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millie1986 September 29, 2021

@cat I am sorry Cat, but nothing you have said indicates that anyone is susceptible to joining a cult. The vast majority of people in the world are not cult members. We are going in circles. 

millie1986 September 29, 2021

@katp When I spoke about choice, I meant she could choose to leave her job and not continue to fight for women in that area. As I said, I agree with what you say about breaking down patriarchal structures. I also agree that individual choice has more to do with wealth than gender. I was talking about this woman's situation particularly and how as feminists, we would not judge her for making the choice to walk away.

millie1986 September 29, 2021

@cat I can't know for sure, but we are talking about a very small number of people who join cults. Surely if everyone was as susceptible as you say, we would see much higher numbers. People are wired differently. I think there is ample evidence from around the world that not everyone (regardless of background, age, gender, culture, socio-economic status) is susceptible to cults.

millie1986 September 28, 2021

@katp I agree with what you are saying. I just don’t think it helps to keep fighting when your cup is empty. This woman might be able to break down patriarchal structures in different areas and ways. She needs to look after herself before she can effectively look after other women. That is just my view.

millie1986 September 28, 2021

@cat I absolutely agree with this.

millie1986 September 28, 2021

@cat I am sure the stories of survivors are fascinating and enlightening. However your statement that anyone can end up in a cult is simply untrue, Cat. It can happen to a broad spectrum of people and to people nobody would expect, but it can't happen to anyone. Some people will always be able to resist. I don't mean to sound arrogant. Like Kelloneill, I am terrified of falling under their spell and for that reason I avoid them like the plague. I know I am educated enough to know better, but it is not a risk I am prepared to take.

millie1986 September 26, 2021

Feminism should always be about choice. No job is worth sacrificing your mental health for. Look for your passion and follow it. You seem like such an intelligent and empathetic woman. You will bring about positive change wherever you go.

millie1986 August 27, 2021

What a beautifully written article. I am so very, very sorry for what you have been through. I can't imagine the grief. Did anything ever come of the inquiry being conducted into Neighbours? They need some serious consequences.

millie1986 August 27, 2021

Bethany Hamilton and Isabel Lucas both post their anti vaccine propaganda in their stories whilst being far more ambiguous in their static feed too (sadly, I used to follow both). Talk about trying to have your cake and eat it too.

millie1986 July 24, 2021

This is going to sound a bit harsh and I don't mean it to. I am a teacher too and I want to tell you that you shouldn't be working until 5:30 every night, even in a leadership role. We all do it sometimes, but not every night. Years ago the AEU said that teachers don't get paid to work past 4pm. It is not sustainable to work until 5:30 everyday and it is very bad for your mental and physical health. If the sky will fall in and you absolutely must do it, then your workload is unreasonable and you need to talk to your principal. If you can't talk to your principal, then you need to go to the union.  This is the harsh bit... You are setting a bad example for young/new teachers and you are setting unreasonable expectations for your colleagues. I don't mean to make you feel guilty, I know that is the last thing you need. I am just trying to press the importance of not continuing in this way.

millie1986 July 24, 2021

@anonymous If the Delta strain continues to take hold that 2% chance will rise rapidly. As others have said, the vaccine was not rushed and is fully tested.

millie1986 July 24, 2021

I found it very uplifting, but I agree with Rush, I would have liked more Japanese music. My favourite part was the unveiling of the beautiful Olympic rings.

millie1986 July 5, 2021

This is what happens when a) the lockdown is not properly enforced and b) the population has been conditioned to believe lockdowns aren't necessary. Gladys has fallen into both these traps. The Victorian lockdowns worked so well because Daniel Andrews enforces the rules with an iron fist and doesn't worry about upsetting people. Gladys needs to stop begging and start enforcing. At the moment she is coming across as weak and apologetic. It isn't going to get the job done. Of course none of this would be necessary if the Federal Government would fix quarantine and speed up the vaccine rollout, but that is another article in itself.

millie1986 June 19, 2021

@msd The trouble is there were a lot of years in between her being a bully and the tables being turned. During those years she was a very good person who stood up for people who are persecuted and marginalized. I think people are just getting a kick out of exposing the past of someone who is supposedly "woke'. That said, I think this celebrity adulation has to stop.

millie1986 April 20, 2021

@cat I thought I read in another article that it was other actors, but I may have remembered incorrectly. I know they can't be named due to defamation laws. What I am saying is that they should be named and they should not be working at Neighbours anymore. If there are no consequences for this behaviour, it will never stop. The producers know who is to blame and this shouldn't go unpunished. 

millie1986 April 15, 2021

This is truly revolting. As someone who used to love Neighbours as a teenager and in my early twenties, I find this disappointing but not surprising. They were far to slow to embrace diversity and when they did, it was obvious they were only bowing to public pressure. In my humble opinion the actors primarily responsible for the racist behaviour on set should be named and shamed and then sacked. All the other bystanders can go through their sensitivity training and hopefully understand that if their behaviour doesn't change, they will get the boot too. I am so appalled! It's 2021!!

millie1986 March 12, 2021

@james b The same orange man who chose to become President and live on Twitter?

millie1986 March 10, 2021

@cat Well said, I couldn't agree more.

millie1986 February 18, 2021

@james b The trouble is, the actions of this family are in complete compliance with International Law. It is our government who is disregarding International Law and the UN Refugee Convention to which Australia is a signatory.  They are an honest, law abiding family who were making a great contribution to the small town they called home. There is no reason for this wanton cruelty.

millie1986 January 24, 2021

@the wounded bull I do hear what you are saying, but it is one thing to oppose marriage equality, it is quite another to actively spread hatred and lies regarding the LGBTIQ community. In my view we shouldn't be rewarding anyone who targets harmless groups in our society. People have the right to freedom of speech, but people also have the right to live without discrimination and vilification. 90% of Margaret Court's views have no basis in fact. Racism should never be acceptable in our society, neither should homophobia.