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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The most memorable stars of Married At First Sight.

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We’re just a few weeks into the 2019 season of Married at First Sight, and already so much has happened.

A virgin has become a… non- virgin.

Cyrell has waxed her fake husband’s butt.

And Ines and Sam have done a Dean and Davina.

So, we thought it was time we took a lil’ stroll down memory lane.

The reality TV show has given us a variety of characters over its five seasons. Some, we loved. Others, not so much.

Here’s where some of the most memorable former Married At First Sight stars are in 2019.

Jono Pitman.

Jono Pitman was the love rat of Married At First Sight season two, and is probably best remembered for his toxic short-lived relationship with MAFS fake wife Claire Verall.

The professional pool builder is… still building pools. He also announced over the weekend he’s expecting a baby boy in July 2019, with girlfriend Rebecca Pattison.


Tracey Jewel.

Tracey Jewel has had a bit of a rough time since making it out of Married At First Sight season five alive.

Jewel, who was partnered with Dean Wells on the reality show, found herself at the centre of a number of scandals back in the real world. In March, 2018, she was diagnosed with PTSD, which she later told media Network Nine offered her no support for.

In June, Jewel announced she was back with a former ex named Patrick – she later announced said Patrick left her high and dry in Europe with no money.

It appears she’s not dating anyone right now, and is working as an author and marketing strategist.

Charlene Perera.


Charlene Perera had an OK run on Married At First Sight season five with her fake husband Patrick Miller. They’re not together anymore, but that’s OK because Perera was just on holidays with her new partner Marcus Tanti.

She also still appears to be on good terms with her fake ex. Bless.


Davina Rankin.

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Ah, Davina. How her name brings up fond memories of fake husband and wife cheating scandals.

On season five of Married at First Sight, Rankin was coupled up with Ryan Gallagher, but also had a friendly encounter with Dean Wells.

According to her Instagram, Brisbane-based Rankin is currently the owner and coordinator of an event company called We Love Brunch Co, a fashion designer and fitness boutique owner and trainer.

She’s also dating Jaxon Manuel, a entrepreneur who also happens to be Rankin’s business partner in another events venture.

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr.


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Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are officially the last Married At First Sight couple left standing.

The couple have been together since meeting on season two of MAFS in 2016.

In early 2018, Bateman shaved her head, raising over $3,000 for the World’s Great Shave. As for Mohr, his Instagram account hasn’t been active since 2016 – maybe it was the relentless social media trolling? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We hope he’s OK.


Michelle and Sharon Marsh.

Michelle and Sharon Marsh were the first twins to appear on Married At First Sight. Their ~journeys~ weren’t identical, though.

While Sharon was happily coupled up with Nick Furpy, Michelle struggled through the fourth season of the reality show fake married to Jesse Konstantinoff.

Neither Marsh sisters are with their former fake husbands now. Sharon posted a one-year anniversary photo with an unidentified male in October 2018, while Michelle was last reported dating firefighter Adam Medwick. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed indicates they might not be together anymore (or decided to take their relationship off social media, for obvious reasons).


The sister also launched their own wine company, TWiiNS Wine. Because… they’re twins.

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Craig Keller.

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Viewers might recognise Craig Keller from season three of Married At First Sight in 2016, where he ‘married’ Nicole Heir.

After finishing up on the show, Keller reconnected with his now-wife Katie Martin, who he played clarinet with in their primary school band and had always kept in touch with. It wasn’t until they saw each other in a bar after Keller’s season of MAFS finished that they started dating.

In December, 2018, Keller and Martin welcomed their first child together, Penny Lane. He is also step-dad to Martin’s two children from a previous relationship, Harry and Evie.

Dean Wells.

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Dean Wells is arguably the most divisive ‘character’ in Married At First Sight Australia history.

In season five, Wells, who was matched with Tracey Jewel, was widely criticised for his attitudes towards women and sexist behaviour. He also ‘cheated’ on Jewel with fellow contestant Davina Rankin.

Now, his Instagram bio lists him as being a Creative Director at Arcade Studios. He also keeps up to date on all the latest MAFS news, and is outspoken about sharing how he was treated by Nine during his season of MAFS.

Sarah Roza.

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Of all the Married At First Sight season five couples, Sarah Roza and Telv Williams looked set to last the longest.

Then everything fell apart.

But no worries, because Roza is doing just fine since the show ended.

The former reality TV star, who was known for her makeup and glamour on the show, is now working as a ‘Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Hacker’ and a TV/Radio/Editorial Host/Presenter. She also has a puppy named Frankie.

You can catch her beauty tutorials over on her YouTube or Instagram accounts.

Telv Williams.

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Since MAFS, Williams appears to be spending heaps of time with his two kids, and going to lots of social events with other former reality TV stars, according to his Instagram.

It’s unclear whether he’s dating anyone new.

Who was your favourite MAFS contestant? Will you be watching in 2019?

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