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snorks January 22, 2021

@cat this is good. When I need to bring up more examples of people lying I can use the second part of this. 

snorks January 21, 2021

@salemsaberhagen Sure, but he won as well, which shows that the article saying 'bullies don't win' is wrong. 

All your complaints over the last 4 years were from the last 2 weeks or so?

'What is that good thing that did happen?' - Operation Warp Speed

'Never at any stage in America's political history did it ever get to the stage it got to in the last 4 years' - There was a civil war in there. But, what has that got to do with my comment about is this your first look into American politics?

snorks January 21, 2021

@gu3st Saying he's not worth $2.5B only $2.3B doesn't really change my point. I don't particularly care what his chicanery is in it.

'I also find that when people list Trump's achievements, they're usually just things he has falsely tried to claim credit for, or are overinflated' - I agree, but let's not pretend that doesn't happen on both sides. 

'So, when you point to Trump's assets, they are, for the most part, distressed assets and he will need to sell them as such, to meet his debt obligations' - All things which have been taken into account which is why he's worth $2.5B not $3.1B.

None of this changes my initial assertion that as a billionaire president (and there's no doubt he was a billionaire) that bullies can and do win. 

snorks January 21, 2021

@cat LOL who are the biased people here?

snorks January 21, 2021

@gu3st They may eclipse his cash on hand, not his fortune. I got his net worth from Forbes who are generally at least reasonable on this. 

He's the richest president ever. So that would make him less susceptible to outside influence. His personality may make him easy to influence, but that's separate from his wealth. 

Don't see how the Stop the Steal fund is particularly relevant. 

I'm happy to provide a list of what has gone right while he's been in office. Does that list completely counteract what he's done wrong? Almost definitely not. But people are making out like he did nothing right in his 4 years which is just not true. 

snorks January 21, 2021

@cat Finding out 'why' is the first step in reducing the number of victims, along with giving people safe places to go. 

snorks January 20, 2021

@im174 The last 9 months or so have certainly been pretty catastrophic with all the Covid stuff. 

snorks January 20, 2021

He's a billionaire who was the most powerful person in the world for 4 years, not sure that's losing.

'The next four years were perhaps worse than we could have imagined.' - That's a bit hyperbolic. Despite everything some good did happen. 

'Did we live in a world where lies and insults and cheating and fraudulence and crimes and racism and sexism made you a winner?' - Is this your first look into American politics?

snorks January 19, 2021

@cat Saying that the world is flat is an opinion too. 

What about saying all of the executions were during his lame duck period. Was that a lie?

'Are you really saying that having an opinion is as bad as inciting a violent insurrection?' - No. Never really suggested it was. 

'inciting a violent insurrection?' - According to the wording of the law that's a lie too. 

snorks January 19, 2021

@laura__palmer You should read her comments, it's obviously not hyperbole. You're right, that's not a lie, but absolutely insane. Then of course she pulled the sexism card when called out on it. How about when she said all the executions were done in the lame duck period, that's a lie. No retraction when pointed out of course. 

You repeatedly said no lie is as destructive as Trump has been. How is that not saying you don't have an issue with the lying?

Yeah, he's a fool. Didn't realise being a fool was what we are discussing. But the rain was important information.

They are lies. Taking something out of context to make someone look bad is lying. Not my opinions, that is a fact. 

LOL You don't have to have sympathy for it to mean that it's wrong. 

Never said the ad hominem attacks were examples of lying. 

'Still, none of that makes anyone as bad as Trump. Which is what you keep ridiculously asserting.' - I never said that. 

snorks January 19, 2021

@laura__palmer Again, I have more examples, but you have shown zero interest in them until, so why would I bother. Happy to supply them, but as you keep saying, you have no issues with people lying. 

It's not hyperbole, Cat literally stands by what she said. 

How about just in this article?
No. 12 on this article neglects to mention that the country was in shut down, that's why they ordered McDonalds.
No 7 where he declared the hurricane to be wet, didn't mention that hurricane's come with different amounts of rain, so knowing how much is pretty important.

That doesn't include the stuff they point out is the 'worst' when in reality it was just stupid. 

'you’ve played devils advocate and praised him on partial information and lies' - As opposed to people who insulted him based on partial information and lies? Or the colour of his skin? Or his weight? 

I'm not defending him, I think truth is important. Plenty of people to point out his bad sides. 

snorks January 18, 2021

Not sure some of these are red flags as much as they are giant flags saying 'Don't work here!'.

snorks January 18, 2021

@laura__palmer I couldn't agree more that the truth is bad enough. 

Did I say that's all I've got? My comment clearly states I have more. I said it was my favourite, it wasn't hyperbolic either.  

'Why defend him?' - Why say he did things he hasn't done? Why give partial information as to why he did things?

snorks January 18, 2021

@laura__palmer Couldn't agree more, so why lie about him?

Happy to supply you with some of the lies, do you want them just from this article / comment section or from others as well. My personal favourite was comparing him to Henry VIII. 

No, my comment was about people lying about Trump and comparing them to the people defending Trump. You've already said there's no need to lie about him.

snorks January 18, 2021

@gu3st I think having workout equipment in the rooms is pretty reasonable. Certainly more reasonable than finding houses with tennis courts for everyone. 

Organisers should look at the way the NBA did their bubble, it went better than anyone expected. 

How many people are staying in the hotel? Pool everyone's $100 a day and you could probably find some private chefs to take care of the food. 

snorks January 18, 2021

@laura__palmer your comment was about people defending him, mine was about people attacking him. A pretty reasonable line of questioning. 

I've seen a lot of lies. The fact you can't see them shows how biased you are. 

If he's really been that bad, why are people bothering to make up stuff?

snorks January 17, 2021

@laura__palmer Okay, that has nothing to do with what I said though, does it?

snorks January 17, 2021

Shouldn't this be more about the revenge porn aspect of the situation?

snorks January 17, 2021

@laura__palmer then you're just as bad as the people defending him. 

snorks January 15, 2021

@cat it's not just an accusation if it fits. 

You don't get to not get called out on it just because you're a woman. 

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