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caz gibson August 21, 2021

I also know that this issue has become a bit of a "thing" - but I always store our Vegemite ( plus other spreads, jams & honey etc) in the FRIDGE.
One very hot day I noticed my mum putting her Vegemite (complete with traces of butter) in her pantry.
"I bet that old butter goes rancid " I said - and she instantly put her Vegemite into her fridge.
Ever since then I do too.

caz gibson August 21, 2021

Over the years our family has been very big on T/Shirts in particular so I've always hung them on hangers after washing - I but I do something else too.
I hang them inside out.
In fact - I do this with everything and over the years our clothes have barely faded.
We have clothes that are decades old that are unbelievably lighter inside but the "right side" is practically new.

caz gibson August 17, 2021

Being obese is painful - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
In fact most of the time pain itself leads to obesity.
Offering advice about weight-loss is uncalled-for.
That obese person knows they need to lose weight. 
It's staring them in the face (or the mirror) every single day.
Weight-gain is often heredity so the battle in a body-obsessed culture is on-going and totally self-defeating.
If we focused more on kindness and talent and less on vanity and pseudo-expertise there would be  less of a war on self-esteem & body image.

caz gibson August 10, 2021

I would be taking issue with those boy's parents & grandparents - not just the men but the women too who brush it off as "men being men".
The blatant misogyny in our western  society can be traced directly to the attitudes of the men in Victorian/Edwardian  times.
They were brutalized by wars, resentful of how women took over their jobs while they were away and how they could see that women were expecting to be listened to and expected to be able to vote.
"How dare they - they're only women" etc.
Religious & cultural traditions have always classed women as 2nd rate.
No wonder their males almost enjoyed the freedom to offend and diminish them.

caz gibson June 16, 2021

Just curious.
Are there any Labor Party members at this club or is this a hangout  for the "secret men's business of the extreme-right" ?
My inclination is to say "let the silly old buggers have it".
The women in their lives may well treat those  visits as a  much-needed respite - for them.

caz gibson June 4, 2021

Frankly (pre pandemic) I thought that  the one thing that would cancel the Olympics would be FUKUSHIMA and that pesky radiation.
Not a lot has been said about how this has really been affecting Japan's population or about how much has been released into the sea endangering the Pacific's wild  life at the very least.
Sending the world's top athletes to a place where the very air they breathe could be questionable seems risky to me.

caz gibson April 1, 2021

As a child with regular migraines I wish I'd worked out the difference between cheap chocolate and "the good stuff".
Just as the cheap stuff found it's way into those commercial  cartoon-style  Xmas stockings our parents would lovingly place in our actual Xmas stockings - Easter always seemed to produce that hard, feature-less milk chocolate that I'd wipe myself out on every Easter Sunday.
Easter Sunday/Monday would usually  be the time of a gargantuan migraine where I'd spend those days seeking out cold surfaces to rest my poor little head.
Those migraines persisted well into adulthood until about 20 years ago when gut-threatening Crohn's Disease kicked in and they finally left.
It was also during my more discriminating  adult  years that I discovered "the good stuff" from chocolate stores.
I'd  also received the occasional box of high quality  "Euro/Continental"  chocolates AND I discovered Lindt.
If you can recommend an affordable  brand of high quality chocolate that's better than that brand - I sure would appreciate it.
I only eat a tiny bit of chocolate these days - but it has to be worth the bingey-ache.

caz gibson March 29, 2021

The term "old school" has completely lost it's charm for me.
Cordeaux's  comments re Brittany Higgins seem to be a reflection of the "old school" values trotted out by the elderly in our community.
You'll hear them at family gatherings and dinner tables and alas, on Australia's airwaves still spoken as if they carried some sort of wisdom.
They don't.
Their unsympathetic tone  serves to denigrate every female victim at the hands of self-entitled males.    "Girlies should know what will happen to them if they get drunk when they're dressed to impress".
Try as we must to educate our boys to be respectful & kind towards girls who appear to be physically weaker - there'll always be some old curmudgeon  whingeing about "how things were in HIS day, and how uppity these silly educated women with notions of feminism are these days  -  'can't have that".
No, I'm afraid this insidious (but possibly unintended) grooming of our young men won't die out until the purveyors of "old school" values  actually do.

caz gibson March 19, 2021

I've never been a fan of "wedding boutiques".
Not just because the dress sizes are too small, but because they're created on the assumption that actually  all brides are petite with tiny arms and an obsession with sleeveless dresses.
As I think I've said before - visit a few dress shops and don't tell them you're looking for your wedding dress.
Just look for the most beautiful dress you  can afford.
You'll save SO much money and your self-esteem will be healthier than ever.

caz gibson February 26, 2021

In 1977 we had a winter's night time wedding and I wore a cream cheese-cloth "Afghan Wedding dress" with long sleeves and a cream crochet "Juliet cap" on the back of my head - the dress I bought at an "Indian shop" - a bit like "Tree of Life" where I bought most of my clothes anyway.
About 5 years ago our daughter wore a dress she'd made for a medieval fair - dark green 14th century-style. Most of the guests wore historical garb and the reception resembled a medieval banquet/ fair with fairy lights - beautiful.
My biggest tip ?
Don't buy your wedding dress at a traditional wedding place.
Save thousands by simply buying the most beautiful dress you can afford - and don't tell the assistants that it's your wedding dress.
Same with the bridesmaids - and give them a decent choice so that they'll be happy to wear it again later.
Another tip - try to include sleeves.
Arms aren't always "fashionable"

caz gibson February 14, 2021

For those seeking to prevent Trump from ever again seeking to be President - there's possibly a reason to be cheerful.
The 14th Amendment - 3rd section.
A bill can be passed preventing Trump from running again as it refers to the fact that anyone who contributes to an insurrection is invalid.
This time it won't rely on a number of Republican votes.
The prosecution needed this trial to expose the damning video evidence to American voters and viewers worldwide.
This wanna-be dictator should have read his country's constitution.

caz gibson January 4, 2021

I will be grateful if this kind of call is the only dodgy thing that Trump tries to get away with before 20th January 2021.
Something tells me that most of his supporters admire his attempts to behave like a mob-boss wanna-be.
Trump has brought out the worst in his followers and they don't mind if the rest of us can see them at their worst.
They feel empowered and believe that their "Dear Leader" is looking out for them.
The con is complete and the "Cult of Trump" may be around for a while yet.
What will it take to unmask Trump as the ultimate fake ?

caz gibson November 9, 2020

I think that most Trump-supporters love Trump because they believed his scams & promises and they felt he gave them permission to be just as horrible as he is.
He's been described as a malignant narcissist & sociopath - and that explains a lot of his indifference to pain & suffering from the 240,000 pandemic victims to the dead & disabled soldiers he described as "losers & suckers".
Those things alone should have ended his presidency right there - but it didn't.
His "fans" should have said "Enough !"
Despite every flaw & his revolting personal history they still voted for him.
Their fascist/racist poster-boy lost the presidency but he's still free to "wreck the joint" on his way out of The White House door.
How he conducts himself at this time will probably be his legacy.

caz gibson November 2, 2020

I've always detested horse racing.
My suspicions about what actually happens to too many of those horses after racing appears to be true.
Every time I've seen footage of the various Melbourne Cups and watched the fashion industry exploit the day - I'm horrified.
All of those women in sleeveless dresses & "fascinators" or those blokes in gaudy suits, the parade of giggling, tipsy tits getting drunk at their racecourse picnics don't appear to be sparing a thought for the welfare & fate of the beautiful horses exploited for their days of frivolity.
I've been made to feel like a killjoy - but it hasn't worked.
Animal Rights need to do much, much more.

caz gibson October 17, 2020


caz gibson September 14, 2020

Watching Trump's smug, patronizing response to the Californian official's pleas that he recognize climate change and it's part in these devastating fires filled me with despair.
He's almost on self-destruct though so hopefully that will happen before their November election and the USA will finally get some respite from the madness & chaos he's brought to that country.
Republicans & Trump-supporters are in denial of course but as his crimes and appalling comments are catching up with him it seems we'll see a resolution sooner rather than later.

caz gibson September 1, 2020

Apart from the choice between an extreme-right, militaristic, fascist government or an humanitarian, environmentally-aware, more "people-friendly" government - the differences  between the two leaders couldn't be more different.
One is a seasoned ex-vice president who at least exudes sympathy & empathy courtesy of a life filled with family-loss, grief, illness & a challenging professional career and the other seems to display the traits of a malignant narcissistic sociopath, has lived a life of privilege & excess combined with criminal activity, bankruptcies , rape allegations & presidential impeachment.
Geez - it's a hard choice isn't it ?

caz gibson September 1, 2020

There are 85 million Trump supporters but there are at least 328 million Americans so yes, with their witless voting system that they STILL haven't fixed most Americans will have to make a major effort to rid themselves of the orange sociopath  in The White House.
Life isn't fair but with some sincerity &  mindful effort America might just do it.
There are only two ways this can go.
Really, really badly or just a bit better.

caz gibson August 30, 2020

The contestants in this show have been gifted these houses to renovate and basically the main brief was to honor the decade in which they were  built.
A bit of research and some humility is all they needed.
I ( like many viewers) would have loved the 1910 house.
This was from the post-Victorian era with hints of Art-Nouveau and The Pre-Raphaelites.
That pendant light would have blended nicely actually but I don't begrudge how it's being used now.
I'm just a viewer but I'd love to think that the woman who's insisting adding contemporary touches to that house that aren't the obvious modern cooking, air-conditioning, home-theater/sound-system items will eventually respect the period and bring that home some much-needed romance & charm.

caz gibson August 21, 2020

Trump's tweets about the speeches of the Obamas, Clinton & Harris lack substance and reflect his absence of an adult vocabulary combined with a childish dummy-spit.

Whenever I make comments online I get the usual "Why should you care ? You're an Australian."
I care because America's future affects ours.
America's leader could harm Australia - and with Trump's indifference to other countries (including allies) his actions probably already have..........we need America to be mindful of Australia's position in the world.
No matter what Trump actually is - his behavior & words have emboldened & sanctioned all manner of racists & fascists.........he's referred to some of them as "very fine people".
He attracts the ignorant and the cruel and he seems very pleased with that.
He covets the power of dictators and craves their validation that he's "one of them."
He sees himself as "leader for life" and if he gets re-elected that could happen.
I rarely laugh anymore when I see Trump's image - I shudder.
History does repeat and sadly that's exactly what it's doing - only this time it's the USA.