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Josh's mum accuses Cathy of being a "paid actress" and every other MAFS rumour in one place.

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Hang on to your fruit bowls and suspend any remaining belief in the sanctity of marriage, because Married at First Sight 2020 is well underway.

We’re seven seasons in and yes, the experts are still trying to palm this off as a “social experiment” and we’re no longer mad about it.

To date, we’ve had countless couple swaps, one smashed fruit bowl, lord knows how many broken wine glasses, and only three couples who have stood the test of time: season one’s Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, season six’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant and Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli.

We’re well and truly into the new season of MAFS, and we can confirm the rumour mill is in overdrive. Think: cheating scandals, fights and breakups.

Now allow us to fulfill your drama-loving appetites.

Josh and Cathy are over.

Another one bites the dust.

In a brutal post shared to Facebook, Josh seemingly confirmed his split from Cathy after complaining about the way he was edited in the show.

During their hometown date, Cathy accused Josh of throwing her under the bus after Josh’s mum brought up the couple’s issues at lunch.

“What a terrible edit, f*ck it, I’m calling [my] mum,” he wrote on Facebook.


“F*ck me dead on a Devon sandwich. [Producers] left out the [entire] lunch and I had the old hugs and kisses back [from Cathy afterwards]. MAFS [has] f*cked me in the backside. Should’ve went on Survivor. I’ll never do a TV show again.”

In the comments on the post, Josh’s mother Mandy accused Cathy of being a “paid actress employed by producers”.

Another family member commented: “We did well to keep our gobs shut until now! Cathy is playing a victim! The tears, definitely trying to get on Home and Away. She’s playing her role, well, sort of.”


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Speaking to TV WEEK, Josh also admitted that Cathy left the show for an entire night after Josh told the experts at the commitment ceremony that he was worried they were ‘just friends’.

“Cathy went out and didn’t come home for the entire night,” he said.

“I was worried sick about her. The producers didn’t know where she was.”

Elizabeth was paid A LOT to return to the show.

Former Married At First Sight contestant Telv Williams revealed the stars get paid a daily rate of $150, tax-free on the reality show.

For returning contestant Elizabeth Sobinoff, it was reportedly a little higher…

A source told New Idea the 28-year-old was offered $100,000 to get ‘married’ again.

“Lizzie was paid a whopping fee of $100,000 for her four-week appearance on the new season, while the rest of the cast received just $150 per day,” they said.

However, Daily Mail reports she would have had to do more than four weeks’ worth of work. According to their calculations, her wedding was filmed on October 17 with the final vows taking place on December 3. A cast reunion also occurred on January 14. This adds up to roughly eight weeks of filming – and is still not bad salary-wise.

Um. Some leaked texts hint that Michael asks out KC after things end badly with Stacey and WHAT.

Instagram can be blamed for the majority of this season’s MAFS spoilers. In a leaked text message thread, Stacey and KC appear to have an argument over KC getting drinks with Stacey’s on-screen husband, Michael. Despite the 31-year-old asking for Stacey’s permission, the Daily Mail reports KC and Michael had already met 10 days before.

“I spoke to Michael a couple [of] days ago, he asked how I was, we had a chat, he said he was coming to Sydney and if I wanted to go meet him for a drink,” read KC’s message.

“I said if I do I would first ask you… Not sure I will but I do see Michael as a friend but that’s it.”


Stacey appears to be displeased, saying that Michael previously called her “trash” and “a bad mother”.

“Told me he was going to ruin my life,” wrote Stacey.

“He has [not] apologised, he hasn’t even reached out, his MOTHER reached out and wished me and [my] boys happiness.”


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In a separate interview with Hit FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron, KC hints she ‘hooks up’ with someone after the experiment.


“Have you hooked up after the experiment?” asked a host.

“You know everything is going to reveal itself after the experiment,” replied KC.

“The one thing that bothered me is I never ever, ever cheated on my husband during the experiment and, I know he will be the first one to back me up on that,” she said, adding of Michael: “We always got along super well and yeah that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

After additional pressing, KC maintained her silence on the matter but she didn’t deny anything either.

“So mark that down as a yes,” they joked.


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It also goes to show Stacey and Michael definitely don’t last but we kind of already knew that.

Speaking to Daily Mail about KC and Michael’s rumoured affair, Stacey said: “KC was my friend. She went behind my back and proceeded to see Michael after he broke my heart. KC and I are no longer friends.”

In a previous interview, Mikey (who left the experiment with Natasha) told that he and Stacey have a “one night stand” during filming.

“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren’t together,” he said.

“I actually didn’t want this (story) out as it’s not the best way to end my time on the show, but it did happen,” he continued, suggesting that their encounter happens during the show’s reunion episode.

Things don’t look great for KC and Drew.

In the same text message thread, KC confirmed that she and Drew were no longer together.

“Honestly, now Drew and I talk like friends and it’s nice. We don’t talk a lot but when we do it’s fine. I have zero feelings for him now,” she wrote in messages attained and published by the Daily Mail.


It sounds like their split takes place before the MAFS reunion, meaning their relationship may disintegrate when the couples leave the experiment to continue their relationships in the ‘real world’.


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According to the series, however, their relationship looks… mostly steady. The pair also looked friendly during their appearance on a morning episode of Today Extra as they spoke about their fight over Drew’s relationship with his housemate Jessie.


In one of MAFS‘ stranger storylines (and that’s saying something), KC was angry at Drew after she found out he brought a stuffed toy – which had been gifted to him by Jessie – on their honeymoon. He even joked the toy had been sprayed with her perfume.

In hindsight, he admits it was a mistake.

“I only found out I was getting married six days in advance,” he said on Today Extra. “I had so much to do and I was freaking out, it was the most nervous I’d ever been.

“I was literally on the way out of the house and I grabbed the doll. It was probably the silliest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.”

KC also admitted she had overreacted.

“Watching last night I was like, ‘KC, stop grilling him!’” she said. “I was just trying to get to the bottom of it because he wasn’t giving me much.”

“You’ll see throughout the experiment I’m not a jealous person.”

It looks like Aleks and Ivan… don’t last.

After Ivan Sarakula shut down the experts (mainly Trish) for prying into his sex life with Aleks Markovic, the Sydney real-estate agent has become a crowd favourite.

In a matter of weeks, we’ve seen an incredibly awkward man blossom into a pretty decent (fake) husband, with Aleks and Ivan somehow becoming our favourite couple this season.

Are Ivan and Aleks still together?
Image: Channel Nine.

Unfortunately, in the land of Married At First Sight, happy, normal couples generally don't last very long.

According to Woman's Day (as cited by the Daily Mail) Aleks gets annoyed at Ivan for texting a female friend who doesn't seem to approve of their relationship. Although this happens during the experiment, the producers apparently do not screen this scene.

Apparently, in one text sent to Aleks by Ivan's friend, she wrote: "You're fighting a losing battle... I will continue to support Ivan. You are so ridiculously threatened of me.


"You can continue to live a life [of] jealousy and insecurity."

Fans have also discovered evidence that Ivan and Aleks may not be together anymore. Blame Instagram...

Commenting on a paparazzi photo which was shared by meme account, MAFS Funny, Aleks labelled her fake husband a "f*ck boy".

In the photo, fellow couple Stacey and Michael were seen on a date with Aleks and Ivan.


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That's two relationships over and not liking looking back at throwback pictures from filming then? ???? ???? #mafs #mafsau

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"I just vomited," Stacey commented.

"I'm feeling ill as well! What were we thinking?" Aleks added.

"As if we were seen with that. Hahaha f*ck sake. I blame lack of sleep," Stacey replied.

"We must have been losing our minds! Or maybe just falling for the f*ck boy lies and manipulation," Aleks responded.


Ummm... Lizzie and Drew may be involved in a couple swap.

Currently matched with former AFL player, Seb Guilhaus, we were hoping 2019 bride, Elizabeth Sobinoff, would finally get her happily ever after. And she still might... just not with her prescribed husband.

According to texts between KC Osborne and Stacey Hampton, Lizzie and KC's husband, Drew Brauer, would go out and have dinner by themselves. To be fair, KC was aware of this.

The new information apparently comes from the same leaked text chain that shows KC asking Stacey for her permission to grab a drink with her 'husband' Michael while he was in Sydney.

"Drew hurt me... Lizzie told me she was having dinner with him [and] I couldn't take it personal [sic]," she wrote to Stacey, as cited by Woman's Day.

"How is it okay for Lizzie and Drew to go and get dinner… it's not any different."



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The publication also reported that Lizzie and Drew regularly met up during filming.

"She and Drew just had way more in common," said an unnamed source.

"She gave a mouthful to producers when she first met him… it just made more sense [that they be matched] with their shared passion for mental health and goofy personalities.


"They met up behind producers' backs – multiple times! All the participants knew they were getting closer, but nobody had the guts to tell production."

Jonethen snubs Connie during a radio interview.

Can you believe we once thought Jonethen and Connie were going to be this season's frontrunners? Times have certainly changed.

After weeks of fighting, Jonethen wrote 'leave' at Sunday night's commitment ceremony, and today he just didn't pick up his phone for a scheduled interview with his 'wife'.

The pair were supposed to chat to Hit Mid North Coast's Krysti and Bodge but Jonethen completely bailed, leaving Connie on her own.

Speaking about Jonethen's absence, Connie said she was "quite shocked".

"I thought he'd be quite on it this morning, but he's not even up..."


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She also addressed Jonethen's desire to leave the show.

"I know when I wrote 'leave' it bruised his ego," she said. "I knew after that happened that I would probably cop one the next week. To get back at me."

We feel the writing is on the wall for this one.

Elizabeth (still) doesn't get her happily ever after.


Despite her disastrous pairing with last year's fat-shamer, cheater and funeral-faker Sam Ball, Elizabeth Sobinoff is ready for another season. Although Lizzie was paired with Seb Guilhaus on the show, the initial reports don't look good.

The Daily Mail reports that while they've been attending 'weekly dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, and recently visited each other's hometowns, they don't appear to be spending any time together'.


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In an interview with Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9, the radio hosts became convinced that the new couple are no longer together.

"Let's see if they're still together – what footy team does Seb play for?" Fitzy asked Lizzie... which she failed to respond to.

"They're not together. This was filmed a long time ago, if they were still together she would know," Fitzy responded.

Wippa then asked Seb what Lizzie's favourite meal is, which he failed to answer.

"Yep. Not together," Wippa said.


Uh oh.

They reportedly needed a 'two-week filming break' and a contestant was forcibly checked into rehab.

Because, of course.

Naturally, with a reality TV show like MAFS, the more drama, the better. It's a formula that works and the producers know this. However, this season proved to be the exception. Apparently things got a bit too much and the producers were forced to take a two-week break from filming.

Sharing insider news passed on by a member on set, The Hit Network's Nick, Jess & Simon relayed the rumours.

"This season is even more off the rails," said Nick, adding there's even more partner swapping.

"The producers were just like, 'This is going too far. We need to resettle ourselves, take a two-week filming break and work out how to tackle the rest of the season'."

MAFS 2020 Michael
Image: Channel 9.

Speaking to Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam & Browny, Michael confirmed the rumours.

"Production halted for two weeks because there was that much stuff that happened off-camera that wasn't captured in the moment so production had to have multiple meetings and work out what everyone's storyline is, because a lot of storylines had deviated or gone off the rails," he said.

Michael also detailed the behind-the-scenes drama that happened on the show, adding: "People being in each other's rooms, people going out together, people going to bars together. It's like being in a jail cell for three months, you're gonna want to check Bubba's room next door and go out for a few."

Interestingly, Michael also confirmed that he is "still seeing someone from the show". He didn't confirm who he is still seeing from the show.

On a more serious note, producers also had to admit a female contestant into a 'rehab facility'.

"They've had to check somebody in because they've just gone so loose on the show that they were worried about their mental health," said Nick.


"Somebody was just losing it on the set so much that they had to check them in and now they're at the point where they don't know how to market that."

John Aiken 'may not return' to the show.

Oh. There's a rumour that John Aiken 'may not return' to Married At First Sight next year... and it all comes down to *that* pooey toothbrush incident.

According to Woman's Daythe 49-year-old psychologist was reportedly "beside himself" following the sh*tty disturbing incident.

"After David put poo on Hayley's toothbrush, things became very heated on set, everyone was very emotional," a source claimed.

"Why would [John] come back next year after all this? To be honest, he's going to need therapy after this season."

Erm. If that's the case, we honestly don't blame him...

Jessika Power and Stacey are 'feuding'.

Before the show even began we learned Jessika from 2019's season was feuding with Stacey.

It began after Jess spent a night out in Melbourne with Hayley, and then shared a series of Instagram stories calling out her 'rival', Stacey.

“What I see here is a girl who’s 25, gone on this show and just gaslighted the s*** out of a girl (Hayley) who has actually worked her entire ass off to be fit, healthy and brought herself out of the darkest of places,” Jessika wrote alongside a picture of Stacey.

“All to be labelled and slandered by someone who is clearly insecure that someone may bag more ‘air time’ than her. This girl even wrote to me that she thought she was the new ‘me’ on the show.”


Jess then shared a private response to her story, that was implied to have been from another 2020 contestant, affirming her statements.

“Babe, you always see people’s true colours eventually,” the anonymous co-star wrote.

Jessika finally shared a screenshot of her messages with Stacey Hampton, where Hampton wrote: "I thought I was the next you".

Then, Woman's Day published a story claiming Stacey was seeking legal advice after discovering Jess allegedly planned to 'expose' her private life and followed Stacey's ex-fiance Shane, the father of her two sons, on Instagram.

Stacey previously told Hit FM Mid North Coast's Krysti and Bodge that Jessika was acting "borderline obsessed" by adding her "baby daddy'" on social media.

You better believe Jess had a response:

"I've been inundated with messages about Stacey and all of the horrible and negative things she's done to others before the show but never did I seek out and ask people for information.

"I couldn't care less about the woman and I wish this whole 'feud' crap would end because she isn't worth my breath... Also, she seeked legal advice? Isn't she a lawyer?"


Hayley says she and David were "100 per cent" set up for the drama.

It's not too much to call Hayley and David the 'trainwreck' couple of this season's MAFS. In fact, they know it too.


When asked whether she thought she'd been matched with David to create drama, the 32-year-old was certain that yes, they "100 per cent" had.

"Dad had a pretty candid conversation with me when I first went on the show. He goes 'Hayles, you’re not going to be the Cam and Jules, you know that babe don’t you, you are not going to be the Cam and Jules. Your personality is way too big, they are going to put you there with the polar opposition or you’re on there for a reaction, you do know this don’t you?'" she told Nova's Chrissie, Sam & Browny.

"A little bit of me was like I do know that but I’m hoping for the best kind of thing. They put someone who is the polar opposite of me… It was explosive pretty much from the day after the wedding.”


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Despite their romantic wedding, cracks began to show during their honeymoon. The couple had a disastrous fight after Hayley "made fun" on the truck driver's $25 an hour wage, however, she's since explained the context behind her words.

"I wouldn’t say I made fun of it. When someone discusses their pay with you, it’s an awkward conversation to be had, so I made a flippant remark off the back of something that Dave said," she continued.

"I didn’t know how to handle it, why is this guy bringing up his wage, we are in the pool, a couple of drinks in, he just brings it out of nowhere…

"I think ultimately he was more angry with the experts, production, because he had this ideal checklist of the woman he wanted to be involved with, I fell short, so he had a chip on his shoulder.”

Stacey and Michael are definitely over.

The plot thickens, or, well... burns to a crisp.

The law graduate pretty much confirmed her relationship with Adelaide Ice director, Michael Goonan, was over. When Instagram account, @shitadelaide made a post featuring people sharing their Valentine's Day plans, one respondent wrote, "sitting in my room alone listening to music, eating chocolates and crying" to which Stacey tagged her friend and commented "same".


A fan wrote back, "I'm guessing the marriage didn't work out then," to which Stacey replied with a 'sad face emoji'.

Mafs couples still together
Very telling indeed. Image: Instagram.


Feature Image: Instagram/@summertanx


This article was originally posted on January 31, 2020, and has been updated on March 10, 2020.

Married At First Sight airs Sunday to Wednesday on Channel Nine at 7.30pm.

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