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"She used it for 5 days." MAFS' David has spoken about what happened with Hayley's toothbrush.

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There is nothing about the following 1000-odd words that makes this high-brow content.

In the following days everyday Australians will watch broadcasted on TV Married at First Sight contestant, David, use his (fake) wife Hayley’s toothbrush to clean up (real) poo in a toilet bowl.

He then swishes the brush in the water before returning it to the bathroom counter. We know this happens because a) neither Hayley or David can keep a secret and b) there is video evidence.

You can watch the unholy recording on The Daily Telegraph, but ethically, we must warn you that there’s an unnecessary amount of *swooshing* which occurs. Just let your imagination marinate in that visual.

It’s confronting, yes, but not as confronting as unknowingly brushing your teeth with a soiled toothbrush, which is exactly what happens to Hayley.

Just a reminder that the experts are also responsible for this. MAFS Experts: UNCUT | Episode 1. Post continues below.

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While our thoughts and prayers are solely with her mouth and gut biome, there are questions that need to be answered.

What could drive someone to do this lewd act? What happens to the future of Hayley and David’s relationship post-toothbrush-gate? And is this what reportedly halts production mid-season?

Allow us to present you with the findings.

What have Hayley and David said about the pooey toothbrush incident?

When the footage first came out both contestants were approached for comment, but they said they weren’t allowed to say anything.

And then Hayley spilled the tea.

“It is real. It’s repulsive. It’s disgusting,” she told KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick Up. “Look, I can’t tell you why. But it was a sh*t thing to do, excuse the pun.”

Hayley allegedly continued to use her toothbrush for multiple days after the incident, until a fellow bride broke the news to her.


“It’s abusive. That’s what I said straight off the bat. That’s what my dad said. That’s what everyone said,” she added.

“And the fact that he filmed it… I don’t understand it. It’s vile.”

MAFS poo toothbrush
The face of a man who put his wife's toothbrush in the toilet. Image: Giphy.

Speaking to's podcast Not Here To Make Friends, David confirmed that the incident occurred.

"About three days after the cheating scandal happens, I've heard nothing from Hayley and I'm in a really dark place... I still had her room key, and that's when I did something really childish," he said.

"While I was getting my toiletries out of the room, that's when the whole toothbrush incident happens," he added.

"She would go to the toilet without cleaning up after herself – not very ladylike. I wasn't a fan of... what she would leave on the toilet bowl, so that's when I grabbed the toothbrush and scrubbed the toilet with it.

"She used it for five days. It's her own poo, it's her own bacteria in her own body so it's not going to hurt her."

Why did the pooey toothbrush incident happen?

For weeks, fans of the show have debated over what may have sparked the pooey toothbrush incident.

In last night's episode, however, the link became clear.

Before the episode ended, David discovered his wife Hayley was out on the town with Michael.

"There are a few little rumours that I've heard," David said. "And I've been told that Hayley is making out with Michael. My darling wife is making out with another husband."


Fellow MAFS bride, Vanessa, previously confirmed Hayley and Michael's 'hook up', claiming it happened "multiple times" while Stacey was in Adelaide visiting her children.

“It definitely happened,” she told New Idea. “Michael walked into our room. He was really drunk; so was Hayley. She said, ‘my (experimental) husband (David) doesn’t want to f--k me’. And I said, ‘mine doesn’t either’. [Michael] turned around and said, ‘I would f**k both of you.’"

“They were fooling around on the bed and dry humping. Shoes were flying everywhere," she added.

mafs cheating 2020
Oh dear. Image: Channel 9.

Michael and Hayley, however, said they merely shared a "party pash".

"There might have been something shared, but it wasn't a connection, that was more like a bottle of alcohol," added Hayley, talking to New Idea.

"Everyone's had a 16-year-old party pash, haven't they?"

Speaking to TV Week, Michael had a similar response.

"We were all joking and having a laugh. We were mucking around with the phone and we were like, 'Oh how funny would it be if this got out?'" he said.

"We were fully clothed, just being stupid, being loose, having fun, not really understanding the implications of what rumours can do to your life."

What happens after the pooey toothbrush incident?

From what we understand, David records himself executing the act (RIP toothbrush) which he then shares with the rest of the husbands. Someone then tells Hayley which we're sure will be a whole other source of drama.

MAFS poo toothbrush
Image: Giphy.

However, the cast does take a production break. 

There is such a thing as too much drama, apparently.

Speaking to Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam & Browny, Michael confirmed the rumours.

"Production halted for two weeks because there was that much stuff that happened off-camera that wasn't captured in the moment, so production had to have multiple meetings and work out what everyone's storyline is because a lot of storylines had deviated or gone off the rails," he said.

David also confirmed the production break on Not Here To Make Friends, adding: "I was at the verge of a mental breakdown, I had been spoken to like a piece of sh*t for several weeks, so they put me in a separate apartment and we agreed upon some terms about how I was going to move forward."

"We agreed that whatever Hayley said, I would be allowed to leave... that's what happened in the two weeks of shutdown, coming to that agreement," he added.

John Aiken, however, is not having a bar of it. 

There's a rumour that John Aiken 'may not return' to MAFS next year because of this rumoured pooey toothbrush incident.

According to Woman's Day, the 49-year-old psychologist was reportedly "beside himself" following the scandal.

"After David put poo on Hayley's toothbrush, things became very heated on set, everyone was very emotional," a source claimed.

"Why would [John] come back next year after all this? To be honest, he's going to need therapy after this season."

It was the faeces-covered toothbrush bristle that broke the camel's back, per se.

John Aiken MAFS poo incident
Things have gone too far. Image: Giphy.

Ultimately, nobody wins when you stoop this low.

Well... unless you're in any way personally invested in Channel Nine's share price.


Feature Image: Channel Nine.

This post was originally published on February 25, 2020, and updated on February 26, 2020.

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