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A fresh breakup and a pregnancy: Where the biggest stars of Married At First Sight are now.

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We've watched many a glass of wine thrown in a bride's face. One contestant waxed her fake husband’s butt. And there have been far too many cheating scandals to count. 

But because we're missing Married At First Sight Australia during it's off-season, we thought it was time we took a lil' stroll down memory lane to see what some of the original brides and grooms have been up to.

Here’s where some of the most memorable former Married At First Sight stars are in 2023.

Davina Rankin.

Ah, Davina. How her name brings up fond memories of fake husband and wife cheating scandals.

On season five of Married at First Sight, Rankin was coupled up with Ryan Gallagher, but also had a friendly encounter with Dean Wells.

In 2019, she welcomed a daughter, Mila-Mae with her then-husband Jaxon Manuel, who she married in April 2022.

According to her Instagram, Brisbane-based Rankin is currently the owner and coordinator of an event company called We Love Brunch Co, a fashion designer and fitness boutique owner.

Image: Instagram @davvyxx. 


Earlier in May, Davina announced she was splitting up with Jaxon, explaining she and her family are adapting to a "new normal". 

"Relationships are hard," she wrote on Instagram. "Given the recent speculation, I feel like I need to confirm that Jay and I have separated.

"I will at some point discuss this further, but my current focus is learning to navigate my new normal while providing a seamless and loving transition into co-parenting for our daughter."

In the first episode of her new podcast Who? Me, she confessed the pair went their separate ways after realising they had grown apart. 


Davina in her new podcast Who? Me. Image: Instagram @davvyxx.

"Those people that got together all those years ago, we’re just different [now]," the reality star shared. "The only thing that matters now is that we can be the best versions of ourselves for our daughter."

And that's exactly what she's prioritising. 


"This is one of the hardest things that’s ever happened, but I have a whole family to think about and I want to please everybody," she said.

Jack Millar.

A year after appearing on MAFS, Jack Millar is expecting a child with Love Island Australia's Courtney Stubbs.

Courtney, who appeared on Love Island in 2021, shared the news in a video posted on Instagram back in May.

"Overjoyed to share our magical secret with you," she captioned the post. 

During the video, the pair pose together on a beach before the camera zooms into a small wooden plaque reading "Baby Millar – Coming November 2023". 


Jack's fellow MAFS contestants were quick to congratulate the couple. 

"BEST NEWS EVER!!! Congratulations you two beautiful people," Jack's former MAFS partner, Domenica Calarco, commented on the post.

"UM OMG... this is such beautiful news, congratulations both of you!!!!!" wrote Ella Ding.

Jack and Courtney confirmed their relationship in July 2022 after meeting at the launch of Domenica's clothing collection. 

"I saw Courtney as I walked in and I was like 'hot damn'," Jack explained in a TikTok video last year.

"He basically tried to talk to me the whole night and found any excuse to talk to me," Courtney added.

Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James.

Evelyn and Duncan were undeniably the most popular bride and groom on Married At First Sight 2023, and they weren't even a couple. 

Whilst Evelyn tried to go steady with Rupert Budgen, Duncan and his bride Alyssa Barmonde couldn't make it past final vows. 

In the weeks following filming, it turned out Evelyn and Duncan became... an item. It was during Mardi Gras in Sydney the pair realised they had a spark.

"Mardi Gras is a pretty big event in Sydney and we were having a dance together, nothing even happened that night, but that was the first night that we'd spent a bit of time together as friends," Duncan told Nova's Fitzy, Wippa & Kate Ritchie.


Image: Instagram @MAFSAU

"[That night] we realised that maybe there was something more there and then over the next couple of weeks we hung out and then there was a kiss after that at some point."

The attraction was instant, but the pair remained friends for months after. 


"It was strictly friend zone but obviously when Duncan walked in, I could tell he was attractive, but obviously as a woman, it takes a little bit more than a six-pack and a beautiful face to get to know someone," she explained.

Duncan and Evelyn confirmed they were dating earlier in May, after months of rumours they were in fact more than just friends.

"We are in a relationship. This is [our] hard launch," Evelyn told Nine.

"It feels good to finally just say it and it feels kind of exhilarating in a weird, freeing way."


Ella Ding.

Ella has had one of the most successful careers following her stint on MAFS season 10. The former bride was paired with Mitch Eynaud, and whilst they made it to final vows, Ella said her husband essentially "ghosted" her after the reunion party. 

"I haven't seen Mitchell since the reunion," she admitted last year on the Fitzy & Wippa Show. "He definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out."

More than a year after that breakup, Ella hard launched her new relationship. 

On Instagram, she posted a series of photos with the caption, "Beautiful dinner… You’ll want to see the last photo," in reference to her new beau. She also posted a series of photos last month where he was in another one as well. 

Image: Instagram @ellamayding.


So Dramatic revealed the man to be Guy Palermo. According to Daily Mailthe pair have known each other for a long time. 

"Her boyfriend is very low-key, no one knows who he is," an insider told the publication. "They've known each other for six years and he's been pursuing her in that time. Love was right in front of them the whole time."

In May 2022, Ella also launched a podcast with her MAFS co-star Domenica Calarco called Sit With Us. Since the podcast launch, Ella has also gone on to develop a health and wellness app called 4U Plus.

Domenica Calarco.

Aside from Ella, Domenica Calarco is one of the few reality stars to build a lucrative influencing career off the back of Married At First Sight. 

Domenica had a brief (but turbulent), romance whilst she was travelling through Europe in 2022. 

"My summer romance hasn't played out how, I guess, I wanted it to play out," she said on Sit With Us.


"As much as I want to say everything and talk about everything, I think there are certain details of this thing that I want to keep private."

In 2023, Domenica joined the cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, before exiting the jungle in April. 

"The whole experience was way more difficult than I expected," Dom told 10 Play


"I really thought going in I'd be able to cope mentally with being away from my family for so long but, I think after about a week, it really set in that I was away from them and this was my reality now.

"Once I got over that hurdle it was just like this beautiful unknown that you just leapt into and it was great from then on."

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli are one of the (very) few couples still standing following their whirlwind marriage on MAFS.

The make-up artist and influencer, who met her now-fiancé Michael on season six of Married At First Sight, has kept supporters up to date on her Instagram – which now has over 700,000 people tuning in daily. 

Last year, the reality stars announced they were expecting their first child.

Image: Instagram @marthaa__k.


However, Martha's pregnancy journey was anything but easy, and she revealed late last year she'd been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a condition that causes severe nausea and vomiting.

In one of her Instagram posts, Martha wrote about the difficulty of simply getting through the days when feeling so unwell.

"Yesterday my due date was pushed back to the 6th of⁣ March⁣, an extra week!⁣⁣ Every hour feels like a day,⁣ I have work commitments looming over my head and⁣ can't help but feel like I've completely neglected⁣ everything I worked so hard to build," she wrote. 

"I feel like I'm at breaking point.⁣⁣ All I've felt for eight months is suffering.⁣ I want to scream!⁣⁣ I've completely lost myself. I feel like I'll never⁣⁣ feel normal or like myself again!⁣⁣"

In February, Martha and Michael announced the birth of their son, Lucius Brunelli.

Image: Instagram @marthaa__k.


Elizabeth Sobinoff.

One of MAFS' most well-known brides took not one, but two chances at love on the show. Her first stint on the reality program failed miserably, and her marriage with Sam Bell fell apart after three weeks together.

When she made a second appearance, she hit it off right away with Seb Guilhaus. Unfortunately, the pair decided to split after a year together outside of the experiment. 

Thankfully, things started looking up for Elizabeth when she tied the knot with her partner, engineer Alexander Vega in January 2023.


Four months after getting married, the former MAFS bride announced her pregnancy. 

Following a few comments on Instagram about her body, Elizabeth told followers: "Looking at some of these comments in the last few posts I've done... Always so much focus on a woman's body (I've had more than my fair share)."

She continued by confirming her pregnancy. 


"I'm navigating my body right now, so many changes, especially internally (I've been pretty sick). I also understand so many people are excited. So am I!!!!

"It's an exciting time in our (my partner) lives right now. I'll talk about my experience with it in the future. Mama bear is just nesting right now."

Nadia Stamp. 

Nadia didn't find love with her "husband", Anthony Manton, during the fourth season of Married At First Sight. But not to worry, because it wouldn't be too long 'til she was swept off her feet by cricketer Glen Talaric. 

Nadia and Glen first hit it off after being sat next to each other at a football game. 

"Glen had no idea I was on the show and he didn't really understand what it meant... so he's more interested in getting to know me," she explained at the time.

After four years together, the pair welcomed their daughter, Giselle Grace, who was born in 2022.


"Glen and I are so thrilled to have a happy and healthy baby who has a wonderful appetite," she wrote. "Our hearts are so full of love. We're enjoying these special first-time moments in our little bubble and we thank you for all your supportive and beautiful messages.

"Winnie [Nadia's dog] is a little bit jealous but also very excited by our new edition. Feeling every bit blessed in this moment with our little Gigi."

Clare Verrall. 

Clare has been open about her struggles after going on MAFS, telling Mamamia in 2019: "I was begging them for help. I was writing, 'Please make it stop. I can't deal with this'... 'I can't do this. I can't do this' and they wrote back maybe you should get some professional help.

"Because once they've used you up, they don't need you anymore. You're gone."


Today, she says her life looks better after letting go of any resentment she may have had for her show husband Jono Pittman. 

"For a long time I was scared of being vulnerable again," she told New Idea in 2021. "I still have a curvy body with rolls, wrinkles and cellulite, but I have totally accepted this and no longer need validation from others. I'm larger now than when I was on the show, but I am more confident than ever."

These days, Clare runs Wildwood Animal Rescue in Melbourne and is a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer. 


Jono Pitman.

Jono Pitman was the love rat of Married At First Sight season two, and is probably best remembered for his toxic short-lived relationship with his MAFS wife, Claire Verrall.

The professional pool builder is... still building pools. In July 2019, he welcomed his first child with girlfriend Rebecca Pattison, Max Thomas Pitman. In September 2020, the pair announced the birth of their second child, River Mae Pitman. This year the couple added a third, welcoming their daughter Sadie Carlin Pittman.


Tracey Jewel.

Tracey Jewel didn't have the best time after her season of Married At First Sight.

Tracey, who was partnered with Dean Wells on the reality show, found herself at the centre of a number of scandals back in the real world. In March, 2018, she was diagnosed with PTSD, which she later told media, Network Nine offered her no support.

In June of 2019, Tracey announced she was back with a former ex, Patrick – but later announced he had left her high and dry in Europe with no money.

In 2021 though, it seems like Tracey has gotten a happy ending as she welcomed baby Frankie with her husband Nathan Constable. 

In September 2021, she praised her partner in an Instagram post, writing: "When I look at our Frankie I see you… we always say we can’t imagine life without Frankie but I also say we can’t imagine life without you.. You are the most present, hands-on, caring and loving dad and stepdad to Grace."

In an Instagram post in 2022, she opened up about her difficult year.

"Trauma has a way of creeping up on you," she wrote. "Over the course of this last year 2022 I found myself spiralling into a deep hole of depression and anxiety. I withdrew from friends, reduced my circle to very few, drowned myself in work and half-ass showing up, totally faking it when I did."

The former reality star went on to say she is working to create "a simpler life" for her family. 


"Be gentle with yourself, the only race is with you," she said.  

Charlene Perera.

Charlene Perera had an okay run on Married At First Sight season five with her fake husband Patrick Miller. They're not together anymore, adding to the long list of failed marriages from the show.

In September 2021, she announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Jonathan Byrne.

The pair met on Bumble with Charlene telling  9Entertainment  that she and Johnathan felt very comfortable, very quickly.

"If I'm a mile-a-minute, he's two-and-a-half miles a minute," she said.

In September 2022, Charlene and Jonathan welcomed their son, Austin. "Just when we thought we couldn’t know more love here you are," she wrote. "Our hearts are full."


Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr.


Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are one of the only Married At First Sight couples still left standing... seven years later.

Apart from a short break in 2017, the pair have been solid and according to Erin, it has to do with the fact they've kept their relationship out of the limelight.

"I'm sure it infuriates a lot of people that they're not kept in the loop because the nature of reality TV is you then go on to flaunt your whole life on social media," she explained to fellow MAFS star Bella Frizza on her podcast, The D&M.

"I don't think it's normal. I know personally people who portray their relationship on social media as this fairy tale, who are some of the most miserable people I've ever met, in terms of relationships."

Erin also revealed: "The Bryce I got the day that I met him is the Bryce I have today. He hasn't changed at all. He is exactly who he is, and I'd like to think he feels the same about me."

In 2020, the couple shared that they had bought a house together.

Michelle and Sharon Marsh.


Michelle and Sharon Marsh were the first twins to appear on Married At First Sight. Their journeys weren’t identical, though.

While Sharon was happily coupled up with Nick Furphy, Michelle struggled through the fourth season of the reality show being married to Jesse Konstantinoff.

Neither Marsh sisters are with their former fake husbands now. 

These days, the twins continue to own Marsh Contractors, the family cleaning company.

The sisters also have their own wine company, TWiiNS Wine. Because… they’re twins.

Dean Wells.


Dean Wells is arguably the most divisive ‘character’ in Married At First Sight history.

In season five, Dean, who was matched with Tracey Jewel, was widely criticised for his attitudes towards women and his sexist behaviour. He also ‘cheated’ on Tracey with fellow contestant Davina Rankin.

Since his MAFS days, Wells has appeared on Dancing With The Stars. He also keeps up to date on all the latest MAFS news and is outspoken about how he was treated by Nine during his season of MAFS.

In October 2021, he also went Instagram official with his partner.

"We started hanging out pre COVID in 2020 but were kept apart due to lockdowns and restrictions," he wrote. 


"We stayed in contact through all the madness, reconnected, and despite all the strange disruptions in 2021, have managed to keep it going. Happy Birthday to my girlfriend and lockdown drinking buddy @kddollface hopefully things get back to normal soon so I can take you on a proper date again!!"

While it looked like Dean had officially settled down, he did cause a bit of confusion when he was caught kissing Beauty And The Geek alum Aimee Woolley. 

Image: Instagram @aimee_woolleyxo.  


In March, an anonymous co-star from Beauty And The Geek told So Dramatic that Dean and Aimee were engaged. 

"They are supportive but from afar," the insider told the publication. "They don’t really like Dean, but they want to be happy for Aimee.

"They’re keeping it quiet at the moment because of how the public sees him, but she told us weeks and weeks ago."

From the looks of Dean's Instagram it appears he's still with Aimee. However, we're rather distracted by other disturbing content on his Instagram, which appears to be questioning trans rights and criticising sexual identities.

Sarah Roza.


Of all the Married At First Sight season five couples, Sarah Roza and Telv Williams looked set to last the longest.

Then everything fell apart.

"She felt he was more interested in the single bachelor life with all the parties, drinking with the boys and living the typical single boy’s lifestyle," a friend told Daily Mail Australia following their journey on the show.

"She just couldn't tolerate such unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour from him when they were supposed to be in a committed and loving relationship."

The former reality TV star, who was known for her makeup and glamour on the show, is now working as a ‘Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Hacker’ and a TV/Radio/Editorial Host/Presenter. She also has a five-year-old dog named Frankie.

You can catch her beauty tutorials over on her Instagram.

Feature Image: Instagram @_courtneystubbs/@mafsau/ @lizalizzieelizabeth/

This article was published on November 24, 2021 and has since been updated with new information.