SEX DIARIES: A stranger went down on me in the middle of a party. I've never felt sexier.

I arched my back against the carpeted step, reclining until my body lay flat against the staircase. 

The hard edge dug into my spine, but I barely noticed the pain as pleasure radiated through me. 

Gripping the bare threads beneath my nails, I threw my face upwards and shut my eyes tight.

With my dress hitched up, and black lace g-string pulled to the side, groans of ecstasy threatened to escape me.

Clamping one palm across my lips, the other found the top of his head, hovering between my legs. 

He was kneeling just a few steps below me and nudged my knees open wider as his mouth dipped up and down. 

Circling, lapping, and licking my clit, his tongue urged me on, driving me wild and leaving me soaked.

Unable to control myself any longer, I twisted my fingers through his dark hair. Grabbing at the roots, I pushed his face into me and silently pleaded for more. 

Suddenly laughter erupted from the kitchen as conversation spilled out into the hallway, reminding me just how close we were to being discovered. 

Peeping out from under my lashes, I glanced to the right where across the corridor the lounge room door stood wide open. 

In the middle of the house, we were surrounded by rooms full of people. 

Nerves ran through me at the thought of being exposed like this, but the thrill of getting caught with a stranger between my legs was the biggest turn on. 

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I’d only known Alex a couple of hours.

After being kicked out of the pub at closing time, we were heading to an after party when my friend spotted him on the street and invited him over. 

The next thing I knew, I was climbing into the back of a cab beside him. 

“Hi,” I smiled. Suddenly, the night had got a lot more interesting. 

With a cheeky smile and eyes that captured all of my attention, he was very cute and very much my type. 

By the time we arrived at the party, sexual energy flowed between us like electricity, and it wasn’t long before he had me up against the kitchen cabinet.

As our mouths met for the first time, we could barely keep our hands off each other. 

Pulling back to look down at me, desired burned in his eyes. 

“I need you now,” he whispered before taking me by the hand. 

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With every room full, we sat down on the staircase and picked up right where we left off. 

Completely caught up in the moment, I grew closer and closer, but knew I had to have more. 

Pulling ourselves up off the step, we climbed to the second floor and quickly found the bathroom. 

Without turning on a light, Alex closed the door silently behind us, before pushing me against the wall.

Pinning me to the tiles, he kissed down my neck until he reached the edge of my dress. 

Stopping to tear it off over my head, he let it fall to the ground, leaving me standing there in black lingerie and thigh high black boots. 

I’d never felt so sexy or wanted in my life.

Dropping to my knees, I undid his belt, and he popped out before me. 

Long, hard, and right in front of my face, I want him so badly I ached. 

Taking him in my hands and then my mouth, I pulled hard, sucking him off. 


Putting his palms on top of my head and cupping my face, he guided himself in and out, getting deeper and deeper until I felt him at the back of my throat. 

Towering above me, he moaned hard, encouraging me on. 

I got faster and faster, pumping him now, as his fingers slipped into my bra and squeezed my nipples tightly. 

I could feel him getting there, as he surged between my lips. 

One more second, and he’d be undone. 

Suddenly to my left the bathroom door turned against the lock.

“Hurry up in there!” a loud voice cut through. 

I pulled back in shock and grabbed for my dress, looking up at Alex who couldn’t stop laughing. 

Helping me to my feet, he held me close and whispered in my ear. 

“Until later then...” 

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