Are you a 'fun mum' or a taxi parent? This is your parenting style, according to your star sign.



We can learn many lessons from a person’s star sign. Depending on whether you’re into astrology, we can determine the worst aspects of someone’s personality, to how they are in relationships.

But what about how you are as a parent?

We asked Pia Lehmann of Soulscapesoz to share her insights into how your star sign can impact your parenting style.

Zodiac-inspired makeup is a thing that exists and we can’t look away. Post continues after video.

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Aries – The soccer parent.

People born under the first sign of the zodiac are defined by their go-getting nature and this translates into how they are with children too.

“From hyperactivity, anything to do with sport, to being on the go at all times, if their kids are also this way inclined, then it’ll be wonderful,” says Pia.

“But if you’ve got a child who prefers reading, or is a bit of a couch potato, that can make the Aries parent very domineering and insensitive to their emotional needs.”

Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights.


Taurus – The ‘taxi’ parent.

While Taureans would rather spend their time relaxing, their earthy nature also lends themselves to be an emotional rock for their kids.


“They’re always emotionally there, they’re loyal and dependable and you can rely on them to not let you down,” Pia says.

Also, they can also be stubborn to change, which can cause issues.

“They may not be quick to adapt, be it with technology, or new trends. They like tradition,” explains Pia.

Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.


Gemini – The extracurricular parent.

You never know what you’re going to get with a Gemini parent, says Pia, who describes them as having “a lot of faces”.

“If you have a Gemini parent, you have four parents as a result,” she jokes, adding that they’re always switching up their plans and like their kids to be involved in lots of varied activities.

“Geminis love to talk and while they’re action-orientated, they’re intellectually driven too. They like change and adapt well to it. They tend to encourage their kids to read, learn and nurture their brains.”

At least it won’t be a boring childhood.

Charlotte York from Sex and the City.


Cancer – The natural parent.

Cancers are natural born parents says Pia.

“They provide a very nurturing, warm and comfortable home life and it’s something that’s just innate in them,” she states.

Despite this, an overly-involved parent could result in worry-wart tendencies which can bring out their inner ‘helicopter parent’.

“There’s a warmth in their parental attitude, however the danger is that they could over-protect their kids, and over-shelter them,” says Pia.

Sandy Cohen from The OC.



Leo – The ‘fun mum’.

Think dramatic and over-the-top. Leo parents are defined by their generous, voracious and loving attitude.

But they have to be careful they don’t overshadow their kids, warns Pia.

“They’re very theatrical, they’re fun to be around, but they just need to be careful not to play too large a role, otherwise the kids could develop an inferiority complex and think they will never meet their parent’s expectations.

“Leos are also very generous with gifts and love to spoil and brag about their kids, which could also come as a cost.”

Mrs George from Mean Girls.


Virgo – The perfectionist parent.

Virgos can be sticklers for order and neatness, and this shows in how they parent.

“Virgos don’t like messes and this can turn them into naggers,” says Pia.

“They can also come across as ‘too critical’.”

However, at their best, Virgos also have the ability to create order from chaos (a much needed skill around kids) and equip their children with practical skills like cleaning, cooking and gardening.

Monica Geller from Friends.


Libra – The peacekeeper parent.

Librans aren’t going to be much use adjudicating a sibling-screaming match – “they would think fights and arguments are unnecessary” – but you can bet they’ll never show favouritism or bias.

The most balanced sign of the zodiac, they’re also all for order and harmony and are likely to bring up the most polite and well-mannered kids.

“Imagine if there was a high tea for kids, it would be a Libran who would book that,” says Pia.


Emma Pillsbury from Glee.


Scorpio – The new-age parent.

While some parents roll their eyes at their children asking “why?” all the darn time, this doesn’t apply to the Scorpio parent.

“I hope the kid is into mythology and philosophy, because Scorpios certainly are,” jokes Pia.

“Scorpio parents might teach their kids about crystals, alternative health, astrology and other unorthodox ways of thinking, however their downfall is their intensity.”

Don’t expect a Scorpio parent to ever hold back on a threat, which as Pia says, “might not go down too well with a rebellious teenager”.

Rosemary (Olive’s mum) from Easy A.


Sagittarius – The ‘outdoorsy’ parent.

Camping, bush walking, summers by the beach and lots of travel, Pia says the Sagittarius parent will want to share their love of the outdoors and the wider-world with their family.

“They’re good for boy scouts and Sagittarius mums can often be tomboys,” she says.

“But again, make sure this is what your kids want. Sometimes their interests aren’t as aligned to kids who just want to read a book or stay indoors.”

Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberries.


Capricorn – The strict parent.

Think momagers, academics and dance mum-esque levels of enthusiasm, Pia says a Capricorn parent can often be identified by their ambition and drive because they want to best for their child.

“They can be a bit strict, stern, ambitious and overly academically focused, but it comes from a good place,” she notes.


“They want their kid to go to the best school in terms of reputation because they can prioritise status but they might need to work on their patience if this isn’t what their children want.

“The relationship will thrive with their kids do well at academics – that’s their joy and pride.”

Kris Jenner.


Aquarius – The ‘all our friends are family’ parent.

Aquarians like to keep an extensive social circle and this means their kids will never be without company.

“Everyone is your family. They keep large social circles which can include friends, colleagues and acquaintances so they’ll be a lot of activity and people,” she says,

“You can expect lots of chit chat and different activities to occupy the kids.”

Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.


Pisces – The artsy parent.

Arty kids, budding musicians, writers and creatives are perfectly matched with Pisces parents.

“They want to bring out the artistic best in their kids with a heavy focus in music, painting, DIY crafts etc.,” says Pia.

“They give their kids a very playful and fun-filled childhood and are very forgiving and more relaxed on issues like mess, discipline and school.”

However, their dreamy nature can be a double-edged sword.

“Pisces might also find it difficult to discipline their kids. They’ll encourage their kids to chase their dreams, even if it’s not realistic. Not everyone can be a famous musician or artist,” says Pia.

Frances “Frankie” Bergstein from Grace and Frankie.