Laundry is without a doubt the worst chore. Here are 18 hacks to make it infinitely easier.

Laundry is, without a doubt, the worst household chore. 

Unlike other chores that you might only need to do once a week or once a month, laundry is never-ending. The basket is always full (despite constantly putting on loads) and there are always clothes to fold and put away. 

But according to these women, there are some ways we could make it easier. Here are their 18 genius laundry hacks.

...But first, here are some stain hacks to know as well. Post continues after video.

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1. "We have always only owned one laundry basket so you can't leave them full around the place because you need to use it again."

2. "I fold off the line into the basket. Sometimes it doesn't go straight into bedrooms, but it's so much easier already folded."

3. "We do the washing on average every one to two days. I think the trap is letting it pile up."

4. "Once a week I sit and pair all socks. The only thing I would recommend is culling odd socks if you haven’t come across its pair for a while. Generally this approach means most socks are quick and easy to pair and then a handful stick around in the tub for another week while I discover their mates in the nooks and crannies around the house."

5. "I always put on a cold wash so I don’t have to separate whites, colours and blacks."

6. "I swear by this peg hanger. It saves me wandering up and down the line looking for pegs. If it's about to rain, it's easy to take off and just hang it in the garage."

7. "For kids' clothes, get a few cheap organising baskets from The Reject Shop or similar - one each for (say) onesies, socks, tops, bottoms - and don’t even bother folding. Just toss them in their appropriate basket and put the baskets away."

8. "We do a load every night, then hang it out in the morning. I sort directly from the line into one basket, then I just walk around with the clean washing basket putting everything away. It takes about 15 minutes a day."

9. "I have a rotation on my calendar for double bed sheets (week one), single bed sheets (week two), and towels (week three)."

10. "The best thing I've done is invest in some large mesh laundry bags. I have one for each person to put their washing in. I put them straight into the washer, dryer and then in their bedroom - all in the netted bag for the full journey. It can be left like that until time to fold it but it skips the sorting stage and we always have clean clothes available."


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11. "Get a heat pump dryer!"

12. "I hang socks in their pairs and fold them together as I take them off. I have also stopped turning my husband’s socks the right way out before folding. He can deal with it."

13. "I like to hang it out in categories. So, all the tops together, pants together, I also peg each pair of socks together, so you can fold them together too. It makes it easier to put away."

14. "Each year or so, for multiple children, I buy 20 pairs of the same coloured socks. You’ll save hours matching socks."

15. "Have a table by the washing line then fold as you take it off and put into piles of whose washing is whose. It makes it easy to then pick it up and put it all away."

16. "I collect all undies and socks for the week and do a full load of washing and drying just them. It means I don’t have to deal with any of them in my other loads which makes the folding and putting away a much quicker process."

17. "I have five kids and the best decision I ever made was getting them a basket each. A decent-sized one and all of them are the same so they stack into each other empty and half full. I put their name on the basket and fold the washing from the line."

18. "Listen to a good podcast or fold while watching your favourite Netflix show. Good luck."

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