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emm01 March 10, 2024

I pack less than this! This is not a hack at all. 

emm01 January 21, 2024

I feel it is more so "art" and she is posing for art pieces. It does not mean she wears this while sitting around the house. It would be a case of 'let's take some photos, you put this on'.

emm01 January 3, 2024

Hahaha, some of these jobs require many years of study & going back down the salary ladder! I studied law later in life & while I don't regret it, my salary dropped $30,000 & I'm only just getting higher than I was before I studied & I've been a lawyer for 5 years.

emm01 December 23, 2023

Lindt is far too sweet! Linda chocolate is actually what put me off of eating chocolate. It's the worst. Haighs is so much better.

emm01 November 27, 2023

Secret Santa's are terrible. Most people, apart from the organiser don't want to participate & the gifts are always terrible. The last gift I was given from a work secret Santa was some dog poo bags...because I have 2 dogs. My new workplace is trying to get one on board. I told them my last experience & I am not joining in!

emm01 October 23, 2023

I went to a club a few weeks ago, I'm 47. The young people on the dance floor were so annoying. They stood there taking photos, constantly on their phone, not dancing. Back in my day, the dance floor was for dancing. Chatting was done off the dance floor! 

emm01 September 20, 2023

Can this just stop? Seriously. I am getting so bored of reading about someone else getting 'cancelled' for things that have been said & done many, many years ago. These people calling out for cancellation are bullying. Cindy Crawford, her whole life was based on her looks & body, she got her daughter into modelling. It's a bit rich to now try to say she was upset by Oprah!

emm01 July 24, 2023

I actually said to my husband last night, I haven't started dinner as I want us to go to the bedroom first. He said he loved that greeting. Dinner was only a few moments later but it did the world to his confidence & our relationship!

emm01 July 7, 2023

@donab I LOVE your comment & strongly agree. Thank you for making it & exposing that.

emm01 July 7, 2023

Barbie is Barbie! If the movie producers suddenly made Barbie to take on a different look or persona just for the sake of ticking the diversity box then its just tokenism & not a movie about Barbie. Yes, we have progressed in thw world but tokenism & ticking diversity boxes is just painfully boring.

emm01 July 4, 2023

I found it quite hard to read this article as I too use exercise for my mental health. Now, I'm suffering from a bulging disk & I can't exercise & it is deeply effecting my mental health. So yes, while exercise is great for it, it's also shattering when you are unable to.

emm01 June 2, 2023

It seems to me that bullies hide behind the word 'abelism' now to make their bullying more acceptable.

emm01 April 2, 2023

I get the feeling that this parent thinks she's very open minding & people who assign gender are closed minded. She does not realise that many, many parents allow their children to play with toys /games/ play with children considered the opposite sex. She does not need yo go to the extreme of not assigning gender just to allow her child to play with dolls & trucks etc. In a way, it is BETTER to have a child assigned a certain gender playing with the opposite sex toys to show that even though they are a boy/girl they are happy being it while playing with anything they want.

emm01 March 18, 2023

I went into Mecca looking for a new blush. The sales assistant kept showing me the most popular colour. I kept asking for one which matched my skin tone. She was truly baffled. I realised, it's because now days, young girls wear so much foundation, they don't know their natural skin tone!!

emm01 February 28, 2023

@yaladylawya I was thinking the same thing, great if you are tall but oversized, slouchy jackets would make me look like a stumpy dwarf!

emm01 February 9, 2023

While this article is done in fun, I experience it everyday at work. Graduates expect promotions each time one comes up, irrespective if they have experience. Managers promote them to keep them as they've invested money in them while they studied. They have no idea what 'doing the hard yards' is. In one conversation I've heard 'I'm applying for that job, i don't have the skills...i don't even know what I'm doing in this job'. Yet they are going for a promotion. It's awful working with them.

emm01 January 26, 2023

There is clearly a power imbalance with Jess and Damien. Jess needs to realise that men should not be controlling in a relationship 

emm01 January 25, 2023

Can I ask a serious question which I don't mean any disrespect. Why can you write 'proud (insert indigenous land) woman but if we say 'proud white woman' it's racist?

emm01 January 5, 2023

He's a permanent victim. A lot of siblings fight, even to the point of getting a bit rough. No, it's not great but equally, he's not a victim, its sibling roughhousing

emm01 December 6, 2022

@caz gibson why does the condemnation of Meghan have to be because she is an 'opinionated woman of colour'. Just because she is a woman of colour does not mean that all negative opinions of her are racially slanted. Negative remarks can equally be simply because she is an opinionated woman.