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kat_ February 23, 2024

The first time I had microblading  done in it was amazing and a game changer. I went back to the same person to get it done again a few years later and the results were awful. Now I have that grey shadowing below one eyebrow. Definitely don’t recommend it.

kat_ February 18, 2024

Not everyone needs long term therapy and many people benefit from shorter 

However, people with attachment injuries and complex trauma often really need long term therapy to actually receive effective treatment. Seeing one therapist long term can also prevent the risk of retransmission from retelling a traumatic story over and over to different providers. 

kat_ February 2, 2024

To be honest I can sort of understand a phone ban if one of your bridesmaids is ready use any issue that pops up at the hens for ‘content.’ One wrong move and she will be labelling you bridezilla and posting about it in salacious detail on the internet!

No one seems to have reacted well here but the fact that the bridesmaid made the choice to post on social media about the fall out speaks volumes about the bridesmaid. I’m sure there are two sides to every story and unfortunately we don’t get to hear the other side so the bridesmaid has essentially initiated a pile on to get people to hate on the bride. I just don’t think that’s the way to treat someone right before their wedding, or at any time.

kat_ February 2, 2024

I’m disappointed that this article doesn’t really

go anywhere. It just seems to say ‘I’m pretty and my daughters aren’t!’ over and over again in different ways. It really seems to be below Mamamia’s usual standard. I wish the author had gone on a bit of a reflective journey about how she has grappled with and questioned her internalised standards of beauty. Instead this just reads like her 12-year-old old self wrote the article. 

kat_ January 12, 2024

If you turn a sound machine off, the baby will just wake up and cry again. That's why this request was so obnoxious, especially after the parents have had such a battle to get the baby to sleep. Most parents know this so I assuming the people complaining had no experience with babies.

The flight attendant could have offered the complaining passangers headphones if they find white noise bothersome.

kat_ December 13, 2023

I think if you are planning a wedding you just need to accept that guests cancel at the last minute for a whole range of reasons. Yes, it's a special day for you, but people lead complicated lives which don't revolve around your wedding plans.

If a guest pulled out because they can't afford to travel, then it seems cruel to ask them to pay for a seat at a wedding they can't afford to attend. It's probably embarrassing enough for them to have to say they can't afford to attend, if you're a true friend you need to accept that not everyone has money, rather than hassling people who are already struggling.

kat_ November 9, 2023

Brilliant - we do need to stop asking people this. I've seen the 'where are you really from' play out so many times, it's so cringe worthy. 

kat_ November 1, 2023

Context is everything, and the comments make so much more sense with the context provided here. Sounds like the episode was edited to be inflammatory.

kat_ November 1, 2023

Wow they brought over someone else's washing?! That is just crazy! 

So happy to read that this complex situation did improve in the end.

kat_ October 11, 2023

I'm grateful to this author and to sites like mamamia who share the full reality of birth. Women need to know what can happen and what their choices are.

kat_ September 26, 2023

Maybe you are going through a rough patch right now. I think making a global judgement of 'not a good Mum' is just too harsh.  There's still time for things to improve.

kat_ September 20, 2023

All the best to Jessie!! And can someone please tell her to stop being so hard on herself!

kat_ September 10, 2023

Wow, I am not in any group chats where this is happening, I am kind of shocked that this is supposedly a thing women are routinely participating in. I dunno, the friends I have are so busy with all the complexities of life...I just haven't seen this negative commentary crop up at all.

kat_ August 9, 2023

What a great article. As a NICU Mum I really grieved the golden hour. In hindsight I wish I had never heard of the concept of golden hour. It just added to the overwhelm and trauma of the baby being separated from me and being so ill. I love the last line of this article - I also didn't get the golden hour but got my golden boy!!

kat_ August 7, 2023

It's amazing how vicious people on the internet can be. I wish we could just celebrate having choices in how we feed our babies! I mix feed and often feel like I have the best of both worlds.

kat_ August 5, 2023

It's devastating what happened to Japan, those memes are deeply insensitive.

kat_ August 5, 2023

I'm surprised designer bags are still a thing.

kat_ August 1, 2023

Sinead O'Connor was ahead of her time in so many ways. She is right about the music industry pimping women. I'm not sure the letter to Miley Cyrus was the right way to go about this, though.

kat_ June 28, 2023

I relate to this so much. I was exposed to so much negativity about motherhood before I became a Mum. I can't stand all the 'just you waits' - why do we do this to other women?!

kat_ May 17, 2023

I'm always happy to see the child free perspective represented on mamamia because there are so few platforms where child free women have an equal voice. Everyone can be tired, busy, and shouldering responsibilities, whether they are parents or not. I find it obnoxious when people claim only Mums are tired, or compete for who is "the most tired." Everyone has different experiences in life and we shouldn't invalidate the experience of non-parents or act like their struggles are inferior or invisible.

I enjoyed my childfree life but in many ways it was busier than life is for me now that I have become a parent. In my current phase of parenthood I am more well rested than I was when I was hustling through my childfree years working in demanding jobs and studying.  I expect this will change and there will be times when parenthood is utterly exhausting, but I can still hold space for hearing the struggles of non-parents.