"I was very naïve": Matty J was catfished for three months by a woman he met on social media.


Before Matty J gave his heart to Laura Byrne on The Bachelor, he was the victim of a catfishing ploy orchestrated by a woman named ‘Chloe Piper’.

“I was 18, I was very naïve, I was new to social media,” the new father told his Nova 96.9 breakfast show co-hosts Matt de Groot and Sarah McGilvray.

Former Australian Idol star, Casey Donovan, shares her experience of being catfished at 18.

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“I was friends with a girl called Chloe Piper. [She was a] beautiful, beautiful young lady. We were speaking for about three months, and every time we time we would tried to meet up she would then say, ‘Actually, I’ve just got food poisoning. I’m really unwell. I can’t do it, I’m so sorry,'” explained the 33-year-old, and ohhh… Matty.

It was then both ‘Chloe’ and Matty found themselves living in Sydney, where he once again tried to spark up a romance.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.

“She moved to another city, then by coincidence I moved to Sydney, and I’m like, ‘Hey, we are both in Sydney. Let’s try and meet up,'” he said.

“She’d be like, ‘Yeah, I’m at this pub.’ I tried to go to that pub, and it was really busy on a Saturday night and I never got to meet her.

“Three months of my life I’ll never get back.”



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Although Matty explained that he did attempt to uncover her real identity, ‘Chloe Piper’ deleted her account before he had a chance.

“We would have conversations on the phone so it was definitely a female, I think – unless it was a guy doing a really good impression. It got to the point where I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if I got an investigator and I just found out who this Chloe Piper really was?’”

“I guess, alas, we’ll never know.”

Matty J Catfish
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While his co-hosts Matt and Sarah remain optimistic that they might "get in touch" with Chloe Piper, this could make for a great collaboration between Matty J and the upcoming Australian adaptation of Catfish, which is set to debut in 2019 as apart of Channel 10's Pilot Week.

The show is billed as the Australian version of the MTV original, which exposes and investigates potential catfishing cases, and will be hosted by singer and former victim Casey Donovan.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph's Confidential on Saturday, June 20, Casey says the show will create positive change.

"We are not here to make fun of anyone; we are not here to belittle anyone," she said.

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