This clever Kmart hack turns two $69 rattan room screens into an uber chic headboard.

It is absolutely vital that you immediately stop what you’re doing, and critically obsess over Kmart’s latest homewares catalogue.

There’s a $65 entryway storage unit that comes with a bench and could definitely be used as a plant stand.

A $29 boho-inspired, fringed and tasselled ottoman, that we’d like to pop our feet on right now.

And an upholstered timber chair that will make you at least 53.7 per cent more Scandinavian.

kmart room screen
So CHIC. Image: Kmart.

However, Kmart fans are going wild for this $69 acacia and rattan room screen, which the very clever Instagram user, @homeschoolgrandma has crafted into a king-sized head board, and corner plant stand.

Shared via the Instagram account @kmartmumsaustralia, all you need to copy this genius furniture hack is a screwdriver and two Kmart room screens. Simply unscrew the swing hinge to detach the panels, and add an extra panel to your room screen. You can also adjust the number of panels you want to place together to suit the size of your space. The best thing about this hack is that it'll only take you half an hour (or less) to finish.

kmart room screen
We'd like to plunge ourselves into that bed of cushions now pls. Image: Instagram @kmartmumsaustralia.
kmart room screen
Crazy plant ladies rejoice. Image: Instagram @kmartmumsaustralia.

Plant lovers, and crazy plant ladies, can also take advantage of the screen's textured surface by growing a Devil's Ivy, or other indoor vine or climbing plant – English Ivy, Creeping Figs and Heartleaf Philodendrons are great options – near the frame, as they'll happily grow by climbing the mesh.


The room screen also matches perfectly with this lovely $19 Kmart Bamboo Pot Holder.

It's not the cheapest hack, totalling up to $139, but it's significantly cheaper than these exxier options from Adairs ($199, discounted from a whopping $699), Ikea ($200), and Temple & Webster ($829). Think of this as a simple addition which will brighten up even the dreariest of spaces.

kmart room screen
Image: Adairs.
kmart room screen
Image: Ikea.
kmart room screen
Image: Temple & Webster.

Now rush to your local Kmart quick smart, because we're expecting these room screens to be a sell-out hit.

Will you be trying this ingenious Kmart hack? Tell us in a comment below!

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