Meghan Markle is every woman who wished she could just change her engagement ring... just a little.

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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement in 2017, the world was obsessed with the three-stone diamond engagement ring wrapped around the former actress’ finger.

Yep, we were, and we won’t even try and deny it.

You see, there was a deeply personal story behind the ring: Prince Harry had designed Meghan’s engagement ring himself, he’d sourced the main stone from Botswana, where he and Meghan had holidayed together for her 36th birthday, and included two small diamonds from his mother, the late Princess Diana’s personal collection.

meghan markle prince harry engagement pics ring
Remember when the royal engagement was announced in November 2017? Now they have a baby. Image via Getty.
Meghan Markle's engagement ring
Meghan Markle's original engagement ring, which had a thicker band. Image: Getty.

During the couple's engagement interview with BBC, Harry said he wanted to include Princess Diana's diamonds to make sure she was with them during their "crazy journey together".

He also revealed he had specifically chosen a gold band for Meghan.

“The ring is obviously yellow gold because that’s her favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother’s jewellery collection, to make sure she’s with us on this crazy journey together," he said.


Meghan added: “It’s beautiful, and he designed it, it’s incredible".

Watch: Prince Harry reveals how he proposed to Meghan Markle. Post continues after. 

Video by BBC

Now less than two years later, the Duchess of Sussex has updated her engagement ring. And she didn't even tell us. Rude.

But we have photos, lots of photos from Meghan's public appearances since giving birth to baby Archie, and they show Meghan's engagement ringing looking just a tad different to the one Prince Harry proposed to her with. Instead of a solid yellow gold band, Meghan's trio of diamonds has been reset in a daintier yellow gold micro-pave band. Basically, it's a thinner band with lots of tiny diamonds embedded in it.

Meghan Markle engagement ring
The Duchess of Sussex wore her updated ring at the Trooping the Colour. Image: Getty.
Meghan Markle engagement ring
See how sparkly and dainty the new band is? Image: Getty.

Yes, Meghan Markle is every woman who wished she could change her engagement ring - just a little bit.

And she's actually done something about it.

Of course, she meant it when she called the original ring "beautiful" and "incredible" - but, as any woman would disclose to her closest girlfriends after a few glasses of chardonnay, even though she simply loves the engagement ring, if she's being totally honest, it would be so perfect... if only she could make a few small changes.

Maybe it's the cut of the diamond. Perhaps it's the choice of stone. Or, like in Meghan's case, the type of the band.

The delicate, sparkling band seems to be much more in keeping with the Duchess of Sussex's well-known minimalist style. It also matches better with her new eternity ring (a gift from Prince Harry on their first wedding anniversary) as well as her Welsh gold wedding band.

Or perhaps she had to adjust the ring size during her pregnancy due to swelling finger or the original gold band got tarnished?

Look, we'll likely never know the real reason Meghan Markle changed her ring, but if she's like the many women before and after her, when Harry dropped to a knee while preparing a roast chook dinner on a cold wintry night, Meghan thought, "Oh, I love it babe, but could it have.... more diamonds?"