The "disturbing, disgusting" Family Feud answer that even shocked Grant Denyer.

There’s no doubt Grant Denyer has heard his fair share of strange answers and bizarre thought processes when it comes to his gig on Family Feud.

In fact, that’s entirely the premise of the show — to witness contestants blast out their immediate thoughts with very little potential to censor the first thing that comes to their minds and through their mouths.

With this in mind, and after all this time, it’s a rare feat to see Grant Denyer taken so completely by surprise by an answer from a contestant.

Grant Denyer wasn't the only one taken by surprise.

Emily Dearaugo of Rosebud in Victoriam, was facing Denyer's final line of questioning, on track to take home $10,000 for her family.

However, when Dearaugo was forced to spit out the first thing that came to her mind when asked to "name something you grill," she raised eyebrows among the crowd by answering, "Your child."

"Looks like we're going to need a little more than half an hour of therapy," Denyer remarked amid the shock and laughs.

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Video via Channel 10

To her credit, Dearaugo stuck by her answer, adding: "You know when your child comes home late at night, and you ask them where they were and you grill them?"

Unfortunately, it was probably too little too late, with Denyer making jokes at her expense.

"I love kids, I really do love kids. Medium rare with a little plum sauce on the side," he said.

"Let's see how many points we can get from this disturbing, disgusting answer."

If you weren't sure, it was zero points.