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snorks January 11, 2022

@rush I think it's fine. No one was forced to do anything, it's just entertainment. I doubt many people took it as medical advice. 

Wouldn't Undercover Boss show that you can get free stuff from your workplace if you tell a sob story to your new co-worker?

snorks January 11, 2022

@rush why should it be called out though? Why not just accept it did what it is, entertainment. 

Seeing how the other half lives is a pretty common way to do a series. Undercover Boss, Wife Swap, etc. 

snorks January 8, 2022

Chauvin, Rittenhouse, Coffee, these three... Maybe the US justice system is working. 

snorks January 7, 2022

Isn't Cheer the one with the people accused of sexual misconduct against a minor?

snorks January 5, 2022

'a study found 88 per cent (approximately 251) of porn video titles contained physical violence including' - A study from the early 2000's looking at video rentals, probably not applicable to the way people access it now. 

It looks like one of the sites you recommend (AVN) is the one that the study looked at and determined the rate of violent pornography. 

snorks January 4, 2022

@rush don't go incognito, just own it!

snorks January 3, 2022

@estherbell That's exactly what it is. The research specifically mentions this in regards to the Irish results, where their top search term (Butter Churner) was due to someone talking about it on TV. 

snorks January 3, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 cite your source?

Doesn't change what I said anyway. 

snorks January 2, 2022

Staying attractive for your husband doesn't mean he also can't be attractive. 

It's advice to you, afterall. 

snorks January 1, 2022

The first half was decidedly 'meh'. 

Picked up in the second when they were talking about side characters. 

snorks January 1, 2022

@suz m okay, that doesn't answer my questions though. 

snorks January 1, 2022

Can argue about some of these but it's a pretty good list. 

Saying 'invest in ETFs' is all well and good but you have to invest in the right ones. 

Salary sacrificing is great but you can't touch it for 40 years (depending on your age obviously). 

Statistically you might be better off paying the minimum on your mortgage and investing the rest. 

snorks December 27, 2021

I have friends that do it occasionally. They'll go to the pub and pick up a guy or girl and take them home. I don't get it but it works for them, so I'm happy for them. 

If they can't find anyone they have a unicorn they call on. 

snorks December 27, 2021

@anita.464 Trite, that only works if you are talking about non-government consequences. 

It's not really free speech if the law tries to stop you doing it, or in this case punishes you for doing it. 

snorks December 24, 2021

@laneamanda6845 it's not an urban area, it's two urban areas. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with treating adjoining areas differently. 

Do you think the people in charge haven't considered a of that?

snorks December 23, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 that applies to both of them. 

snorks December 23, 2021

@laura__palmer sure. But only one person is talking to people that can't help. 

snorks December 22, 2021

If only there was someone to talk to about this...

Someone who could take over some of the tasks.  

snorks December 21, 2021

@simple simon I agree, we all do it to some extent. 

My point was more towards people who think they don't do it. 

snorks December 21, 2021

@mamamia-user-917485971 It's hardly being ignored. The Federal government is spending billions on these issues every year.