There are health benefits to having more orgasms. Here's what you didn't know.

Happy National Orgasm Day! That's right, each year the world dedicates one day to praising the power of orgasms

Of course, it holds no candle to National Margarita Day (which we celebrate on February 24, by the way) but it is always a fun day to celebrate. 

When it comes to this special day of orgasm appreciation, it's best to celebrate in bed (or in the kitchen if you're adventurous).

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Rosie Rees, sexual wellness entrepreneur and the owner of Yoni Pleasure Palace, Splash Blanket and Yinn organic lubricants, tells Mamamia orgasms are important to prioritise. 

"Studies have shown that women who have more orgasms experience more pleasure, joy and health benefits in their life," Rees explains. "Not only is sexual pleasure our birthright, but it’s also part of our biological makeup; we have a single glandular organ dedicated purely for pleasure (the clitoris).

"When we experience an orgasm, it floods our body with happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin that naturally make us feel good and help to lower cortisol levels, which typically cause stress and anxiety."


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There are plenty of benefits to having an orgasm and Rees tells Mamamia it can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the muscles we don't typically use, increase our libido, increase our heart health and boost our immune system.

"People with active sex lives also tend to exhibit healthy behaviours such as more frequent exercise and better dietary habits than individuals who are less sexually active," she says. 

Okay, but how can I focus on orgasms in the bedroom?

"One of the most important things to understand about pleasure is that you do not have to earn it," Rees says. 

"You deserve it. You are entitled to it. You’re worthy of it. It is yours to take and does not have to be restricted, portioned, controlled, or hidden." 

In order to create an environment where you are comfortable, Rees encourages women to pay attention to their bodies. 

"An achievable first step is to simply notice the sensations in your body when you’re receiving sexual physical touch on your body. Lean into those sensations and be present to how they feel — good, bad or indifferent," she says.

"Part of the journey to experiencing more pleasure is noticing how our upbringing, culture, religion or society has conditioned us to NOT feel pleasure and to avoid sexual arousal at all costs... In order to focus more on pleasure, it’s important to un-learn what we have been taught and start again."

The next step is about giving yourself permission to speak up and make noise. 


"Allow breath, sound and movement to be released in your body as you are feeling those sensations," Rees explains. 

"A lot of women hold their breath when having an orgasm and swallow down any sounds or weird movements. Instead of constricting your sexual expression, try leaning into it and allowing it to ripple through your body without any shame.

"Give your body permission to be a channel for pleasure. You may notice laughter, tears, growls, moans or groans — it’s all totally normal."

Rees believes it is important to also give yourself a break from pornography or sex toys. 

"Switch out porn or vibrators with a mirror and your hands," she says. "Take a month off externalising your pleasure with porn or vibrators and try slowing things down and witnessing yourself in the mirror. 

"Yep, be your own porn star! The slower you go, the more you feel."

How do I have the best orgasms?

It is important to know your body (in particular, your genitals) and to know what turns you on. Plus creating a safe space for you to let go and really have a release goes a long way. 

"I’ve coached hundreds of women over the years and taught them how to give themselves their first orgasm — some women in their 20s and some in their late 60s (it’s never too late)," Rees tells Mamamia. "And it all starts with bee-lining to your bedroom and not leaving until you learn about the things that turn you on."


Rees encourages women to invest time into an orgasm and "not to give up" if they haven't found that sweet spot yet. 

"How would you feel if a lover or partner gave up on you after only trying for five minutes? Be your own best lover and learn what are your turn on and turn offs," she explains. "It can take up to 20 minutes or more to start to get warmed up, so be patient with yourself."

Rosie Rees' recommended sex toys for the best orgasms. 

1. Yoni Egg

Rees tells Mamamia that life-altering orgasms begin with using a Yoni Egg consistently. 

It's an egg-shaped stone that acts as a kegel weight in the vagina. Over time, it helps to tone the pelvic floor muscles. 

"Just 30 minutes a day doing some juicy Yoni Egg Yoga exercises and you will be on your way to feeling more during sex and having much stronger internal orgasms," she says. "Incorporate it into your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth, and you will notice a shift in your pelvic floor, bladder control and orgasmic potential within months."

Rees adds: "When I started using my Yoni Egg consistently, it was only then that I started having internal orgasms. That’s because the Yoni Egg acts as a weight resistance which helps to activate our internal muscles, creating more sensation, lubrication and dexterity in the pelvic floor. 

"And as we know, a stronger pussy = stronger orgasms!"

2. The Suki Cock Ring

"Statistics say that over between 70 to 90 per cent of women are unable to achieve orgasm from penetration alone," Rees says, adding that it comes down to two reasons: "The woman isn’t adequately aroused during foreplay and the clitoris isn’t being sufficiently stimulated during intercourse."


This is why Rees recommends the Suki Cock Ring. 

The Suki is an adjustable vibrating cock-ring that can be worn around a penis or dildo during intercourse or penetration. It suctions over the clitoris using air-suction technology to bring clitoral or blended vaginal orgasms. 

3. The Sacred Squirter

"Our glass dildo is one of a kind," says Rees. "Shaped like an octopus tentacle, it has ridges and bumps that stimulate the g-spot and a curled handle that makes it easy to play with, either solo or with a partner." 

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4. Splash Blanket

If you are someone who has learnt about how messy it can get in the bedroom, Rees recommends the Splash Blanket, which assists couples and singles during sex or foreplay. 

"These blankets have gone viral across the globe and are proving to do much more than just protect bedding," she tells Mamamia. "When people feel more comfortable to let go during sex or self pleasure, they naturally become more orgasmic".

You can follow Rosie Rees for weekly free intimacy advice on Instagram here.

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