BEHOLD: This Aussie mum turned 11 Woolies cakes into a dream wedding cake for just $57.

For those who choose to have someone else make their wedding cake, it’s not unusual for quotes to venture well into the thousands.

So when Victorian mum (and amateur baker) Silvina Werner was asked by a friend to make her wedding cake, she wanted to do it as cheaply as possible.

And she managed to pull it off for just $57.

Using 11 cakes from Woolworths and a tub of Betty Crocker icing, plus flowers to decorate, Silvina created her friend’s dream wedding cake.

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Speaking to Mamamia, Silvina outlined exactly how she made the cake, a design that she based off a photo the bride sent her.


  • 11 Woolworths mud cakes.
  • Vanilla Betty Crocker icing.
  • Flowers to decorate.


woolworths wedding cake
Image: Supplied.
  1. For the bottom tier, you need eight cakes. Squeeze two mud cakes together to make one big flat cake. Do this by lining a cake tin with glad wrap, and squashing one cake to the edges of the cake tin. Place the second cake icing down on top of the first squashed cake, and likewise squash to the edges of the cake tin. Smooth by hand and place in the freezer to hold the shape. Repeat four times, and layer each cake on top of each other.
  2. Stack two mud cakes as they are for the second tier.
  3. For the third tier cut the cake into two smaller ones.
  4. Use icing to stick the cakes together, and then use a spatula to spread the vanilla Betty Crocker icing (use as much as you need) to cover the cake.
  5. To create lines in the icing, use a knife.


woolworths wedding cake
Image: Supplied.

Silvina explained that while she used to bake her own cakes, the Woolies cakes quicken the process.

"I'm not a professional cake decorator, I'm still learning the trade and have picked up a lot of tips from the Woolies/Coles mud cakes hacks Facebook group," she told Mamamia.

"I made the cake for a friend's wedding, she has seen the cakes I make for my girls and had the confidence in me to ask me to do her wedding cake," she added.

She told Mamamia that the cake was a hit with the guests, but that the bride was especially happy.

"I believe all the guests really liked the cake, but the most important thing was that my friend loved it as her opinion is of the most importance," she said, adding that she started taking cake making seriously after her daughters were born.

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"I have been baking cakes just for special occasions for quite a while but only really became more interested to learn when I had my daughters and I wanted to make their birthday cakes. Over the last couple of years I have become increasingly interested in improving my cakes and techniques. I  have been using Google and YouTube to learn how to do things better and in a more time efficient way," she said.

While Silvina enjoyed baking the wedding cake, she told Mamamia that for now she's happy making exciting cakes for her daughters.

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