Just 7 very important questions we have about Kim Kardashian's ridiculous home.




Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have shared an inside look at their Calabasas home and we need to talk about it IMMEDIATELY.

Watch a clip from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s interview with Architectural Digest below. Post continues after video.

It’s honestly everything we wanted and more. But we have so many questions.

Why is everything white? Where is all of their stuff? Is this a house or a cathedral? How does a house that looks like an art gallery… work?

Here are just seven very important questions we have about Kim and Kanye’s $60 million “minimal monastery”.

What do Kim and Kanye have against colour?

Speaking to Architectural Digest in a joint interview, Kim and Kanye shared the thinking behind their ~exciting~ beige/white/cream colour palette.

“We never had a lot of garish colours,” Kanye shared. “We both always had houses that were this tone.”

Erm, does Kanye see all colours as “garish”? Because we literally can’t see ANY COLOUR in this house.

In fact, Kim and Kanye’s home kind of looks like a hospital ward. Or the perfect place for a three-day detox retreat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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OK, I’m sorry – but can we please take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Kim and Kanye also have white couches?

It’s the absolute last place you would want to be on your period. Seriously.

How the heck does this house work with four children?


There’s a few issues with the fact that Kim and Kanye’s entire house is white. Namely the fact that they have four small children.


How the heck does this house work with four children?

With four kids, keeping this house clean must be a full time job because let’s be honest, white and kids don’t really go together in normal people’s lives.

Is it just us or is North’s room mildly terrifying?


After a full tour of Kim and Kanye’s extremely white home, I have come to the conclusion that North’s bright pink room is mildly terrifying.

Look, I can’t figure out why… it just is.


I have had enough.

What is the point of a huge pool if you don’t even use it?

Speaking in a YouTube video for Architectural Digest, Kim admitted that she’s never actually used their gigantic swimming pool.

The pool also happens to be heated at all times, like a hot tub.

The couple decided to make the pool “really warm like a Jacuzzi” because Kanye thought that having a Jacuzzi “off to the side” near the swimming pool would look “weird”.

You know you’re rich when you can pay millions to have an empty house and a pool you don’t even use.


Wait. Where is all of their stuff?

Ah, yes.

Remember that time Kim and Kanye spent nearly three years living with Kris Jenner while their house was being renovated?

What… were those builders actually doing?



No matter how hard I look I can’t find… stuff. Where are all their things? Do Kim and Kanye even HAVE things? Is this why I’m not rich? Is it because I have too many things?

Aside from their very limited selection of furniture and art pieces, their house is empty.

It’s so big and empty, it literally looks like it would be freezing all the time.

Please put some things in your house. It’s freaking me out.

What is the purpose of this… thing?

An entire room in Kim and Kanye’s home is devoted to this huge soft sculpture. AN ENTIRE ROOM.

But… what is it? Is it an octopus? A deconstructed padded cell? Perhaps a giant ode to tampons?



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Speaking to Architectural Digest, Kanye was asked about the purpose of the room.

“Everything we do is an art installation and a playroom,” he responded, and now we’re even more confused.

Is there a secret hidden area that actually looks like a home or nah?

Hang on I have another question.


Remember that one time Kim shared her hidden fridge rooms and industrial-sized ovens on Instagram?

Does this mean that Kim and Kanye have a secret area of their house that actually looks like a home or nah?

We’d like to see it, please.

What do you think about Kim and Kanye’s home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Feature Image: YouTube/Architectural Digest.

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