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1. “They were about to lose half the cast.” What we know about why MAFS needed a break from filming.

For months now, we’ve heard rumours that this season of Married At First Sight apparently gets so out of hand that production needed to take a break from filming.

And now we finally know why.

According to Daily Mail, the production team stopped filming to hold crisis talks because several relationships looked like they weren’t going to last. Ahem… experts.

“The decision to take the break [in late September] was made after it became apparent they were about to lose half the cast so early into the season,” an inside source supposedly told the publication.

“There had also been a series of off-camera incidents, and producers were struggling to incorporate what was happening in ‘real life’ with what had actually been filmed.”

But the decision to take a break backfired. Mainly because the cast members were left to gallivant around the apartment building as they pleased with no camera crews around.

“Everyone was partying in each other’s rooms, going out drinking, falling out and fighting in the corridors like it was budget student accommodation,” claims the source.

Apparently, it was during this time that Michael and Hayley kissed and David filmed the infamous toothbrush incident on his phone because there was no crew around.

cheating scandal
David learning of Michael and Hayley's affair on last night's episode. Image: Nine.

To get the show back on track,  the producers apparently "pinned all their hopes" on Elizabeth Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus, who enter the show as intruders.

"Bringing in intruders and a fan favourite like Elizabeth seemed like the only hope of having any real couples left standing at the end."

Nothing has been confirmed, but hopefully, we get some answers soon.

Married At First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.

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2. “It was a little… violent." Kim and Kourtney might actually throw punches on the next season of KUWTK and wow.

Okay, so we know that the Kardashians and drama come hand in hand but violence? That's something we didn't see the sisters partaking in.

But boy, it seems we were wrong.

In the latest promotional video for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it looks like Kim and Kourtney actually get physical.

Although we can't tell exactly what started the argument or what made it escalate to that level, it looks wild.


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We've got so much to show you and we're unpacking it all when #KUWTK returns Thursday, March 26 only on E!

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The video compiles various dramatic scenes to get us pumped for Season 18, including Kim, Kourtney and Khloe shooting their fragrance collection, more drama involving Tristan Thompson and this physical fight.

It shows Kourtney throwing a water bottle at Kim, with Kim retaliating by throwing a punch.

The video ends with Kendall saying, "buttons have been pushed."

Are we now pumped? Yes, very.

You can watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Foxtel, hayu or Channel Nine.

3. 'It smells a bit masculine.' Gwyneth Paltrow just explained the story behind her vagina-scented candle.

Do you remember the candle that actor and Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, created that apparently smells like a vagina?

The one that was obscenely expensive and sold out really quickly? 

Well, apparently the candle smells nothing like a vagina, in fact, quite the exact opposite. According to Jimmy Kimmel, it smells 'masculine'.


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You see, Paltrow appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, on Monday to talk about her new Netflix show, The Goop Lab.

But much to Paltrow's surprise, Kimmel brought out the infamous AU$108 candle so that the two could discuss its success, and more importantly, its scent.


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When @GwynethPaltrow lets you test out her “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle… #TheGoopLab

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Kimmel began by asking what the testing process was like when creating the scent and then tried to explain what it smelt like to him.

“So they didn’t do any, like, testing or anything like that to try to find out what your vagina smells like?

“It smells nice… It smells a little bit masculine, really... like, woody — I dunno," he said.


Before he had time to say that it does NOT smell like a vagina, Paltrow explained that it was never meant to.

“Well, it’s not really supposed to smell like a vagina,” she said.

According to People, the candle wasn’t legitimately formulated to replicate the scent of a vagina. Rather, while in the process of creating a fragrance with perfumer Douglas Little, Paltrow reportedly joked one scent “smelt like a vagina!” and the rest was history.

Paltrow explained that at the time she thought it would be "cool" if someone was brave enough to name a candle that.

Paltrow said, “What a punk-rock, feminist statement, to have that on your table.”

4. "She doesn't even go here." Angie Kent's hilarious response to seeing DWTS ads.


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Since being the second celebrity eliminated on Channel 10's Dancing With the Stars, Angie Kent has admitted she's experienced a mix of emotions.

But she's also been able to have a laugh, in true Angie Kent fashion.

The former bachelorette posted to her Instagram stories on Tuesday night as she was watching an episode of Survivor, when an ad for DWTS popped up.


"What a kick in the dick," Kent laughed. "When you're trying to watch Survivor and the ads for dancing come on and you're no longer on them and it's a minutely reminder that you'll never be a dancing queen.

"Angie who? She doesn't even go hereeeeeee!" the reality TV star added.

It comes after she posted to Instagram reflecting on her "short but sweet" time on the show, writing: "I faced my fear of performing as a character in front of an audience every week and pushed through some real personal struggles during this time."

We'll miss you, Angie!

5. "She used it for 5 days." MAFS' David has spoken about what happened with Hayley's toothbrush.

There is nothing about the following 1000-odd words that makes this high-brow content.

In the following days, everyday Australians will watch broadcasted on TV Married at First Sight contestant, David, use his (fake) wife Hayley’s toothbrush to clean up (real) poo in a toilet bowl.

He then swishes the brush in the water before returning it to the bathroom counter. We know this happens because a) neither Hayley or David can keep a secret and b) there is video evidence.

You can watch the unholy recording on The Daily Telegraph, but ethically, we must warn you that there’s an unnecessary amount of *swooshing* which occurs. Just let your imagination marinate in that visual.

It’s confronting, yes, but not as confronting as unknowingly brushing your teeth with a soiled toothbrush, which is exactly what happens to Hayley.

MAFS poo toothbrush
Image: Nine.

While our thoughts and prayers are solely with her mouth and gut biome, there are questions that need to be answered.

What could drive someone to do this lewd act? What happens to the future of Hayley and David’s relationship post-toothbrush-gate? And is this what reportedly halts production mid-season?

Allow us to present you with the findings.

What have Hayley and David said about the pooey toothbrush incident?

When the footage first came out both contestants were approached for comment, but they said they weren’t allowed to say anything.

And then Hayley spilled the tea.

“It is real. It’s repulsive. It’s disgusting,” she told KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick Up. “Look, I can’t tell you why. But it was a sh*t thing to do, excuse the pun.”

Hayley allegedly continued to use her toothbrush for multiple days after the incident, until a fellow bride broke the news to her.

For more on the MAFS toothbrush incident, read our earlier article here. 

Feature Image: Instagram/@mafs/Nine

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