According to Gen Z, there are 5 career 'rules' for 2023.

If TikTok has taught us anything - besides absolutely everything - it's that Gen Z knows exactly what they want. 

Yes, the generation whose youngest members are only just entering their high school years. The exact same generation whose oldest members can't quite recall with perfect clarity what a projector is. 

Yup. They don't just want people, laws and societal behaviours to change; they laugh at the rest of the world for not catching up. 

And now that we're entering the workforce - Millennials and Gen X'ers might have noticed that we are a little, erm, demanding

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As such, we've noticed there are a lot of unwritten rules emerging about what exactly Gen Z employees will and will not tolerate when it comes to working.

Here are 5 career rules from your beloved Gen Zs that you should know. Immediately.

1. Inside voices only, please.

Older friends, it's time to dial it down a notch because Gen Z simply won't stand it. In the good old days, a screaming boss would perhaps be part and parcel of corporate life - but in this day and age? No siree. We won't allow it. We'll leave if we have to, take jobs with less money if needed. We'll try making a few bucks on TikTok if our hand is forced. We'll do it all to avoid being yelled at. Don't underestimate it. 


And we don't really mind being perceived as 'quitters' anymore - especially if our mental health is at stake. It's a lesson we've learned from our wiser and much older Millennial friends.

As someone who has been screamed at for giving out too much popcorn chicken at a casual fast-food job, I can tell you I'd much rather have been unemployed. 

2. You don't say no to a work lunch invitation. Ever. 

It's an unwritten rule that all work must be dropped when a colleague asks if you want to walk with them to get a $13 sandwich from the cafe down the road. 

We don't do 'home lunch' quite like the generation before us once did. We're fine to shell it out - but if we do bring in lunch, you can bet it will either be a gourmet salad or three-day-old pasta (there's no in-between).

Because every single self-respecting Gen Z warmly welcomes any excuse to get out of the office.

Don't believe me? Ask one of 'em out to lunch. 

3. Afternoon drinks are mandatory. 

You can have a nice glass of cold water if you prefer - but you must drink it while sitting at a rooftop bar with your closest gal pals from work. 

It's called 'networking', guys. 

4. Don't ring us - text. 

The best way to contact us is through an Instagram DM. But if we haven't given you our handle (and let's be honest here - that's an incredibly likely scenario), then you can text us. 


If a royal member has died and we need to know - text us. 

If it's an emergency and your life depends on it (god forbid) - text us. 

Do not, under any circumstance, call us. It's incredibly inappropriate to interrupt the music playing in our headphones. Please use your common sense. 

And also make it a point to keep in mind that the only phone calls we answer are from our parents... If that.

Listen to Lowbrow, a podcast hosted by Gen Z'er Shannen Findlay and Gen X'er Holly Wainwright. Post continues after audio. 

5. We want more money.

Yeah, roll your eyes if you need to. Tell us that Gen Zs want everything too fast and all at once. Tell us we're not good enough yet. Tell us the world is going to s**t because of ungrateful little brats like us. 

Because you might just be right. 

But the simple fact of the matter is: we're a generation obsessed with paying our rent and affording sourdough from time to time. We want to have a drink at a bar with colleagues who understand us and spend some money on nice lunches if we can afford it. 

We want a lot of things - and we know we can't possibly get them all at once. 

But what's the harm in asking (or... demanding), right? 

Feature Image: Mamamia.

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