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rach577 September 11, 2023

@rush Yep Post Office for a TFN=Tax File Number 😊

rach577 October 13, 2022

@rush You are right…I should have said “next/latest announcement” 😂

rach577 October 12, 2022

Clearly his depth of hatred and ego knows no bounds. 

I’m just waiting for the “Ye for Prez” announcement at this point 🙄

rach577 June 24, 2022

There has already been talk for quite of a while of a Canadian underground that will try and assist their sisters in America. 

Does America realise the The Handmaid’s Tale wasn’t written as a guide??? 
My heart breaks 💜 

rach577 July 5, 2021

Shame on you “Australian Government” 

rach577 June 24, 2021

Oh my, I cannot (well actually I can) believe that was even thought of let alone mentioned!

Specifically, one male MP stated that working women were “outsourcing parenting”.
 Off with his head and straight out of parliament!!!

rach577 June 16, 2021

I was born on my Mum’s birthday, on Mother’s Day. Cute af right? WRONG!!!

I have never (and I mean never) had a birthday or Mother’s Day that was just about me. While I generally enjoy MDay it’s never ever been about what I actually want to do.
Mother’s Day we are up super freaking early to do the Mother’s Day Classic (which is what my mum likes to do) then we have brunch (where my Mum wants to go) then it’s off to the cemetery to pay our respects (thanks Dad for making this a part of “Mother’s Day”) 
All I’ve ever wanted is a night in a hotel, by myself, with a book and room service and to then awake leisurely and meet my whole family for brunch. 
My children are almost 25 and 20...sigh...maybe one day 😂

rach577 June 10, 2021

After labouring at home all day  (plus a last minute shopping trip) I had walked around the school oval at least 50 times to ease contractions. I arrived back home at almost 9pm to see my husband and 4yr old son all snuggled together on the lounge...soooo cute! Until he asked “So what have you thought about cooking for dinner?” His next faux pas was asking “hmmm how long do you think you’re gonna be cos I’m really tired and need a nap.” He did redeem himself once we got to the hospital though and was fantastic. It’s a story we always laugh about 😂

rach577 June 5, 2021

My SIL had 3 gorgeous girls followed by an adorable boy. All she hears about is how she can finally stop “trying”.

I had one of each and everyone told me I had the perfect “pigeon pair” and could stop “trying”
Well guess what, neither of us were  “trying” for anything other than healthy babes. SIL also wants at least 1 more so maybe everyone could stop and gently rethink the comments based on gender and just admire beautiful families!?! 

rach577 May 12, 2021

I will “say their names” and I will continue to do so.

rach577 March 28, 2021

@k_mcphee thank you for being involved in getting Shana’s story told! I’m sure it was emotional for everyone involved. x

Rach January 9, 2020

That would be “Too many evil women”
See how reading comprehension works now? The fact stands (however you change the wording) that you made a derogatory and misogynistic comment directed at a collective of women.
Also, it’s a year later and I’ve just noticed your reply from 19 days ago which was marked as spam by moderators. No one can see it except me. Let’s admit you made a wrong call with the “uber dogs” comment, call it a day and be friends? :)

Rach January 9, 2020

Oh but...

Rach January 4, 2020

I hope so too 🤞

Rach November 30, 2019

Ugh that’s the version we do. For years it was pretty crap but over the last several years a few of us have gotten together (behind the scenes) to make it slightly better.
The rules are: everyone spends $20.
Your gift can be thoughtful, comical, useful, useless, just plain stupid etc. Presents are put on display.
Names are then pulled out of a hat so there is an order of picking eg 1-15 or whatever. The first person, number 1, picks a present. Number 2 can either pick a new present from the display or “steal” the present from Number 1 and on and on it goes until everyone has a present. You are then allowed to open said present.
Last year I got Xmas toilet paper and a bottle of wine, winning!
This year my Kris Kringle gift is a feather tickler, a lolly called a Peckorino Pizza (a pizza shaped lolly with a penis on every slice) and a nice regional bottle of olive oil :) useful and funny ;)

Rach August 2, 2019

Caz that truly made me smile, what a delightful memory!

Rach April 4, 2019

Hugs and healthful wishes to you and yours. X

Rach February 26, 2019

Haha we also have a bastard cat! Absolutely adorable and affectionate to us but hates everyone else...however I’m not much of a people person either so he possibly gets it from me. The other other one also has issues, multiple issues actually that clearly are all of her own.

Rach February 4, 2019

Wow, now that is a story! Can’t help but feel for the surrogate and family. Sounds like someone saw a way to try and make some extra money and screw the morals of the matter. Glad everything turned out ok, pity about the 2 months in between for bub and family.

Rach February 4, 2019

I have always ensured tickling and wrestling games were an opportunity for my children to enforce their own boundaries while still indulging in the fun of these kinds of play while they were little. As a 13/14yr old attending my first work Xmas party (my mum worked there too) I was unceremoniously dragged onto an adult male’s lap & tickled to the point I could not only not breathe, I was crying and very nearly wet myself in a circle of work people including my bosses. I felt terribly violated, shamed and ashamed and vowed my children and those that I love would NEVER EVER have to endure something so horrible! No one in their right minds these days would think that was appropriate in any setting. I absolutely agree with RB and would never tickle someone else’s child, yet still wanting to play like that with my own meant they always knew if they said stop or no or no more tickle monster (which was our family take on the game) they were always listened to!