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snorks July 25, 2021

She is absolutely amazing. 

I'd love to see how'd she go on Ninja Warrior. 

snorks July 25, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 Why does it have to be commercial level equipment?
How much room does a yoga mat take up? 2m by 1m? Plenty of exercises you can do with that. 

snorks July 23, 2021

Don't parents who are working also have to do the same stuff?

snorks July 22, 2021

@laura__palmer That would include:

Child care centres
Doctors surgeries
Any company that does research and development
Small businesses

I'm sure there's more. 

snorks July 21, 2021

@laura__palmer No?? State funding is public money too. 

Can I assume you are against child care subsidies, etc as well?

snorks July 21, 2021

@dav0027 why shouldn't they be funded by the government? It'd be easier if they just funded the same amount per student, no matter where they went. 

snorks July 20, 2021

The original aim was to flatten the curve, we've flattened it so much it's no longer really a curve, just a flat line. 

There are currently 142 people currently hospitalised due to Covid, including 29 in ICU. 

Is it worth opening some areas back up? 

Or, we stay in lock down until around 70% of people are fully vaccinated. As of today we're at 11.7%, could take a while. 

snorks July 20, 2021

Independent schools do receive 75% of federal funding, not that you'd know if from the article that was linked. 

However, government schools receive over 80% of state funding, which is larger than the federal funding. 

So overall, government schools receive more per student. 

(This is according to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment)

snorks July 19, 2021

@random dude hmm, can you not be ready for something that happened 2 years ago, but opinions  have changed in the meantime?

I'll have to think on that one....

snorks July 18, 2021

@random dude That was the opinion of ExtraNicc 2 years ago, they got a lot of upvotes :)

snorks July 15, 2021

@jen89 Fair enough, but should they be allowed to, say, work in a hospital if they refuse to get the vaccine?

snorks July 15, 2021

Haven't seen them all, but:

Black Widow wasn't great. Only saving grace was Florence Pugh. 
Fear Street was awful. 
Cruella was good, except all the continuity errors that come from the story. We're supposed to cheer the lady who wants to skin puppies?
Quiet Place 2 was a worthy sequel. The first 10 minutes are awesome!
Mitchells vs the Machines was fun.  Characters were very stereotypical, but all in all nothing majorly wrong with it. 

snorks July 15, 2021

@Potplants1994 go to Reddit. They have a sub dedicated to it. 

snorks July 14, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I was merely pointing out the difference between this list and others you can find online. 

snorks July 14, 2021

The person who doesn't shower in the morning should do some research into how dirty sheets are and how much they sweat at night. 

snorks July 14, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 There's definitely a few things in there that are actually unpopular opinions. A higher percentage than they are on something like Reddit for sure. 

snorks July 13, 2021

Important to note the LMITO is an offset, not a payment. 
Pretty much the same for most people, but worth mentioning. 

snorks July 12, 2021

'Judging someone without taking the time to actually find out where they are coming from' - I love how this one basically just invalidates a whole bunch of the other ones. 

Not that it's necessarily an issue, people can have different red flags. 

snorks July 8, 2021

@fightofyourlife Absent from their website too. Though to be fair they do say they make the costs clear before doing any work. 

snorks July 8, 2021

@gypsy Ah yes, 'it's the principle'. Do you really think that all the people you mentioned aren't vaccinated because of these 160 students?