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Ella says Mitch is the "worst guy" she's ever dated, and everything else that's happened since the MAFS finale. 

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A few weeks ago, our weekly binge of Married At First Sight came to an end. 

However, the drama is still kicking off and we couldn't be more grateful. 

Watch the trailer for this season of Married At First Sight here. Post continues after video. 

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So, here's everything that happened since the MAFS finale.

Ella says Mitch is the "worst guy" she's ever dated. 

Ella Ding has shared details of her relationship with Mitchell Eynaud in a podcast interview this week. 

"[Mitch] doesn’t believe in monogamous relationships. Mitchell is an enigma," she stated on The Handbags podcast.

Moments later, she went on to say: "I’ve dated a lot of men, and I am good at reading people. I have never met anyone like Mitchell. He is wired so differently.

"His first thing was, 'I don’t really believe in marriage.' And I’m like, 'Don’t I have a ring on and you read vows [to me]?'"

Ella also admitted she was disappointed in the MAFS experts of not pairing her with a "gentleman". 


"I went on the show not to meet another f**kboy. They gave me that on a silver platter," she said.

"If anything, Mitch has been the worst guy I’ve ever dated. The head f**kery… I’ve never experienced it before, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

"It felt like it was my role to make the energy in our little [MAFS] apartment positive every day."

Ella says Mitch "blocked her" on social media. 

"He blocked me nearly three months ago. He blocked me on every platform," she told The Handbags podcast earlier this week, adding that it had all spurred from the news reports of Ella at the beach with Brent and Domenica. 

At the time, the couple already hadn't seen eachother for a number of weeks. 

"The article came out of Brent and I at the beach. Mitchell was waiting for one little thing for me to do wrong for him to just tap out," she explained. 

"As soon as they came out, he showed a really ugly side. It was all about the way that he looked. He knew I was at the beach [that day].”

She went on to admit everything that she had "felt with Mitchell" was a first time.

"Mitchell is unpredictable, and he likes to write his own rules and he never listened to what production told him to do."

Ella claims she "knows" Mitch has been having threesome on the Gold Coast.

So, Ella claims that she has been sent "screenshots" proving that Mitch has not been faithful to his new alleged partner, Tamara.

"I have been sent a lot of screenshots of things but Mitchell is also apparently having threesomes as well on the Gold Coast - but they're not with Tamara... So he's obviously not committed to her," she said during The Handbag podcast. 


"He's living his best life really, and that's where it comes down to not committing. I think he wants to have his cake and eat it too.." 

She added: "But then I'm like, 'why are you on the show?' Because you already have so many women pre-show!" 

When asked how reliable her "sources" are, she responded: "Pretty credible."

"There's receipts, girls that I know that live on the Gold Coast [and they know] girls that have been having threesomes with him," she said.

Where was Texan groom Andrew? 

Andrew and Holly only made it a few weeks in before calling it quits on MAFS, but they were the first couple to stir up major controversy on the show.

For anyone watching the last episode, you may have noticed the Texan groom was missing from the dinner party.

According to reports, Andrew disappeared from the show on quite dramatic terms and allegedly had a difficult time dealing with the reality that he would be painted as a villain. He then reportedly refused to take part in a majority of the radio interviews he was booked in for, and had zero intention to return to meet the rest of the brides and grooms for any catch ups or reunions.

"He’s freaking out about how it’s going to be portrayed," an unnamed contestant told So Dramatic!

"He didn’t come back for any of the filming, like the boy’s night or the reunion," they continued adding that despite some grooms reaching out to Andrew, he didn't "want anything to do with the show".


However, a friend close to Andrew told the site he had suffered a mental "breakdown" after seeing how his time on the show played out. 

"He had a full breakdown... I believe he spent time in a mental facility and was diagnosed with various disorders," the insider said.

"He checked himself back in once the show started airing as it all became too much for him again. 

"Andrew wants nothing to do with the show or any of the contestants on it. He’s regretting doing [MAFS] big time. It’s already completely ruined his health, personal reputation, and any future business prospects."

Selina and Cody broke up the night of the dinner party.

So, it appears a major dumping scandal was brewing during Monday night's episode involving Selina and Cody.

While the two said 'I Do' to each other in the final vows, on Tuesday night's episode Selina explained her MAFS husband dumped her the morning after the final dinner party.

"Cody and Selina attend the reunion together, but then Cody dumped Selina after the reunion dinner party at 5am in the morning or something. Literally straight after the dinner party. It’s f**ked up," the source told So Dramatic!

"She was lost for words, really," they added. "No one knew about it until they got on the couch. She didn’t tell anyone before."

As a result, things got very awkward for the rest of the cast. 


"When they left, they never really spoke again. Just a few messages here and there," the source claimed. 

"The night after filming wrapped, they all went to a bar in Sydney and Selina was so upset she didn’t want Cody to show up. It was super awkward for everyone."

During Tuesday night's episode, Cody shared: "Selina and I decided to call things last night."

Selina then corrected him, saying, "Can we not say we? Cody [ended it]." 

She went on to say that he ended their relationship after last night's episode wrapped up with filming. 

"He was more standoffish than usual. When everyone was gone, I grabbed his hand, he flinched and pulled away. He said 'I just don't want to'. 

"He said 'I want to end things'. I was in a bit of a shock after hearing that." 

Cody went on to say, "We had some really amazing times but we also had some shockers. 

“I know I didn’t show Selina how much I cared... but she needs someone who cares for her, and I can’t."

In a new interview, Selina admitted she felt "pretty confident" before being brutally dumped. 

"We tried long distance, we did fly back and forth to see each other. There wasn't any time or day that we didn't have any form of contact," she told 9Entertainment

"I felt pretty confident going into the reunion dinner party."

She went on to say Cody had a lack of consistency that was a worrying red flag in hindsight. 


"Obviously in his world he did believe that he was doing everything. I know he genuinely says that he does try and we all have seen him try really hard," she said.

"But it's not about trying. It's the lack of consistency.

"I'm like Cody you go from hugging me and by dinnertime you don't want a bar of me."

Listen to No Filter's episode with Olivia from MAFS, who shares with Mia Freedman the reality of being a reality TV villain. Post continues after audio. 

The brides and grooms reunited for a viewing party.

A number of the brides and grooms reunited for a viewing party of the final MAFS dinner, with Domenica, Jack, Ella, Al and Brent in attendance. 

The event was hosted at Domenica's family home, with a number of close pals and family all there to support and cheer the cast on. 

So Dramatic!'s podcast host Megan Pustetto was also invited, and aired a number of details including the fact that Dom and Jack kissed at the finale party.


During a podcast episode, an insider said that the pair's final couch chat with the experts "went for ages".

"It’s a complicated relationship. They aren’t together but remain best friends." 

The insider went on to say that Dom and Jack share a "unique connection".

"It’s all just for show so they can try to remain the sweethearts of the show whilst it’s airing," they said. "They leave in a good positive way and have this unique connection.

"They still catch up for dinner, talk all the time, support each other, but in terms of progressing into a real romantic relationship, it’s still a bit of an uncertain journey for them."

The shirt that made Domenica go viral.

Just in case you didn't notice, there was a certain shirt that made the rounds on social media during Monday night's episode - and all it had to do with the nude photo scandal. 

During an on-camera interview, Domenica blared the words: "My body, my choice, b*tch."


While watching the show back, she along with Jack, Ella and Al wore the same shirt for the viewing party.

Domenica and Jack address their break up.  

Domenica and Jack may not have technically lasted outside of the MAFS experiment, but their story is far from over. 

In an interview with Nine, Dom admitted there was still hope for a possible relationship, sharing that they were still "so much in each others's lives".


“We are honestly just taking it day by day and obviously going through the experience in the experiment and reliving it again brings up all those emotions again in a different way,” she explained.

“We’re not putting a label on it,” she added. "Jack and I are both people that don't want to put labels. I think it just adds the extra pressure, and the extra pressure on top of everything that we're feeling right now in reliving the show and all the dramas entangled on that… The pressure of putting a label on anything right now is not what we need.

"We're just going with the flow, we're hanging out. We're going out. We're spending time together. I just don't think it's worth labelling."

Anthony is officially off the market, confirming he is in a committed relationship. 

For all of us that saw how MAFS played out for Anthony and Selin, it's fair to say it was a rough time for the pair. They didn't last for very long, both choosing to write 'leave' after a few weeks. 

Anthony told Nine that it was in his most vulnerable moment where he sought support from a former colleague.

"The running gag on the show is that I generally like short brunettes, and she [the groom's new girlfriend] is a nearly six foot blonde beauty, so for me that's quite different and I am loving it," he explained.

He admitted the experiment was an "overwhelming" journey. 

"After this experiment I was in a weird headspace because you have so much to process," Anthony said..

"You live in a bubble and it's a really overwhelming experience and when you're out, you're out. 


"She reached out to me and she was there for me and she helped me make sense of a lot of things. One thing led to another and here we are, really happy and very much together."

According to Ella, Mitch completely ghosted her. 

Ella and her on-screen partner Mitch surprised viewers during the final episodes of MAFS when they shared that they’d managed to reconcile after the experiment - despite Mitch refusing to give a firm commitment in the final vows.

However, a lot has happened since filming wrapped, and it is now confirmed that they have parted ways. 

In an interview with Fitzy & Wippa, Ella confirmed she had not seen Mitch since the reunion aired. 

"Did he just go cold turkey and didn’t get in contact with you?" Fitzy asked her.

"No, it wasn’t straightaway – he definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out," she explained. "It was probably about two months ago. Articles hit the media and then yeah, he sort of just cut me off."

Brent and Ella address dating rumours. 

Rumours ran amuck when Ella, Brent and Domenica were seen at a Sydney beach on Valentine's Day. 

At the time, we were all watching Brent and Ella's 'marriages' play out on screen. However, we now know that both couples had indeed broken up prior to the beach day. 

In an interview with Fitzy & Wippa, Ella made it clear that she and Brent are just friends... for now. 

"We get along, like we’re very similar... we’re both fire signs, we’re both Aries," she explained to the hosts, before adding that her and Brent had discussed how they would have been a better "match" on the show. 


Ella went on to admit that she is still "healing". 

"I’m gonna be completely honest – I’m still just healing and getting over stuff like with Mitchell and Tamara and just like all the all the crap that’s been going on, you know, in the past few months.

"Like, it still gets to me and I don’t want to rush into anything if I’m not feeling you know, ready for it. And I’m just not ready."

Ella went on to say this week that she is "totally attracted" to Brent, but is still in a bad head space following her breakup with Mitch. 

"We've even had a sleepover and nothing's happened. Nothing... I think Brent is gorgeous... But I'm still hurting."

She added: "I don't wanna get into something with anybody when I'm not fully ready. And I still feel like I don't really know Brent."

Ella calls out Mitch and Tamara at the finale viewing party. 

Rumours that Mitch and Tamara are dating exploded after Ella attended Domenica's MAFS reunion viewing party alone. 

So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto was at the event and aired footage of Ella talking about Tamara and Mitch at the party. 

"I got rejected by Mitch, are you for real?" Tamara asked her on-screen hubby Brent in a particularly heated scene.

Ella can be heard in the clip video shouting: "She’s like 'are you for real' because they’re actually f**king!"

So, according to Ella (and her sources), Mitch and Tamara are dating. 

Following on from that 'statement' from Ella, according to the So Dramatic! podcast, an insider close to Mitch's family has confirmed that he and Tamara are now "dating [and] seeing eachother". 


"I know one of Mitch’s family members and he has confirmed that they have been dating for a while now," they explained, before adding that Mitch and Tamara have been staying together on the Gold Coast. 

According to the source, the pair have been together for "maybe a couple of months" since the show was airing.

That makes the whole final episode debacle all the more confusing...

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Carolina and Daniel defend their relationship.

The Married At First Sight couple were at the centre of this season's cheating scandal, but admit they aren't sorry for how their romance played out. 

"Well, we never really had anything with our partners apart from a fake marriage and an experiment really," Carolina said in defence of their actions, on Today

"It's not like we had an emotional or physical connection with any of them, so we didn't think we owed them anything."

Daniel went on to add that they had moved in together. 

"We are in love, we live together and we are just being ourselves," he said.

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