Mercury Retrograde is resurfacing all your unresolved issues. Like that ex from 2 years ago.

The universe is not a safe place at the moment.

From July 7 to July 31 Mercury will be in Retrograde, and it will bring with it all your stickiest unresolved issues, like career quandaries, recurring relationship dramas and even ex-partners from relationships past. The worst.

Explaining the event to Mamamia, Sydney astrologer, Pia Lehmann of Soulscapesoz said July’s Mercury Retrograde will be “particularly volatile,” especially in matters of the heart. Notably, July 8 to 19 will be especially troublesome, and people born in the first five or six days of fixed signs like Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius will be affected the most.

“It’s going to be particularly volatile. People are going to be restless, resistant to restrictions and heavy in frustration. You can expect unexpected disruptions and issues involving a tug of hearts,” she said.

“Things won’t be what you thought they would be.”

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So, if your subconscious has been rudely churning out dreams involving your ex-partners, or maybe they’re suddenly sending you unsolicited messages asking you ‘how you’ve been,’ resist the urge to scroll through their entire social media history. And DO NOT MAKE CONTACT. Promise? Good.

Instead, Pia said it’s a good time to take a moment of introspection, and resolve the issue once and for all. And in this case, Mercury Retrograde could be a time of great progress, should you be willing to put in the work.

“We’re going to be forced into revisiting old ground, where you’ll find yourself in places you’ve been before,” she explains.

“Maybe it’s a case where you said ‘yes,’ when it should have been a ‘no’,” she notes, potentially referring to your ‘kind of funny, but also a little problematic’ Tinder pal, Bryan. Hot tip: do not re-message Bryan.

“You will almost be forced to go over old issues that haven’t been resolved, and these problems will come up again until they’re dealt with. If the problems are to do with family, people and relationships, Cancer will force you to work together and find a mutually agreeable option.”

mercury retrograde 2019
Footage of your past colliding with your present. Image: Giphy.

This month Mercury will start off in the house of Leo, before retrograding back into Cancer from July 8. It will stay there until June 20, when it moves back to Leo, when the effects of Mercury Retrograde will taper off (thank goodness).

"When the Sun and Mercury move back to Cancer, things will be softer and more emotional," said Pia.

"The New Moon in the beginning of August will signify a period of transformation and things will become a lot more joyous. The idea is to resolve your issues within these three weeks.

"You'll be put in situations where you'll have the time and space to resolve your issues and put them to rest. Nothing is ever strictly a bad thing."

However, should you feel not emotionally prepared to do any of the above, let's take a pre-emptive step and cancel the rest of July and go into hibernation.

We'll see you in August.

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