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"I’ve had to pay for everything." What happened to Tracey Jewel after Married at First Sight.

Warning: This post deals with suicide. Contact Lifeline (13 11 14) or beyondblue (1300 22 4636) if it brings up issues for you.

For Tracey Jewel, the reality television star knew what she was getting herself into when she signed up for Married at First Sight on Channel 9 last year. But as the broadcasting wrapped up for her season, something wasn’t right.

She became too scared to go outside in case she was recognised, and found herself afraid to be alone, she told Fairfax, who broke the story this weekend. In March this year, she was diagnosed with PTSD.

Speaking to Mamamia, the reality television star explained that while she is doing better now, she says she wasn’t offered any support after the show aired.

“I made the producers aware of the social media getting out of control and my subsequent anxiety issues and they didn’t offer me any help,” she told Mamamia.

“I advised them I couldn’t work and that I was needing mental health care and still no offer of help, only to continue to see someone.

In a statement to Mamamia, Nine said, “We won’t discuss individuals but we deny the allegations. All participants are offered independent support during and after and as needed.”

During her time on the show, Tracey Jewel received torrents of abuse on social media due to her turbulent relationship with Dean Wells. In July this year, the 35-year-old decided to head to Europe with her ex-partner in an attempt to escape the constant stress she was experiencing in Australia.


Devastatingly, she attempted suicide, and once home entered a mental health clinic.

“I’ve had to pay for everything which is now several thousand dollars,” she told Mamamia.

While Tracey says she coped well during filming, it wasn’t until she began being attacked on social media that her mental health worsened.

“I was able to cope just fine regarding the filming and airing of the show.”

“It was when the media and social media [started] personally attacking me with allegations that were untrue and unfounded that took its toll on my mental health, and I couldn’t repair the damage,” she added.

Tracey explained she is “getting better”, but that it will take time.

“I’m focusing on rebuilding my life taking one day at a time, and I’m looking forward to putting reality TV behind me.”

Mamamia has reached out to Channel 9 for comment. 

If you think you may be experiencing a mental health problem, please contact your general practitioner or in Australia, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 for support.