Obsessive. Snobby. Indecisive: Your worst trait according to your star sign.


If you want to blame something on a third-party, extraterrestrial energy, your star sign can be a trusty scapegoat.

From a Pisces’ wishy-washy and dreamy nature, to a Libra’s inability to NEVER make a decision (Libras, you know this to be true), we sked Sydney astrologer, Pia Lehmann of Soulscapesoz to break down the worst traits associated with each zodiac sign.

However, first a caveat.

Pia explicitly states that before you “condemn” a person for their sun sign (the sign associated with your birth date and the one most people know), this only represents around “10 per cent of the person”. To understand how your signs intersect and affect your personality (should you be a believer), you need to take into account your entire birth chart.

“It’s all about the aspect of your sun sign. A bad aspect will bring out the bad traits of the sign. This is the reason why people do a reading with an astrologer. They can explain how to be aware of your negative traits,” she explains.

“You need to read the whole chart and see what makes your sun sign act like that.

“We don’t condemn and we don’t judge.”

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Prepare to be astrologically roasted by Pia. Image: Supplied.

With that disclaimer out of the way, prepare to be astrologically roasted.

Things we can't stop looking at... zodiac-inspired makeup.

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Aries - You're aggressively hot-headed.

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac and they've got the impatient, aggressive and gung-ho attitude that confirms every first-born stereotype out there.

"Aries can be impatient, domineering, quick-tempered and really insensitive emotionally because they just want to charge and get-ahead," says Pia.

"You get things done, but you can also be hasty and blunt. In a company setting, they're the ones getting the sale, but don't expect them to follow up. They're too busy charging ahead."

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Taurus - You're unbearably stubborn.

When it comes to a Taurus' worst trait, there's one phrase Pia repeats again and again: they're stubborn.

"Taurus are accused of being stubborn and fixed. They don't budge on their convictions and don't adapt to new things," she says.

While loyal and generally patient, Pia also warns against provoking our Taurus pals.

"They can also be short-tempered, but they're different from an Aries. If you tease them for long enough, they will sit quiet for a long, long time but all of a sudden they'll lose it," she says.


"Like a bull in a china shop they'll trample over everything and everybody will be surprised at their volcanic outburst which seemingly came from nowhere."

GEMINI horoscope

Gemini - You're the definition of 'Too Much Information'.

It takes Pia two seconds and a chuckle to get to the core of a Gemini's downfall.


"Too much information," Pia stresses, who says those under the sign are consumed with the minutiae of life.

"Geminis have all these thoughts racing through their brain and sometimes it comes out inverse."

"They can be scatter-brained, restless and lack concentration and follow-through. They also have the tendency to bore people because they talk with too much detail. Unlike a to-the-point Sagittarius, they'll speak using the letters of the alphabet, instead of using words."

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Cancer - You can be a bit too sensitive.

Speaking about the water sign, Pia says: "Now here you go into emotion... oh my god."

Represented by a crab, she says that as soon as Cancerians are hurt or provoked, they'll retreat into their shell, where they "can be brooding for days".

"They're easily hurt but this victim complex can make them narcissistic. They believe people are out to get them, even if this isn't true. Maybe the other person just had a bad day," she explains.

"They're also very traditional, and can be a bit tight with money. The don't like being frivolous."

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Leo - It's all about you (and you know it).

Leos like to be the centre of the attention and they're unapologetic about this, even if this is to their downfall.

"Now just think ego," says Pia. "They think things like 'I want to shine. I'm a magnet and attract everybody,' however, if this become extreme, you have the tendency to be vain. You can get status conscious, boastful and go to extremes just to make an impression."

She also has a sure-fire way of identifying a Leo in a professional situation.

"They can also be autocratic and lazy at work. They're master delegators because they don't want to do the mundane tasks themselves. They'd rather do the talking because they want to be the king."

VIRGO horoscope

Virgo - You're a nitpicker.

Yes, Virgos have earnt themselves a harsh reputation in the zodiac but it's all due to their critical nature.

"They're called nitpickers, naggers and critical and yet, they cannot take criticism themselves. That destroys them completely, because they try to be perfect in everything they do," says Pia.

And while their intelligence and dedication is an asset, they have the tendency to "get lost in the small details," says Pia.

"Virgos can be petty, sceptical, and pedantic. It's like who cares? Get a life."

LIBRA horoscope

Libra - You're annoyingly indecisive.

"Don't ever ask a Libra where to go for lunch, or when to get lunch, because they can't decide," says Pia, which sums up a Libra's indecisiveness.

"They can never make up their mind. They're too balanced and their addiction to peace and harmony and their inability to upset people comes at a personal cost to them."

Pia notes Libras also have a need to remain in relationships, even if it no longer serves them.

"They can stay in a relationship for too long because they don't want to disrupt the peace. They're sometimes also accused of not being 100 per cent honest because they don't want to rock the boat."

In other words, you'd rather tell a white lie, than upset someone with the truth. It's just not in your nature.

SCORPIO horoscope

Scorpio - You're intense. Too intense.

While a Scorpio can be your most loyal friend, cross them at your own peril.

"They've got an intensity that can become too much for a lot of people and as a result they're known for being overbearing and obsessive," says Pia.

"If they set their heart on something, they'll go over and over and over it again and that can drive some people mad."


Pia also adds that you should never abuse a Scorpio's trust because "that's when the sting of the Scorpio comes out".

"And they will hold that against you forever. They can be secretive, jealous and although they'll want to know your secrets, they won't share theirs."


Sagittarius - Bless you, but you're accidentally offensive.

Sagittariuses mean well, but they so often fall short on their delivery.


"Think of a boy scout. They're not quite polished in social situations and the expression 'foot in the mouth' applies," says Pia, who adds that they often say things without thinking them through.

"They're blunt, but Sagittariuses are ultimately just trying to tell you the truth. It's almost charming, until it isn't."

"They're always saying the wrong thing but it's not in a bad way. When Scorpios say something mean, they're very aware of it. They know there's a sting but this doesn't apply to the Sagittarius."

CAPRICORN horoscope

Capricorn - You're snobby.

When it comes to the worst trait of a Capricorn, Pia zeroes in on their cold and rigid nature.

"They tend to have a stiff upper lip and never show any emotion," says Pia.

"They can also be status-conscious but unlike a Leo's individualistic flare, Capricorns focus on the title and can be judgmental and discriminate on things like class and social structure.

"People will also call them cold, egotistical, domineering and unforgiving because if you don't play by the rules, then they won't like you."

AQUARIUS horoscope

Aquarius - You're difficult to get close to.

Constantly looking to go against the grain, Aquarius are known for their stubborn dedication to being radical, rebellious and eccentric and this can be isolating to other people.

"Aquarius can be cold, but it differs from the snobbery of a Capricorn. Instead they're impersonal," says Pia.

Although an Aquarius will tend to have a lot of friends, they won't want to get close to any one of them, because they see the "emotional stuff as a waste of time", notes Pia.

"They're better off in a group because they don't want to connect with just one person. They can also come across as very theoretical. They put their head above their heart and this can rub 'emotional' people [read: Pisces] the wrong way."

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Pisces - You're the opposite of 'practical'.

Ohhh Pisces. They're delicate, sensitive and dreamy souls, but this is also their undoing says Pia.

"They're all the way up in cloud nine. They're spaced-out, unrealistic, prone to procrastination, talkative and very emotional," she explains.

"As a result they often feel misunderstood."

And while they often have big and wonderful ideas, this doesn't translate into the real world.

"That's why they don't make the best CEOs," says Pia.

Creative directors on the other hand...

Do you resonate with your star sign? Tell us in a comment below.

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