In case you were wondering, this is what 116 coats of nail polish looks like.

From ‘coffin’ nails to aquarium nails, we’ve seen some pretty wild mani trends come and go in recent years — but they’ve got nothing on Cristine Rotenberg’s latest effort.

The popular YouTuber, who goes by Simply Nailogical, has boldly gone where no nail enthusiast has gone before, accepting a challenge from her subscribers to paint her nails with every single colour of nail polish she owns.

Now, for the woman who owns just four or five bottles of polish — or even 10 or 11 of them — that wouldn’t seem like an overly crazy task. But Rotenberg has made a name for herself thanks to her nail art, so her personal collection is a little… bigger than average.

She owns 116 polishes, to be precise, so we’re talking one hundred and sixteen coats. 

Image: Youtube

And here we were thinking three successfully-applied layers was an achievement.

Over 12 painstaking hours, Rotenberg sat in her office chair and painted layer over colourful layer of polish onto the nails of her right hand, breaking occasionally to say hello to her cat, get distracted by YouTube videos, and eat pizza.

We can only imagine the lacquer fumes she was dealing with.

Disaster struck 40 layers in, when she realised her decision not to allow time for each coat to dry before applying another hadn't been wise. So she removed it all and started again.

The removal of Polish Mountain.

Eventually she completed the arduous task, resulting in the towering, goopy 'Polish Mountain' — which Rotenberg promptly removed.

Just quietly, we're hoping this little 'movement' doesn't catch on. But it might be too late for that.

Rotenberg half-jokingly challenged her followers to create their own towering mountains of polish, and lo and behold some have actually taken her up on it:


last shot of my #polishmountain!! • PLEASEEEEEEEE tag cristine! @simplynailogical @simplynotlogical @simplybenlogical @menchiethecat @zylerthecat • this was 50 coats and it took 2 hours. • ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 3k • if you want you can check out my account that im doing with my friends! @nail.hacks101 • BAIII LOVE YOU • hashtags #simplynotlogical #nailsartvids #nailartvidsz #fabulouslytrendy #hairandfashionaddict #inspired_nailart #nail_artists #nailsartvideos #nailclipz #nailsvideos #craftyfingers #nailfeatures #ahlamalnajdi_nailsart #featurednailart #manicuresvideos #nailsarttut #nailsartcentral #nails_vidss_ #nclips #vidsnails #nails_artistry @simplynotlogical @nail.artists @nailsvideos @nailsartclips @nailsartvidss @featurednailart A photo posted by abbey || USA (@lotsofpolish) on


What's the weirdest nail trend you've tried?

Watch the footage in full here: