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The 7 things we still can't believe happened on this season of Married at First Sight.

It was a journey, a blood bath and so much more.

Married at First Sight was the experiment that shocked the nation and gave us seven-ish weeks of relationship drama-based entertainment.

However, now that it’s all over we’ve rounded up the seven best moments in this season’s history.

Now take a walk down memory MAFS lane into the swamp of nostalgia, couple-switching and the very weird interpersonal relationships that blossomed and then immediately wilted because well, reality TV probably isn’t the best place to find true love.

1. Troy brushing his teeth.

What... is he thinking about?

At first we were like... Troy buddy, please be gentle on your enamel, we're worried for you. He was the man that chose to brush through his pre-wedding nerves through aggressive teeth scrubbing, and well... we don't know what he is doing. We really don't know.

2. Troy's kissing... ewwwww.


Look Troy is a weird man. He has his faults. He likes his tuna and he vigorously likes dental hygiene.

But, we will never EVER forget the time that he attacked Ashley's mouth in the most peculiar of kissing techniques.

We'd describe the move as a headlock and gobbling type of motion?


3. Davina... just Davina.



It's difficult to summarise the nation's confusion, contempt and confusion (again) at the wonder that is the sometimes personal trainer, Instagram model and self-made reality TV villain Davina Rankin.

She stole a husband straight off the bat but refused to take responsibility for any of it because YOU'RE THE ONES WHO ARE CRAZY.

Thank you for gracing our screens dear Davina - we might not be better people for it, but it was a pleasure to watch.

4. Carly and Troy... and Carly and Troy's very gross PDA.


So last night was the big reveal of the couple that, to be honest, we all knew was about to happen. At first it was Carly and Troy in bed and then the PDA in the park.


There was rolling, mild mounting and to be honest, it probably crossed the line between silly kids in love and public indecency.

And the SOUNDS. The murmuring SOUNDS.


5. The big kissy reveal that was Tracey and Sean.


While there were whisperings of this little plot twist rumbling in the social media waters, we just felt floored when Sean (who was wearing a very gold jacket) walked up to Tracey and pashed her in front of the other couples.

Reality TV love. It's a complicated thing.

6. Tracey actually bloody well dumped Dean. 


Also known as the moment in which you realised that Tracey Jewel has Claire Underwood-ed this entire situation... She knew that she wanted to get her revenge on Dean and oh boy she most definitely did.

She played the long game and we salute her for the shock of the season.

Now stick that in your rap-pipe and smoke it DJ Visionz.

Tracey was playing Dean all along and we KNEW it. Clare and Jessie Stephens discuss. Post continues after audio.

7. Tracey showed her undying love for Sean... by sending Dean nudes.


Nothing says "true love lasts forever" like your TV bride dumping you, then sending you NOODZ. Tracey sent Dean some "inappropriate texts" and apparently he sent her some also, because they're both terrible.

All we can say is poor Sean because let's face it, Tracey and Dean are meant to be.