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alessandra.z87 July 7, 2024

Why is the media reporting that she's pregnant when she herself has not said that she's pregnant? Hell, a person could be more bloated because they're full of IVF hormones. Haven't we moved past announcing other peoples' alleged pregnancies? 

alessandra.z87 May 21, 2024

"I didn't even know how to treat a girl..." ...are you flexing your behavioural problems, Sir? 

alessandra.z87 May 17, 2024

Nothing more important than being a mother, but also IVF is bad. Okay, Captain Logic. Besides the insulting word salad this glorified ball-thrower spewed, the real kicker is that his own mother is a PROFESSOR OF PHYSICS. 

alessandra.z87 May 13, 2024

As a fellow teacher, I also think there are career-level expectations for job-level progression and renumeration. Teachers have a large raft of very serious responsibilities and have spent at least 4 years at university, but are not treated as professionals and have little scope to develop a 'career' in the sense that they might in other industries.

alessandra.z87 May 9, 2024

Essentially, going on a show like MAFS has a lot of potential to ruin the trajectory of your life.

alessandra.z87 April 29, 2024

Literally why was he not taken into custody????? So much wrong here.

alessandra.z87 April 23, 2024

Too accurate. Far from not feeling like you 'should', I think this is a hugely common experience.

alessandra.z87 April 23, 2024

Why the actual hell does his income come into it? Bank balance or earning capacity doesn't determine if someone is a danger to society or not! There is a serious problem with the courts. We're not asking if he looks good on paper. Women are asking to be protected after violent behaviours.

alessandra.z87 April 16, 2024

Not just the 7 Network needs to be held to account (although as a professional news outlet, they MUST actually be better and check things), but who was the original anti-Semite troll who thought "great, there's been a violent attack, I'll just post this completely random lie on the internet for my own purposes?" People should have less freedom to cause real-world harm via their keyboards.

alessandra.z87 April 11, 2024

People definitely need to consider the difference between a 9 to 5 and being a small business owner - businesses often don't survive the owner just going on leave. When you run the show, you have to rely on yourself and simply make things work. 

alessandra.z87 April 5, 2024

How upsetting. The state owes this family better than this. 

alessandra.z87 March 29, 2024

In reality, being a 'horse girl' is prohibitively expensive. And keeping a domestic horse healthy and happy is a lot more work than having a contented goldfish. 

alessandra.z87 March 22, 2024

It's simple - see the rapidly accelerating rate of hate, anger and violence in society? Many of those dishing it out have children who also emulate their behaviours. School staff cop it from both these students and their parents. 

alessandra.z87 March 1, 2024

Imagine the deep psychological problems that are going to come with literally being named 'Slim'. Please give me a complex, Mum.

alessandra.z87 February 11, 2024

Yep. Twelfth year as a teacher. It's a lot. There is a lot of disrespect from the general public, not much accountability for student behaviour, and stupid box-ticking. If it was literally just teaching it would be easy! It has been super-difficult to staff our school, and this is in a metropolitan area, not a regional or remote school. Being understaffed then puts way more pressure on those who remain. 

alessandra.z87 February 2, 2024

A second gender equals less diversity. Right. For $40k a year, I would want my kid to know what 'diversity' means and to identify when it is used incorrectly on a placard.

alessandra.z87 February 1, 2024

Has anyone associated with the Grammys ever apologised to Janet Jackson? Imagine being assaulted in your workplace in front of millions of people, then YOU get blacklisted and banned from an industry event. There's still no explaining that one. 

alessandra.z87 January 22, 2024

This is very scary because of the implied lack of respect also for the younger one's peanut allergy. Food allergies can be FATAL. And quickly. That kid has peanuts, you need to react with an EpiPen immediately, if not sooner. Bye Grandma.

alessandra.z87 January 8, 2024

Holy freaking entitlement, Batman. Who thinks to even do this? 

alessandra.z87 December 27, 2023

In the age of cameras on phones and iPads, there needs to be a widespread understanding that it is not okay to film people without their consent, especially in the course of their job. I do not want to teach a particular incoming Year 10 student this year because of my knowledge of him photographing staff on the iPad he uses for classwork. This is an issue both kids, and obviously, a lot of adults, need messaging on.