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Kristen loved her floor-to-ceiling tinted windows. Until she got a note from a neighbour.

Kristen Henry loved everything about her Canberra waterfront apartment.

Being close to the water. Sipping a morning coffee out on her high-rise balcony. The beautiful views of the city visible through her dramatic floor-to-ceiling tinted windows.

That is, until she realised she and her fiancé had become accidental exhibitionists.

The 33-year-old Mix 106.3 radio presenter found a considerate note from a friendly neighbour hinting the ‘frosted opaque’ tinted windows she purchased – “because it let you ‘enjoy the outside without letting prying eyes seeing in?!’ I swear that’s what the brochure said” – aren’t as private as she was led to believe.


“They’ve left me a note in my letterbox which I’m hoping is a note sent to all residents in my apartment building and NOT one solely for me. Main word being “hoping” because, if I’m being honest, my gut says I’ve been caught,” the journalist told

The note read:

Dear Neighbour,

A friendly reminder we live in a close knit community. Most of us have blinds but one has tinted windows and at night with lights on you can see in.

Each to their own if this is your choice but wanted to bring it to your attention.

Kind regards,

Your Neighbours.

Oh. Oh dear.

Cue flashbacks of every midnight nudie run to the kitchen for a glass of water and spontaneous living room, erm, activities.

“My mind began to race. What have they seen? How long has the peep show been in town? Why are they only telling me NOW? I’ve lived there for two years!” she said.

“Most importantly, my apartment faces hundreds of others, if one neighbour has had front row seats to my life, HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE BEEN WATCHING TOO?

“The entire left side of my home is glass. EVERY SINGLE ROOM has one glass wall… Am I being talked about in Strata meetings? Am I “that” neighbour people have been talking about, everyone discussing who would be the one to “break the nude news”.”

We’re not sure what’s better – being a blissfully ignorant nudist, or living with the knowledge someone other than your partner may have seen your bare bum.

But let this serve as a cautionary tale for anyone looking at buying ‘frosted opaque’ tinted windows instead of blinds. Choose wisely.

Kristen Henry is one half of Kristen and Rod for Breakfast on MIX 106.3 Canberra. Hear more about her adventures at

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