What you'll always notice about the stories on Mamamia.

The real problem with ‘nude’ foundation. 

These are 50 photos of what women’s vulvas actually look like.

'Chewing gum came out of my allowance.' I was financially abused for 10 years.

'Midwifery is a noisy job. Until it falls silent.'

Oh no. I tried these viral bikini bottoms and I regret everything.

From sexless marriages to ‘monogamish.’ 10 couples who do partnerships differently. 

Six of the best positions for having sex in a wheelchair.

What do all these headlines have in common?

First, they're all stories featured on in Mamamia's Unspeakables series.

Second, they're candid. Unflinchingly honest. And speak a quiet truth about being a woman - whatever that looks like.  

Whether it's the complex, lived experience of coercive control, or coming home from the maternity ward with empty arms. 

Whether it's our unedited, unfiltered bodies, or the bizarre fashion trends that sometimes make us feel like it's us - and not the silly clothes - that don't fit. 

Whether it's a relationship that creates its own rules, or foundation that assumes 'nude' is the same shade for every woman. 

Whether it's personal or universal or funny or insightful, Mamamia tells the stories of Australian women with radical honesty.

It's at the crux of who we are. And it always will be. 

What we hear from our audience time and time again is: nobody speaks to me like Mamamia. 

Watch: Nobody speaks to me like Mamamia. Post continues after video. 


Video via Mamamia. 

12 years ago, we were the first digital media brand in Australia who dared to challenge the ubiquitous 'aspirational' portrayal of women. Mamamia didn't pretend to tell you how to be a woman. We reflected rather than distorted. We accepted, and continue to accept, Aussie women as they are - the messiness, the mistakes, the heartbreaks, the humour, the friendships, the feelings of failure, the joys and the injustices.

Women saw themselves and their stories. They joined the conversation. And over a decade later, we're Australia's largest independent women's media company, continuing to keep our promise that no one speaks to women like we do.

Now, we've launched a series called The Unspeakables, as well as a video, which both showcase some of those taboo conversations you'll always see on Mamamia.

Every woman belongs at Mamamia - the place that speaks to you in a way no one else can. 

Find all The Unspeakables stories, right here. 

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