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llamamia June 28, 2022

I understand why you're leaving but on your last point, Australia was exhausting and soul-destroying for thousands of stranded Australians who were denied the right to return home unless wealthy. Sammy J's "I Can't Call Australia Home" summed it up perfectly. It was briefly illegal to come home from India, rendering citizens stateless. If only they'd had public support for their human rights.

llamamia June 25, 2022

All the more reason for Australia to have a bill of rights. You may think it wouldn't happen here but I would never have imagined being denied the right to return home - I was stranded overseas for 17 months during the pandemic. Access to Australia was limited to the rich. Unfortunately the majority of onshore Aussies supported locking out their fellow citizens, many without healthcare access.

llamamia June 19, 2022

And the contrast between the Hamish/Andy shot with all the women is a perfect illustration of the extra time and effort expected of women (often by other women). Sure it's fun to dress up sometimes but when you add up the extra time and money doing this daily for work, it's pretty unfair. 

llamamia June 16, 2022

Or perhaps the moral of the story should be this: your ideal body is yours and there's no point trying to chase something others are trying to sell which they were either born with and/or bought. So sad to see the loss of individuality in these women in their 20s and younger. If only they would have the confidence to be themselves but so difficult when the whole beauty industry trades on their insecurities.

llamamia June 7, 2022

Much better to see a kid being an individual, even if cheeky, than being quietened with a screen. Also ridiculous that they try to 'blame' only the mother and not the father - not that there was anything to blame them for - but perceived misbehavior always seems to be painted as the mother's fault.

llamamia May 16, 2022

So basically if you're from a wealthy family you can use the bank of mum and dad for a deposit and if not, use your super and miss out on years of compound interest. Considering the small pool of first home buyers compared to the millions of home owners, I think it's a deliberate strategy to stop house prices falling. A sneaky way of appealing to the masses...

llamamia April 22, 2022

As you say you've never had a debt, did you pay off your HECs upfront while you went through uni to become a journalist? Or did your parents? Great that you acknowledged their help with the house but I wish articles like this would also acknowledge help with HECs (if that's your case). It took me 10 years to pay mine off so I couldn't properly start saving for a house until I was almost 30.