Kaley Cuoco took her daughter on her first plane trip. She was immediately ‘mum shamed’ for it.

 TV and movie star Kaley Cuoco is embracing her life as a new mum, but it hasn't been all smooth sailing.

While promoting her new Prime Video film Role Play, Cuoco appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she shared a disturbing experience she had around Thanksgiving.

Over the holidays, she and partner Ozark actor Tom Pelphrey boarded their first flight with their daughter Matilda, and surprise — she wouldn't stop crying. 

"We're having one of those flights that you hear other people have, and you're like, 'Ugh, that sucks for them,' and it actually happened to us. So, she's crying, she's crying," Kaley recalled.

They brought a sound machine on board just in case Matilda needed it to settle. "We put the sound machine on," Cuoco said, adding they put it next to her ear. "It was hard. She finally falls asleep and she's on Tom and the sound machine is on."

But then, Kaley and Tom were approached by a flight attendant telling them another passenger had said they "would love it" if they could turn off the sound machine.

Watch the interview with Kaley Cuoco here. Post continues after video.

Video via Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Tom's got her and I'm sitting there. I'm like, 'Oh my God,' and I can feel Tom be like, 'Hey, ask the passenger if she wants to hold our screaming child,'" Cuoco joked. 

"I mean the ice went into his veins. ... I couldn't believe, by the way, she asked us to turn it off. Can you believe that?"

To add insult to injury, once the plane landed and Matilda was back to her cheery self, the passenger who had made the request turned to the family and said "Oh, so your daughter does know how to smile."

The cheek! The nerve!

Cuoco joked with the studio audience that from this encounter, she had a eureka moment. "It was in that moment where I understood why women end up on Dateline. I could have thrown that woman off the plane," she admitted.

"Stop judging the mums out there."

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey with Matilda at Christmas, 2023. Image: Instagram/@kaleycuoco.


The actor and producer announced she was pregnant with her first child back in October 2022, with the couple welcoming Matilda on March 30, 2023.

Cuoco and Pelphrey met in April 2022, and their relationship followed the actor getting divorced from ex-husbands Karl Cook in 2021 and Ryan Sweeting in 2015.

Since her breakout role on sitcom Big Bang Theory, Cuoco's career has gone from strength to strength, with leading roles in the TV series The Flight Attendant (ironically) and Based on a True Story, along with movie roles in the rom-com Meet Cute and this year's thriller Role Play

And you best believe, one thing she doesn't have time for is getting mum shamed by random strangers on planes. 

Feature image: Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

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