Face masks, hot chips and poolside beers: How the stars got ready for the Logies.

The Logies are back, and we couldn't be more excited. 

After two years, we're here to give you a reminder: the process of getting ready for the annual Logie Awards is just as important as posing for the red carpet. 

This year, nominees, hosts and invited guests have proven they are very aware of just how invested the public is in the ∼ process ∼, and have documented their entire day right up to the moment they walk the red carpet. 

So far, we've seen sheet masks, celebs practicing their poses for the red carpet and just about everything else you can imagine. 

As a result, we've compiled a list of just about everything celebrities got up to in the hours leading up to the 62nd Logie Awards. 

Ada Nicodemou

Ada Nicodemou showed fans her look for the night before gracing the red carpet. Image: Instagram @adanicodemou.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris touching up before the 62nd annual Logie Awards. Image: Instagram @whatsarahsnapped.


Jasmine and Karl Stefanovic

Jasmine took a moment to share how she was getting ready for the Logie Awards with husband, Karl Stefanovic. Image: Instagram @jasyarby.

Melissa Leong

Gold Logie nominee and MasterChef judge Melissa Leong eating hot chips is the picture we didn't know we needed in 2022. Image: Instagram @fooderati.


Tom Gleeson

Comedian and Gold Logie nominee Tom Gleeson shared a photo with his finger to his lips just moments before the Logies Award attendees began walking down the red carpet.

Rebecca Harding

Image: Instagram @rebeccaharding.


The influencer and model took to social media earlier in the day to share her hilarious convo with Zoe Foster Blake. 

"[She] saves the day," Harding captioned the photo. 

Zoe Foster Blake

Zoe kept fans updated throughout the day on her process of gettig ready for the Logies. Of course, it involved skincare, sheet masks and a go-to glam team. 

Image: Instagram @zotheysay.

Brooke Boney 

Presenter Brooke Boney shared a photo just moments before the Logies Awards with the caption, "just a sneak peek". Image: Instagram @boneybrooke.


Leigh Sales 

ABC presenter Leigh Sales shared some clips of her getting ready with curious fans. Image: Instagram @leigh_sales

Abbie Chatfield


Taking to her Instagram stories, Bachelor alum and radio presenter Abbie Chatfield revealed she had actually forgotten to pack the correct underwear for her Logie dress. 

Of course, she managed to pull it off in the end anyway.

Hamish and Andy 

While other celebs were prepping hours in advance for the Logie Awards, radio hosts Hamish and Andy opted for a beer by the pool. 

Karl Stefanovic

Image: Instagram @hamishblakeshotz.


While the Today show host's wife was enjoying some alone time, Stefanovic hung out with Hamish Blake and promoted his wife's skincare brand, Go To Skincare (which we've reviewed here, by the way). 

But it wasn't all calm for Stefanovic when he was snapped changing his daughter's nappy just moments before he had to step out for the Logies. 

Image: Instagram @jasyarby.

"Had to put in a reality snap," Jasmine wrote.

Parenting is a full-time job.

Anthony Callea and husband Tim Campbell

Image: Instagram @anthonycallea.


While some were changing dirty nappies and getting some much needed skincare TLC, singer Anthony Callea was attempting to get in a sneaky shop at a luxury retailer without getting caught.

Unfortunately for Callea, he forgot to charge his own card and instead charged his husband's (easy mistake, we suppose!).

Image: Instagram @anthonycallea.

Feature Image: Instagram @boneybrooke, @andylee, @adanicodemou. 

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