Troy and Carly just gave their first interview as the newest Married At First Sight couple.

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was… a lot.

Tracey and Sean revealed they were now a ‘thing’ and there was plenty of chat around the texts Dean had apparently been sending his ex.

Davina returned to shake things up and had a good old ‘LOL’ at the fact everyone appeared to be doing a bit of couple swapping behind-the-scenes, even though “she did it first”.

And Troy and Carly are deeply in love, evidenced by the totally unnecessary footage of the two of them in bed together and Troy’s description of his new partner’s “talented tongue” and his confession that her “mouth is in great condition”.

Thanks for that, Troy.

Watch Troy and Carly make their debut as a couple on Married At First Sight:

Video via Channel 9

Now the duo has given their very first joint interview, telling The Fix they feel “lucky to have found each other” – despite being matched with different partners at the season’s beginning.

They said they hit if off when Troy was in Melbourne – where Carly lives – for a work trip.

“I admired Carly from early on. When I first saw her I realised she’s a very classy girl,” Troy told The Fix.

“I was really keen to catch up with Carly as soon as the show ended.”

Ashley Troy Carly Justin MAFS
Troy and Carly were paired with different partners during the show. Image via Channel 9.

"After the show had finished Troy was in Melbourne for work and reached out to me, so we had a little catch up," Carly added.

"We've been friends for such a long time during the experiment that we kind of had that foundation there and the spark grew quite quickly. It kinda just happened."

Listen to Clare and Jessie Stephens discuss what the hell is happening with Tracey and Sean on our MAFS chat podcast. Post continues after audio.

During their 'catch-up', however, it was Troy who made the first move.

"I didn't wait too long to put on the moves. I was sensing it was mutual and was like 'I'll go in for the kill'," Troy said.

"I'm a traditionalist. I initiate. I feel the responsibility. And it was nice not to be rejected for a change."

The pair also spoke about their decision to not inform Troy's actual 'wife' on the show, Ashley, of their relationship before last night's dinner party.

Troy said he knew his former partner would need "a lot of healing time" after they split at the final commitment ceremony.

Troy Carly MAFS
Troy and Carly spoken often about their "undeniable chemistry". Image via Channel 9.

"I could tell she left there quite angrily... I thought it best to wait as long as possible before she did find out about me and Carly, so it was like a bandaid that had to be ripped off," Troy said.

"It had to come off at the reunion. It was tough. Obviously, there was some pain and some reaction and I thought that was the best way to do it."

Carly said Ashley reacted "a lot worse" than she expected at the news Troy had moved on with someone else.

angry Ashley MAFS
Ashley was not happy she only heard about the relationship at the final dinner party. Image via Channel 9.

"I thought she'd be shocked but I didn't realise she'd be so angry about it," she said.

"I felt like when we walked into the reunion together that we'd both be in the firing line but I didn't expect it to be quite as bad as it was."

But after a run-in with Ashley at the dinner party - which ended with Carly telling Ashley to "grow up" - the pair are ready to move forward with their relationship, starting with Troy moving to Melbourne to be with Carly.

"Troy plans to move very soon actually. Like basically next weekend," Carly said.

"As soon as the final episode finishes we'll be together straight away in Sydney. I'm literally going to Sydney, going to his apartment, putting all of his stuff in his car and we're driving to Melbourne and moving into my place."

So there you have it... maybe a happy ending is possible for Married At First Sight contestants after all?

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