Grant Denyer got a 'note' home from his daughter's school shaming him for a lunchbox item.

School’s just gone back, and healthy lunchboxes that meet school guidelines are on everyone’s minds.

And it’s rough out there. Sometimes, you nail it, and other times, you fail, in which case you’ll find a friendly letter inside your child’s lunchbox come home time.

TV host, Grant Denyer found himself in that position this week, proving no one – not even the host of Family Feud – is above the law.

“We got in trouble with Sailor’s school, we’ve been reprimanded,” the father-of-two told his radio co-hosts, Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee on the 2DayFM Breakfast Show with Em, Ed & Grant, Grant Denyer.

“A letter was sent home about sending Sailor to school with an ‘inappropriate item’ in her lunchbox.”

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The item is question – a homemade gluten-free choc chip muffin.

“[They said] it’s inappropriate because it’s an unhealthy item in a lunchbox, and contravenes the school policy on lunches,” he continued.

“It’s so embarrassing and you feel like the worst parent in the world. You’re trying to do the right thing – we made [the muffins] together on the weekend, it was a lovely father-daughter, mother-daughter experience cooking together… and then the school goes WAMO.”

A parent to school aged kids herself, Rusciano pointed out there are two sides to these lunchbox letters.

“We have problems in this country with childhood obesity and too much sugar, so we should be patting schools on the back for caring about our kids’ healthy eating,” she argued.

“BUT, getting a note and being judged like that would set me off at bit. And do they know who you are? Do they know that you’re TV’s Grant Denyer?”

To that, Denyer replied jokingly, “no one is above the law”.

A caller also rang up to let Denyer know he’s not the first parent to receive a lunchbox scolding, and won’t be the last.


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“I sent the kids to school with lollies, and the school sent a note home saying it was inappropriate – but we actually have a problem with our kids not being able to put on weight, and I don’t tell [teachers] what they can and can’t take to eat to work, what gives them the right to tell my kids what to eat?” Clayton said.

A teacher at Denyer’s daughter’s school also tried to make him feel better, he told listeners, by recalling how one student previously rocked up with a fake orange in their lunchbox.

“It was one of those decorative plastic oranges you have in the bowl, and his mum had put one of them in the lunchbox,” he laughed.

The sad thing is, any sleep-deprived parent would understand exactly how such a thing could happen.

Meanwhile, poor Kavalee, who is a new dad, had no idea lunchbox letters are even a thing that exist.

He will in a few years time though.

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Have you ever received a lunchbox letter telling you off about your kid’s snacks? Do you feel they’re appropriate?