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We finally have a picture of all 28 women vying for Matt Agnew's heart on The Bachelor.


We have breaking Bachie news that will fill the void of our reality TV drought: We finally have our first look at all 28 of the 2019 Bachelor Australia contestants.

Meet the 28 women vying for Matt Agnew's heart on this season's The Bachelor. Image: Ten.
We'll meet the women when The Bachelor premieres on Wednesday, July 31. Image: Ten.

We very much approve of this year’s suitor Matt Agnew, a 31-year-old astrophysicist from Melbourne.

He seems great – smart, attractive, kind. He’s got all the things.

Watch a snippet of the earlier promo for The Bachelor Australia below. Post continues after video.

Video via Ten

Plus, at the Logies this year, Matt walked the carpet alongside Osher Gunsberg and revealed to Mamamia that a) he actually chooses someone and b) he is in love.

"He's a really good guy," Osher told Mamamia of Matt.

"He wants to have conversations with people about things other than himself."

We are elated to hear both these pieces of information.


Plus, we also know a little bit about five women who have been confirmed to compete for Matt's love in this year's season of The Bachelor.


the Bachelor Australia contestants 2019
Image: Network 10.

Chelsie is a 28-year-old chemical engineer from Victoria.

According to 10Daily, Chelsie tries to impress Matt on the red carpet by giving him a "temporary tattoo of the chemical structure of oxytocin".

In case you weren't aware (like us), Oxytocin is a hormone that is responsible for social bonding and sexual reproduction.

That sounds like something that our astrophysicist bachelor would appreciate.


the Bachelor Australia contestants 2019
Image: Network 10.

Sogand, 30, is a civil engineer and is the next bachelorette vying for Matt's heart.

In fact, she's already a front runner because she managed to get a marriage proposal from the new bachelor. Yes... A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL.

You see, the new contestant asked Matt to repeat a phrase in Persian, seen in a new promo video released this week.

As she left for the mansion, Matt said: "I'm looking forward to hearing what I've actually uttered on national television!"

"He asked me to marry him!" Sogund raved in the interview with producers.

Sogand, that is genius. We can already tell she will be a fan favourite.


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the Bachelor Australia contestants 2019
Image: Network 10.

Abbie, 23, was the first woman we were introduced to in a earlier promo.

"What do you do?" Abbie asks while shaking Matt's hand.

"I'm an astrophysicist," he replies.

Abbie literally doesn't miss a beat and says "Okay! I'm a Gemini."


That's pretty much all we know about Abbie so far. We love her. 

It would seem America has fallen in love with Abbie too, with the contestant's entrance going viral on Twitter with eight million views and attracting the attention of Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland.



the Bachelor Australia contestants 2019
Helena. Image: Network 10.

Helena, 25, is a Perth-based health and wellness coach who's the next confirmed contestant on The Bachelor Australia.

Speaking to PerthNow, the Mauritian-born woman shared she is looking for a man who is "brazen, dependable and brutally honest".


Helena, who was previously a competitor in Miss World Australia, appears in the new promo video released by Network 10.

"Hello, I'm Helena," she says greeting Matt.

"Sorry, I'm just infatuated by your accent, do you speak any other languages?" Matt responds.

Helena begins to speak the language of lurve (French) which prompts Matt to do the same.

It's all very romantic, etc.


the Bachelor Australia contestants 2019
Image: Network 10.

The last woman we have been introduced to is Kristen, who is 24 years old and is a Chinese researcher.

In the promo vid, we see Kristen be impressed by Matt's ability to speak a little bit of Chinese.

"I can’t believe he can speak some Chinese!" she says in the new promo.

"I'm thrilled!" Kristen gushes.

After meeting these four women, Matt says: "If that’s the sign of things to come, I’ve got a really tough decision ahead".

And to be honest we just can't wait for Matt to make a decision.

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon to Network 10.