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millie1986 May 6, 2022

I am so sorry you and your husband went through this. I have never been mistaken for the help, but I can absolutely relate to your experiences with your friend afterwards. I can think of so many instances where I have heard good friends of mine downplay or make excuses for racism. If it were sexism they would absolutely get it and they would condemn it. The fact that every commenter below reacted exactly like your friend (or worse) speaks volumes.  

millie1986 May 5, 2022

@mb1111 Donald Trump stacked the supreme court with the religious far right. I would advise you to read up on his appointments. This is Trump's legacy.

millie1986 April 21, 2022

@cat I agree, looking at the current government's record is very important too. 

millie1986 April 20, 2022

Can I humbly suggest that you stop worrying about realness and personalities. Go on the Party websites, read the policies and decide what you believe in. This is a vitally important election and there is a lot of difference between the major parties. Please engage with the policy, the future of our country is in all of our hands. 

millie1986 April 9, 2022

@lol Why does she have to define herself? Why can't she just be. Not everyone needs to be able to label themselves to be happy.

millie1986 March 25, 2022

Goodness, this is a harrowing read. Some people should never have children and I am sorry to say that David is one of them. He must know deep down that parenthood isn't for him, but the children are his only link to you. I truly hope everything works out for you all. You must be terrified.

millie1986 February 25, 2022

@gypsy This option may work for some women, but it does not work for many. One of the teacher's aids at my school is currently being forced to work well into her sixties because she doesn't have enough super to retire. She is struggling with her physically and mentally demanding job, but she has to keep going until she is eligible for the pension. Her husband can't fund her retirement as well as his own. This is a direct result of her spending 15 years out of the workforce raising children. There are millions of Australian women in exactly the same boat. This is before we even start on the  middle aged women who get divorced and have no money or career prospects of their own and end up in abject poverty. My own Mum would have loved to stay home and raise my brother and I, but her father taught her that women have to have their own money and career prospects. Her father was a police officer and had seen too much, but he was right. As I said, staying at home does work beautifully for some women, but for many it is a disaster.

millie1986 January 27, 2022

@guest2 They did not have to give her a role in Government. They just had to meet with her, listen to her and show some commitment to addressing the concerns she had raised.

millie1986 January 26, 2022

@snorks She thought she could work with this government and bring about a change. Sadly she was treated with indifference bordering on contempt by this government.

millie1986 January 26, 2022

@guest2 She has spent the past year trying to work with THIS government. They have treated her with indifference bordering on contempt. If she had planted a smile on her face and posed for a photo it would have been insincere and that is not Grace.

millie1986 January 21, 2022

I live in Tasmania and we have recently have our Covid free existence turned upside down by the borders opening. There are a lot of people here looking at WA with envy and longing. These aren't easy decisions and governments will never be able to please everyone. At the end of the day, McGowan's isolationist policies were overwhelmingly endorsed by Western Australians at the last election and he has no reason to change course now. That's democracy! I do feel for people who can't see their loved ones and are suffering the mental health affects that come with this. Without going into details, last year my brother was stuck in Victoria under very trying circumstances and it definitely took its toll. However I also feel for the disabled, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions who seem to be forgotten in this age of living with Covid, my father and several close friends included. I am sure you will get home this year, in the meantime try to focus on the lives that are being saved. Remember, people wouldn't be any less depressed or drained if they had their freedoms, but people were dying around them.

millie1986 January 5, 2022

I can also relate to what you are saying. Thank you!

millie1986 January 1, 2022

There was also Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia in Gilmore Girls.

millie1986 December 28, 2021

I am sorry if I am not understanding, but I have read the article twice and I am confused. How can every child except your daughter have an award when they are only going to the same few children whose parents are in powerful positions? Again, I am sorry if I have misunderstood.

millie1986 December 22, 2021

Without margins, many children's writing will gradually migrate from the left hand side of the page to the right. Also, learning to speak in front of a group is a very important skill. However I completely agree re the recorder and the beep tests.

millie1986 December 22, 2021

I just don't understand why we need so many Spider Man adaptations. Tom Holland is the third actor to play him in less than twenty years. Aren't there any other stories that could be turned into film franchises.

millie1986 December 18, 2021

This is a great article, but I really think 'join your union' has to be on this list.

millie1986 December 10, 2021

@dollyvita That is very interesting. I always assumed that the Anti-Blair creators of  Love Actually had intended the president to be a send up of Bill Clinton. I got serious Monica Lewinsky vibes off Natalie. I think you're right though. Given the time, it makes more sense that he was based on Bush. 

millie1986 December 4, 2021

I can definitely relate to this. My parents this year have been wonderful, but last year was a different story. The other thing that often happens is that Mums form friendships with other Mums and decide that their children are going to be best friends. They enforce play dates outside of school in the hope that this will lead to a friendship at school and then get upset when this doesn't happen. I am sorry they haven't asked to be in the same class, but when they're at school, they won't have a bar of each other. I can only imagine how hard it is being a parent, but it is so hard being a teacher too.

millie1986 November 26, 2021

@kb1 Had tens of thousands of Victorian people died of Covid, would the mental health of children be better? Would there be less suicides or would we have survivors guilt thrown into the mix? Would people be less afraid or angry or less likely to lash out at their spouse? I am sorry but I think you have lost perspective. We are living through a pandemic, it was never going to be a nice or easy time. It is a tragic, horrible, excruciatingly hard time. I have acknowledged that the Andrews government isn't perfect, but thousands upon thousands of lives were saved.