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caz gibson July 8, 2024

That "scary eyebrows" trend was one of the biggest makeup cons ever.
"Scary" because they were almost disfiguring - but we weren't supposed to gently mention how goddam-awful those big, black monsters were.
We valiantly hoped they'd go the way of the outlandish "brown lipliner" trend.

caz gibson May 1, 2024

In this era where kids can easily get access to sexist online images and influencers  there have to be programs in place to counteract their horrible messages.
I've always been horrified by the misogynistic  content and characters in rap music.
It's just plain sad to see Aussie kids copying their accents, vernacular & attitudes. 
I think some domestic violence seems to be nurtured by early exposure to this stuff.

My other point is that actually asking men and boys in general what it is THEY think causes domestic violence might be helpful.
Their answers may both enlighten and appall us.

caz gibson January 23, 2024

I've been a vegetarian for aprox 38 years now.
I'm not being fussy or picky - for me it's always been about animal cruelty in the food industries - I just didn't want to be part of it.
This 9 year old sounds very bright and mature for her age and seems to have a carefully considered ethical compass in place.
I've encountered many meat-eaters like this MIL - and she/they lack respect.
Don't force your kids to eat anything she's prepared because you can't risk them being victims of her ignorance.

caz gibson June 3, 2023

Lizzo's body shape is a version of the kinds of body shapes that have existed for centuries. Check out the image of "The Venus of Willendorf" - a small statue of an unapologetic, rotund female with huge breasts. It seems to have been a fertility symbol.
This is what probably passed for sexy in earlier times.
We live in times where fear & vanity are used to control women.

caz gibson May 4, 2023

When casting for MAFS each year it's obvious that the show is looking for a physical "type".
I thought I'd watched enough episodes over the years to be able to recognize a few of the "brides" but I don't recognize most of the girls on this page.
They all look the if they're all sisters.
The same sort of hairstyle, scary eyebrows & pouty, botox lips - not that there's anything wrong with
Thing is - is that what the men are looking for ?

caz gibson April 29, 2023

Sadly I fear that the "wedding dress industry" is full of mega-expensive cons.
My advice is to stay well away from wedding boutiques and just quietly visit as many  clothing outlets as you can while never mentioning the words "wedding dress".
Never let on that this garment is for your special day otherwise the manager's eyes will light up with dollar signs.
Just buy the most beautiful dress you can afford...........and it doesn't have to be white.
Do the same with the bridesmaid's dresses...............and remember that not everyone looks good in sleeveless garments.
Quirky "hippy shops" are a good place to start - even if it's only for ideas.

caz gibson April 27, 2023

I'm plus-size now although I've been all sizes through my life depending on my health so I've made some observations.
I like the first dress displayed because it looks so accommodating and it has a square neckline............I really dislike V-neck dresses/tops  on plump bodies because I think it makes our bosoms look matronly.
The brown dress might work with some interesting jewelry to add earthy color and hide the V-neck.
That last dress is lovely but it's worn by a thin model in the photo.
And two last things - always try to wear sleeves and always wear your hair down if you really want to look your best.
Just my views of course.............xx's

caz gibson April 24, 2023

I'm also on a cocktail of medications and I could be compromised if they dry up so I was thinking - "what would I do if they did?"
I'd head for a hospital since they have pharmacies or at least, strategies for treating people.
Hope this suggestion works for you.

caz gibson March 31, 2023

We have Australian friends living in L.A and they are planning to return to Australia asap.
My overview is that the far-right has been able to con the low-information members of western society by convincing them that life is bad and getting worse.
That "they" on the left side of politics are out of control, too educated to be trusted and are "coming for your guns".
In a society that's unable to grasp that the power of guns has changed dramatically  in 200 hundred years - gun-control has become a fearful prospect.
My answer is
"They're not coming for your guns you idiots - they're coming for your weapons of mass-destruction."

caz gibson March 25, 2023

I am so grateful to learn that such classes exist anywhere in the school system.
If only this had been available to past generations it would have made the most profound difference.

Of course, you can expect that the far-right will noisily reject these classes and try to interfere - they will claim that they're "WOKE" as if it's meant to imply something that only appeals to "lefty snowflakes".

Ask members of the far-right to describe what "WOKE" means.
Without the ability to think critically and dig deep  they'll be unable to describe empathy & kindness as a positive thing.

caz gibson March 19, 2023

Over the years part of my working life has involved being a drama/announcing coach and I have to admit that we've watched enough of MAFS to utter one word - 
Most of it looks rehearsed.
IS Harrison really what he appears ? Or Bronte, or any of them ?
Probably not because hey, this is a boddice-ripping TV show after all and that melodramatic music is designed to drive our appreciation of this reality angst-fest one extra push over a cliff.
The weak part of MAFS is of course the SCRIPT since not one of the players is bright enough to wow us with any decent zingers.
Another series of MAFS ?............................Nah.

caz gibson January 11, 2023

Such an important article - it definitely resonates with me.
As a voice-artist for decades now it's been prudent of me to never reveal my age.
I can genuinely sound anywhere from 10yrs to 100yrs doing characters, "real" people and caricatures, accents & dialects  but  to reveal my actual age would plant an inhibitive barrier to a client/producer/writers ability to imagine that my voice carries some truth.
So I keep my age to myself and have been advising my peers to do the same.
It used to mainly affect women - but now I'm noticing some men taking care now too.
It shouldn't matter - but ageism in this industry has always been rife and has cost careers and self-esteem.

caz gibson December 5, 2022

It wouldn't be the 1st time in TV history for the trailer of a documentary, film or TV series to contain manufactured images designed to "tell the story".
Ever since Meghan Markle appeared on the scene there's been a relentless attempt to discredit this "opinionated woman-of-color" who stole the heart of a famous prince.
Conservatives in particular have taken umbrage at her different style of being and decreed her unworthy.
In this era of neo-fascism that's been creeping through our western society is it any wonder that Harry and his bride have been targeted and painted as trouble-makers trying to destroy their beloved conservative status quo.
I don't know if Meghan is a nice person or not but I do accept that this couple have every right to be fearful for their safety in a world where tin-pot terrorists would delight in attacking a royal.

caz gibson October 3, 2022

@ Snorks - my comments re politics were intended as generic but I could just as easily have referenced religion -  plenty of "good guys V con-artists" there.
Philosophy can help us take a broader view of society and the way people behave in it.
I think it can help us become less invested in the trends that are thrown at us from advertising for eg.
I can also see how both politics and advertising learned a few tricks from religion.

caz gibson October 2, 2022

@ Snorks.................deliberately misunderstanding what I meant is a bit over the top.
You've maybe given us an insight into what might be your particular political bias.
That's OK long as you "do what ye will but harm ye none" we're basically on the same page.

caz gibson October 1, 2022

Excellent article here.
I got into philosophy years ago and I'm grateful for it.
I count philosophy and meditation as my main tools for coping with life and the various illnesses I've endured.
In addition, philosophy is a bit like brain-gym and  a main accessory to critical thinking.
I'm serious when I maintain that classes in philosophy should start in primary school.
Witnessing the horrible confusion in how regular people make political decisions in (for eg) England, USA and here in Australia I can tell that very few had the opportunity when younger to create a firm foundation of how to tell right from wrong.
Recognizing the difference between the good guys and the con-artists should be dead easy.

caz gibson September 28, 2022

Here's a bit of advice for nothin' - if you can get away with it.
Stop telling people how old you are.
We live ( and will continue to live for a while yet) in a very ageist society.
This has always been true for women - but I'm seeing it affect men now too.
Most ageism affects our work ie. Are we still relevant ? Are we still in touch with the zeitgeist of society? Does our experience compel our bosses to keep us around instead of replacing us with someone younger, prettier, cheaper ?
My advice is - don't publicly celebrate that significant birthday and SMILE.........a lot!

caz gibson September 15, 2022

I also have longish, red hair - I actually add a favorite red coloring every few months because I love it.
It feels like me.
I suppose my hair should be greying about now - but it isn't.
I doubt I'll give in to the grey either.
You and your hair look lovely and I think some people just want to reign you in but don't let them put you in a uniform.
You are accomplished and professional - and that's what that looks like these days
in 2022.

caz gibson June 19, 2022

My favorite was Emma Watkins  from The Wiggles so I'm sad she didn't rate a mention.
2nd to that was the extraordinary creation worn by Maria Thattil.
Lisa Wilkinson looked terrific too.
The Logies itself serves many purposes so I'm all for keeping it going.
Hamish deserved his win, Bert got a decent send-off and the room seemed genuinely happy
so it's all good.

caz gibson June 16, 2022

This story gives me the horrors and I'm so sad that a child would have been encouraged to experience this let alone to witness it.
Remember that ALL religions were created by humans - that includes every character in the stories and every god, devil, angel & demon and every form of worship or religious practice.
These humans (some of whom had good intentions) usually had  agendas.
Observing the unswerving faith shown by some followers it would have been obvious that much money and produce could be gathered from those who trusted the most.
It's a walk through centuries of religious indoctrination , inquisitons, murder and wars to arrive at huge religious cities like The Vatican for eg. where the innocent faithful are still encouraged to make "just one more donation" to ensure their place in Heaven.
I feel so sorry for anyone who was forced to be  exploited - especially as a child.