This YouTuber just applied 100 layers of everything and we basically died laughing.

You may have noticed this crazy trend sweeping the internet: applying 100 layers of a makeup product.

Just last week Mamamia wrote about beauty blogger Jeely who lathered her face in a mind-blowing 100 layers of foundation.

Image via YouTube/Jeely. 

We've also seen 100 layers of nail polish, aka the polish mountain.

Image via YouTube/Simply Nailogical. 

Aaaand liquid lipstick. The face says it all.

Image via YouTube/Lily Melrose. 

To most of us, this is already an extreme challenge.

But then YouTube star Jenna Marbles came along and seriously upped the stakes.

"One product? HA! Just watch me." Or at least, that's what I imagine her muttering to herself with a wry smile.

The 29-year-old US vlogger says in her video she became engrossed by all the 100 layers of makeup videos.

"This is the internet I signed up for," she says.

Of course, that's when she decided to dive in and make "the ultimate 100 coats video".

"I want to do this. But I want to do it hard as f--k. Since day one I did not come here to play games. If I'm going to do a beauty video it's going to be the epic mealtime of beauty videos," she declares.


And so it begins: 100 coats each of liquid lipstick, foundation, glitter nail polish, hair spray and self-tan on one arm. She also applies 50 pairs of fake lashes because 100 pairs is likely physically impossible (but 50 x 2 = 100 so we'll give her that).

Sat on a tarp and surrounded by towels, she starts her challenge and admits, "I think we all know why nobody has done this, this is a terrible idea."

Maybe so, but boy are we glad she's done it.

Click through the photos below to see the transformation.


By 21 layers, Jenna's teeth are covered in lipstick and she says she feels like she has a "tiny mammal" sitting on her eyes.

The entire application process took seven-and-half hours.

We don't want to know how difficult the removal was.

You can watch the full video here in the below clip.

Jenna finishes by saying: "I will never ever ever ever do this again."

"I don't know how I will fix my life. It's permanently ruined."

Nothing a little makeup can't fix, right?

Let Zoe Foster Blake show you the way.