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alessandra.z87 May 20, 2022

Yep, people are absolutely terrible, bulls-in-china-shops when it comes to other peoples' fertility. I almost can't wait to be visibly post-menopausal at times. 

alessandra.z87 May 9, 2022

A very helpful article for all of those out there whose lives and uterus didn't get to follow the perfect two year age gap rule. 

alessandra.z87 May 6, 2022

"You haven't done something bad and ended up with this thing" - such a helpful reminder for infertility, miscarriage and secondary infertility. It's all too easy to blame yourself and every tiny thing you have ever done, but it's simply not your fault.

alessandra.z87 May 6, 2022

Great article - most women under 50 today got sold the 'having it all' trope with no real mention of how simple reality doesn't usually agree with this or creating a linear path - articles like this one are so important.

alessandra.z87 May 5, 2022

@any1 Yes to mandatory vasectomies- if they think they can legislate into a uterus, why not the vas deferens?

alessandra.z87 April 26, 2022

As a NSW public education teacher, I can only assume that the long term aim of governments is for education to become fully privatised.

alessandra.z87 April 23, 2022

Wow. What a powerful article.

alessandra.z87 April 21, 2022

Women DO deserve protected spaces, given our marginalisation and the discrimination we have suffered compared to men. The same is also true for trans and gender diverse people. Both groups deserve protection and dignity and certainly freedom from being political footballs.

alessandra.z87 April 19, 2022

I don't believe the one with Adut could be accidental - how can you interview someone and do a whole feature on them without realising what they look like??

alessandra.z87 April 18, 2022

Your sons observe and mimic toxic masculine behaviours when they are exposed to them, then bring them into a female-dominant workplace. By the time they are in high school and pretty much the size and weight of a grown man, this can be downright dangerous. High school teachers don't get body armour like cops. 

alessandra.z87 April 16, 2022

This is all a nice sentiment, but the cost of living is ridiculous and many passions aren't profitable and actually haemorrhage money. I'm passionate about never living in a car. 

alessandra.z87 April 13, 2022

Disgusting. I would much rather that my taxes go to someone who has suffered through an ordeal like this than an already-overpaid pollie's dubious travel allowance. Scotty and his ilk have insisted on their coal, so where's the plan for climate disasters? 

alessandra.z87 April 10, 2022

Are you allowed to have a D&C (regularly also classified as an 'abortion') after a miscarriage in Texas, or are you meant to get blood poisoning and die? In any case, I strongly implore the women of Texas to commit to a statewide sex strike. Pitiful. 

alessandra.z87 April 8, 2022

It's far more selfish to have kids for the hell of it and give them inadequate care than it is to eschew having them completely. Having a poor little hostage who is stuck with you until they are old enough to escape is definitely selfish. It's like the line from the Eat, Pray, Love film - "having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You have to be all in". 

alessandra.z87 April 8, 2022

We're all victims of this - how many times has someone felt like they have to comment on your body, even if you're doing a very workaday job like stacking shelves or sitting at a reception desk? People feel so entitled to say deeply inappropriate stuff about women's bodies.

alessandra.z87 April 7, 2022

We recently had to end a planned pregnancy at 17 weeks due to severe chromosomal issues incompatible with life. I absolutely do not want to see any other humans who lack social skills or discretion again, ever. If I openly point out to a man that he simply looks fat as all hell, that would probably be considered rude. Why do people fail to have basic manners and consideration? 

alessandra.z87 April 4, 2022

If you have attended school as a student, which almost all Australians have, that's exactly what you have: a prior experience of being a student. You do not have exhaustive expertise of what it is to actually be the teacher. You don't actually even have any. I'm talking to you, Keyboard Karen. 

alessandra.z87 March 29, 2022

@snorks it's well known that BMI is very arbitrary and not a particularly strong indicator of overall health. 

alessandra.z87 March 29, 2022

A lot of very fit and healthy people, even world class athletes, are 'obese' when going by BMI. It's horrifying that any health professional would use it as a measure, let alone for a young child.

alessandra.z87 March 20, 2022

In metropolitan Sydney we had over twenty staff off today, and no where near enough casual cover. Some senior students had three out of four periods in the study area under minimal supervision.