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Eight intruders and a rogue bride: The 6 things we know for sure about The Bachelor 2019.

Listen up, y’all, ’cause this is it. The tea that I’m spilling is de-li-cious.

Ahem. Sorry.

Tomorrow night is finally the night we (Australia) officially meet the 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew, an astrophysicist who appears by all scientific examinations to be out. of. this. world.


As with all seasons of The Bachelor, we want to know precisely every fact there is to know about a) Matt Agnew and b) this season of The Bachelor.

Here’s everything we know so far:

There’s going to be intruders on Day 2.

So TV Guide has done a whoopsie.

It’s accidentally revealed that they’ll be 20 contestants on Day 1, and then on Day 2 (aka episode 2) eight new girls will enter the house.

We always knew they’d be 28 girls, but we didn’t realise a big chunk of them would be intruders.

We have no doubt the “OG” girls who’ve been there all of 24 hours will already have some squatters’ rights in play, so this will mean fireworks early on.

Bring it on.

A bride shows up.

Look. This seems like a bit of a bold move to make when you’re meeting a potential boyfriend, but we are very much here for it.

You see, a woman steps out of a black car in a full wedding gown, holding a red bouquet of flowers and with a maid of honour by her side.

“Are you ready?” the mystery woman asks Matt as she walks down the red carpet.


“I’m not sure I am actually,” the new bachelor awkwardly responds.

“I’m definitely not afraid of commitment, but I feel this is moving pretty quick!,” Matt tells the camera.

Watch the moment a contestant walks down the carpet in a wedding gown as she greets The Bachelor Matt Agnew. Post continues after video.

Video by Network 10

Matt chooses someone.

Um, okay this is important information and we know this because when our Editor Clare Stephens and our Associate Editor Jessie Stephens were on the Logies red carpet, they started asking all the questions they weren’t meant to, and Osher broke all the codes of silence.

Given the sh*t fight that was the Honey Badger choosing nobody in 2018, our hearts are full at the prospect of Matt Agnew finding wholesome love within the walls of The Bachelor mansion.

It is, after all, the entire premise of the show. Surely the Bach producers wouldn’t select a large group of women with influencer potential just for the sake of national exposure?

Of course not. 

Not only does Matt Agnew choose someone, he is IN LOVE.

Ding ding ding!


According to Osh, Matt Agnew does not ‘fall in love’ because of a contractual glitch, he is actually in love with the contestant who wins.

All those low-budget but high-adrenaline dates must have paid off.

Which brings us to our next theory, which has nothing to do with Osher and everything to do with Sportsbet.

We think… we know the winner.

Sportsbet kindly sent Mamamia an email letting us know that if the select few people who know who wins The Bachelor (family, friends, dodgy producers etc) have placed bets, then it’s very likely the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2019 is a lady named Chelsie.

the bachelor australia 2019
Knew it.

“In the promos Abbie thinks Matt is an astrologer and tells him her star sign. Chelsie apparently gives him a temporary tattoo of a love hormone. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we can’t wait until things hot up when the ladies go into battle for a rose,’’ Sportsbet's Rich Hummerston commented.

But before you get too excited, you might be thinking to yourself:

What if Matt's just like all the other guys? 

Is he going to betray our hearts like Nick Cummins did? 

Well do we have news for you.

Matt Agnew is one of the good guys.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the red carpet, Osher leaned in and intimately whispered to Clare and Jessie, "No, he's a really good guy... He wants to have conversations with people about things other than himself."

Oh. We thought that was a myth.

We didn't know those types of guys actually... existed.

Which brings us to our closing theory.

Matt Agnew is an alien (hence the astrophysiology).

Make sure you to tune into Mamamia for all the very important Bachelor tea throughout the season. We have you covered.

The Bachelor starts tonight 7:30, on Ten.