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caz gibson January 4, 2021

I will be grateful if this kind of call is the only dodgy thing that Trump tries to get away with before 20th January 2021.
Something tells me that most of his supporters admire his attempts to behave like a mob-boss wanna-be.
Trump has brought out the worst in his followers and they don't mind if the rest of us can see them at their worst.
They feel empowered and believe that their "Dear Leader" is looking out for them.
The con is complete and the "Cult of Trump" may be around for a while yet.
What will it take to unmask Trump as the ultimate fake ?

caz gibson November 9, 2020

I think that most Trump-supporters love Trump because they believed his scams & promises and they felt he gave them permission to be just as horrible as he is.
He's been described as a malignant narcissist & sociopath - and that explains a lot of his indifference to pain & suffering from the 240,000 pandemic victims to the dead & disabled soldiers he described as "losers & suckers".
Those things alone should have ended his presidency right there - but it didn't.
His "fans" should have said "Enough !"
Despite every flaw & his revolting personal history they still voted for him.
Their fascist/racist poster-boy lost the presidency but he's still free to "wreck the joint" on his way out of The White House door.
How he conducts himself at this time will probably be his legacy.

caz gibson November 2, 2020

I've always detested horse racing.
My suspicions about what actually happens to too many of those horses after racing appears to be true.
Every time I've seen footage of the various Melbourne Cups and watched the fashion industry exploit the day - I'm horrified.
All of those women in sleeveless dresses & "fascinators" or those blokes in gaudy suits, the parade of giggling, tipsy tits getting drunk at their racecourse picnics don't appear to be sparing a thought for the welfare & fate of the beautiful horses exploited for their days of frivolity.
I've been made to feel like a killjoy - but it hasn't worked.
Animal Rights need to do much, much more.

caz gibson October 17, 2020


caz gibson September 14, 2020

Watching Trump's smug, patronizing response to the Californian official's pleas that he recognize climate change and it's part in these devastating fires filled me with despair.
He's almost on self-destruct though so hopefully that will happen before their November election and the USA will finally get some respite from the madness & chaos he's brought to that country.
Republicans & Trump-supporters are in denial of course but as his crimes and appalling comments are catching up with him it seems we'll see a resolution sooner rather than later.

caz gibson September 1, 2020

Apart from the choice between an extreme-right, militaristic, fascist government or an humanitarian, environmentally-aware, more "people-friendly" government - the differences  between the two leaders couldn't be more different.
One is a seasoned ex-vice president who at least exudes sympathy & empathy courtesy of a life filled with family-loss, grief, illness & a challenging professional career and the other seems to display the traits of a malignant narcissistic sociopath, has lived a life of privilege & excess combined with criminal activity, bankruptcies , rape allegations & presidential impeachment.
Geez - it's a hard choice isn't it ?

caz gibson September 1, 2020

There are 85 million Trump supporters but there are at least 328 million Americans so yes, with their witless voting system that they STILL haven't fixed most Americans will have to make a major effort to rid themselves of the orange sociopath  in The White House.
Life isn't fair but with some sincerity &  mindful effort America might just do it.
There are only two ways this can go.
Really, really badly or just a bit better.

caz gibson August 30, 2020

The contestants in this show have been gifted these houses to renovate and basically the main brief was to honor the decade in which they were  built.
A bit of research and some humility is all they needed.
I ( like many viewers) would have loved the 1910 house.
This was from the post-Victorian era with hints of Art-Nouveau and The Pre-Raphaelites.
That pendant light would have blended nicely actually but I don't begrudge how it's being used now.
I'm just a viewer but I'd love to think that the woman who's insisting adding contemporary touches to that house that aren't the obvious modern cooking, air-conditioning, home-theater/sound-system items will eventually respect the period and bring that home some much-needed romance & charm.

caz gibson August 21, 2020

Trump's tweets about the speeches of the Obamas, Clinton & Harris lack substance and reflect his absence of an adult vocabulary combined with a childish dummy-spit.

Whenever I make comments online I get the usual "Why should you care ? You're an Australian."
I care because America's future affects ours.
America's leader could harm Australia - and with Trump's indifference to other countries (including allies) his actions probably already have..........we need America to be mindful of Australia's position in the world.
No matter what Trump actually is - his behavior & words have emboldened & sanctioned all manner of racists & fascists.........he's referred to some of them as "very fine people".
He attracts the ignorant and the cruel and he seems very pleased with that.
He covets the power of dictators and craves their validation that he's "one of them."
He sees himself as "leader for life" and if he gets re-elected that could happen.
I rarely laugh anymore when I see Trump's image - I shudder.
History does repeat and sadly that's exactly what it's doing - only this time it's the USA.

caz gibson August 4, 2020

This interview is like a Monty Python sketch.
I love that most Australians ( including Jonathan Swan) have fantastic bull-shit detectors.
Trump is increasingly befuddled and I wish that that was all he is but his corrupt history, childish ignorance and  fascist/racist mindset makes him too dangerous to occupy the USA's White House.
This interview exposes troubling flaws in the USA's Covid 19 response - mainly Trump himself. 

caz gibson July 27, 2020

Try not to fall for fashion gimmicks - like those heavy drawn-on eyebrows.
Avoid black pencil under your eyes - it really can age your face.
Try a soft line of shadow under your bottom lashes  instead - my favorite is a kind of sage green which seems to work on most faces.
Use a soft blush on the "apple" of your cheeks.
Avoid the greasy look - it doesn't actually look "dewy"..........brush on a light cover of translucent powder.
Try using a foundation that's a couple of shades lighter than usual - it can have a more youthful effect, but don't forget that blusher. 
Wear moisturizer every day - I've found a really good, cheap,  basic one called SUKIN.
Wear your hair longer than usual. 
Avoid telling anyone your age because the world isn't fair and also so that you don't have to endure all of those "act your age" messages from well meaning relatives & cynical old friends.
Be grateful for quiet times on your own.
Live in the kind to everyone especially children and animals..............meditate every day.............count your's

caz gibson July 26, 2020

I hate the way the extreme-right here and in the USA are exploiting a pandemic to push their sinister agenda.
The woman at Bunnings seems quite prepared with her responses to the request to "please put on a mask."
So does the woman in the carpark.
They sound like disciples of an extreme-right agenda-based group.

The anti-mask mob seem to be using this personal/civil rights jargon to "test the waters" politically and/or hide their  own selfishness..............they believe that they're special and that the following of and abiding by a public health request doesn't apply to them.

The next time one of them is about to have an operation they should try insisting that the surgical staff not wear masks.
If they visit a ward full of immune-suppressed children they should observe the wearing of masks and ask if they're "really necessary"
Of course there are dimwitted people who've heard "someone" say that masks aren't necessary or effective.
Back in March even some medical clinics were unclear about masks - but now as we learn more it's become obvious that they were and still are a vital weapon against the transmission of Covid 19.
This pandemic is real, it's not a "hoax" and it's worldwide.
Try telling  the grieving families of Italy (for eg.) that their loved ones  died from a left-wing hoax just to upset the election chances of a US wanna-be dictator.

caz gibson July 25, 2020

I've become a real fan of an inexpensive moisturizer - SUKIN Signature Facial Moisturizer. You can get it at chemists & Coles for eg and you can also wear it under makeup - it seems to be a really safe skin care product.
Two of my favorite eyeshadow pallettes were by Clinique but sadly they're unavailable these days.
One was called Q1 Golden Bronze and the other was 01 Brandied  Bronze.
They both had really useful colors - every one got used over time.
 It's very difficult to find a decent copper/bronze shade that's medium  -  not too dark.
Plus a decent green.
Decades ago I bought a perfume oil by Max Factor which men (particularly) seemed to love. It was a Green Apple oil - again, it hasn't been around for years.
My favorite Eye Brow hack at the moment is basically - "don't touch 'em"
Apart from some tweezer -action underneath I've discovered that brown eye shadow on my brows is the quickest, safest, &  most natural-looking.
I love beauty hacks.

caz gibson June 27, 2020

'Just an observation - it seems to me that the majority of those who support the likes of Bolt, Newman, Carlson & Hannity in Australia & the USA are the ELDERLY.
Their seeming acceptance of anti-immigration & racism and their cynicism about science and youthful activists plus their worrying  tolerance of those accused of child abuse has been in our faces at family gatherings, social events & online - even on Facebook.
Conservatism is no longer an admirable mindset - especially to our younger generation.

I'm hoping that we're seeing the dying gasps of a generation of recalcitrant, self-righteous whinging curmudgeons  not old enough to have experienced WW2 and not hip  enough to appreciate the 80's.
Crippled imagination, poor critical thinking, Ignorance & lousy general knowledge breeds a lack of empathy so, has there been a failure in our education systems perhaps  to produce those who "don't play well with others"?
Or is it something else ?

We're witnessing an unraveling of America's political scene - triggered by opposition to the poor judgement of some of it's voters but perhaps it's about time.
Time also to reflect that the same chaos could happen in Australia if we don't learn from it
Racism is vile and we don't have to accept it as "the way it is".
When the elderly move on,  hopefully they'll take their selfish & extreme-right -wing  crap with them.

caz gibson June 24, 2020

Regardless of my political views at the time of Julia's "misogyny speech" I've maintained an enduring image that occurred to me while I watched it on television.

It was simply a village "somewhere" and a small house with a dirt floor.
Inside that house was an educated girl enduring an unpleasant, abusive marriage.
With tears in her eyes she witnessed an Australian female PM in her parliament dishing up a serve to her male adversary and calling out his sexism & misogyny.
"I will not be lectured by this man" was (and still is ) a brave response by her at that time - but it was "about time".

Just as the "Me Too" and "Black Lives Matter" cries have found their time in history, Julia's had found hers after decades of bullying & abuse from her society's males who took offense at her daring to be "the boss of them".
That girl in the village had found her champion of women's rights living an unfamiliar life - but bearing a similar and suffocating struggle to be considered equal.

"Equality among Prime Ministers" may seem disconnected to the life of a village girl - but she found the connection. 
Hopefully eight years later she's living a life much improved by hearing Julia's courageous words. 

caz gibson June 22, 2020

Of course it's manufactured drama and I'm not a fan of that,   just as I was never a fan of that woman screeching at poor exhausted obese  people on "The Greatest Loser" or the more recent sanctimonious accusations of "bad behavior" on "Married at First Sight".
I'm interested in the weight-loss journey of some people.
I'm interested in the "social experiment" part of a show about alleged married people.
I'm not interested in cheap attempts to elevate the profiles of judges and "keeping it lively" at the expense of talented, vulnerable artists.
Just show us the talent and it's growth under some expert guidance, competent  musical support   and those  studio production-values with all the smoke & pretty lights.
And BTW - WHY was brilliant contestant XY Latu dropped ?
Will he be brought back ?
Will he win ?
I guess that's why I'll keep

caz gibson June 4, 2020

I meant that the mere exercise of reasoning in that cartoon works here. 
I'm all for similar exercises given weekly to school kids so that they learn to use reason as part of problem-solving.
They're much less likely to be conned throughout their lives.

" In 1991, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody documented 99 deaths in custody.

Since then, 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody, according to Guardian Australia’s "Deaths Inside" project.
First Nations people are the most incarcerated in the world, surpassing the rates of African American people in the United States. In 2019, for every 100,000 First Nations adults, 2,481 are in prisons, compared with 164 non-Indigenous people.

Despite comprising 2% of the general adult population, First Nations Australians are 28% of the prison population. "

caz gibson June 4, 2020

Critical thinking is the issue  and so many on the extreme right seem lacking in this area.
That "burning house" cartoon is a great example of how Critical Thinking works.
I've seen that "All Lives Matter" comment many times online.
It's an attempt to diminish black lives and to muddy the waters - a favorite extreme-right ploy.

On threads discussing domestic violence against women there will usually be a disgruntled male piping up with "men get bashed too".
Of course they do, but let's not diminish the fact that SO many more women are assaulted and murdered in their homes - so let's allow that important conversation to exist without interruption.

Everybody matters but from a position of white privilege it's difficult to imagine being accosted, mistrusted,  rejected, victimized, bullied, discriminated against & even hated & murdered  just for the color of your skin - irrational.......right ? 
Imagine those things happening to you all because your eyes were blue.
We only have to think about it and feel it - just for a moment.

cazgibvo April 24, 2020

Trump-supporters are a stupid and annoying lot.
They're arrogant but hide behind their "down-home & folksy" personas.
Mostly - they're self-entitled and see in Trump a leader who is disagreeing even with his own government experts on their behalf.
"What a guy".
An ignorant, poorly educated, rich guy who mostly gained public acceptance via his regular appearances as "star" of "The Apprentice" where his character was written for him.
This "character" is what most of these supporters voted into the White House.
Trump is the original "Fake News" and he uses it regularly as an insult when he doesn't have enough adult vocabulary to articulate his point.
His favorite description of well-educated and highly informed women capable of treating him with assertiveness is "nasty".
Am I being too harsh ?.............Nah.
Especially in the light of his recent childish suggestions of injecting Covid-19 victims with disinfectant.
He doesn't know what he doesn't know.

cazgibvo April 24, 2020

Where's the movie about this wonderful woman ?
It would need a "name" to portray her in a big-budget production.
Margot Robbie these days probably.
Anyway, it's a story deserving to be told to young women of today.

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