not just amongst an audience of other, sympathetic women. This kind of dismissal can be fatal.

alessandra.z87 October 9, 2023

Heart breaking, and there is still too much justification out on the streets and in some media. These people did not create the Israeli state, they haven't done anything wrong. Some really alarming sentiments out there trying to justify the capture of ordinary civilians like this. 

alessandra.z87 September 11, 2023

Without having the same obvious bias as Mia, I can also attest that Jessie's book is great. I read it over a weekend. When I also had multiple other things to do. A great read. 

alessandra.z87 September 8, 2023

Do not say "you can always have another one". Would it be cool if I say that when your spouse dies? One human cannot be a replacement for any other. And maybe they cannot just have another one. Maybe it was their last shot, maybe they suffered medical complications that took away what was left of their fertility, maybe they're too traumatised or tired to try again. Just no. 

alessandra.z87 August 5, 2023

I can see how this would be deeply offensive in Japan. "Nuclear war, but make it cute and pink" is not a good look. If you're going to release films globally, you really need to consider how marketing will be perceived globally, not just in the west. 

alessandra.z87 July 17, 2023

If it was literally JUST a matter of positive thinking, no one would ever be sick. I'm quite certain that no one is content to have cancer and it's simply never occurred to them to wish it wasn't so.