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1. Why ex-MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan isn't watching the new season.

Ex-MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan has shared that he isn't watching the new season of the reality show.

Speaking on the FoodBytes podcast, the former MasterChef judge labelled the new judges – Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo – "slim, gorgeous... and well-dressed"

"That’s what [the show] should have got [the first time around]," he said.

"If you look at the pictures from when we first started, I mean, that was ridiculous casting… we were kind of the unlikely trio," he added, referring to previous judges Matt Preston and George Calombaris.

"I look at the three MasterChef judges now and I go, ‘You see? That’s what they should have got.'"


The chef added that he hasn't been watching the show this season because he got to see the All-Star contenders when he filmed with them the first time.

"We had one off, once-in-a-lifetime experiences with those contestants. I don’t need to see them have another go," he shared.


2. Oh. Fans have spotted an engagement-esque ring in the new Bachelor in Paradise trailer.

Last week, Channel 10 shared the new Bachelor in Paradise trailer ahead of the show's upcoming return. And it included plenty of familiar favourites including Timm Hanly, Ciarran Stott, Abbie Chatfield and Brittany Hockley.


But while watching it, a few fans noticed something very exciting: sparkly engagement-esque rings were being put on multiple cast members' fingers.

Image: Channel 10. We are not sure who just yet... but at the end of the trailer a male voice shares,"It’s a feeling I haven’t ever felt with someone before. I’ve fallen more and more in love with you every single day."


How sweet.

To read more about everything we know so far about Bachelor in Paradise 2020, read our earlier article here.

3. It looks like evictee Allan is heading back into the Big Brother house.

Last night, Big Brother fans watched as contestant Allan Liang was evicted from the house. 

The 31-year-old was voted out by his fellow housemates in a pretty major landslide, receiving a total of 12 votes. 

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, Allan said his elimination was a "national tragedy". 

"They got rid of one of the strongest players," he said. 


But now it looks like Alan may be returning to the house, with rumours going around that he may come back as an intruder on the show. 

"Are you going back in though Allan?" newsreader Brooklyn asked. 

"Well, okay, so everyone need’s to watch tonight’s episode because, look, I can’t give too much away, but this is not the last time you’ve seen Allan," he explained. 

"Oh thank god for that! Oh Allan you’re going back in!" Kyle said. "We got the scoop! Allan’s going back in tonight everyone!"

So there we have it, it sounds like we might be seeing more of Allan after all. 

Big Brother continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven. 

4. "You kind of forget." Big Brother's Jess on hooking up with Marty on national TV.

Back in 2002, Jess Hardy and Nathan "Marty" Martin famously fell in love in the Big Brother house. 

At the time, Marty had a girlfriend in the outside world and was later dumped after his exit from the show. 

While on Big Brother, the pair ended up making it to the top four and got very intimate with each other on national TV.

Now, 18 years later, Jess explained why she thought it was a good idea to have sex on the show. 

"I’m not an exhibitionist, but you do kind of forget and you like the intimacy, you feel like you’ve got an ally, you get a little cosy and before too long it’s the dancing doona all over again," she told Triple M’s Moonman In The Morning earlier today.


Marty and Jess Big Brother 2002 

"It’s just a comfort thing. Dad said to me when I got out, 'Couldn’t you wait?' but when the intense chemistry is there and you’re unable to leave, it’s undeniable.

"It feels like it’s the right thing at the time, you don’t remember the cameras are there."

The pair eventually went on to divorce in 2006, with Marty now happily married to another woman. 


"He’s got a happy ending with another lovely lady, they’ve got a family and he’s all loved up. He’s back on the farm," Jess said. 

Meanwhile, Jess, who is currently single, has since started a career in radio, studied law and appeared on the reality TV show, Dating in the Dark

5. "I was busy just disappearing." The story behind Hannah Gadsby's 'overnight success'.

Hannah Gadsby discovered she was funny almost by accident.

She would say something, and people would laugh. She didn't understand why, at first, but after figuring it out, it became the go-to socialising tactic of young Gadsby.


"I learned [humour] as a deflection method," the 42-year-old said in an interview with ABC's Conversations on her experience at school.

"Often I'd say things and people would laugh and I'd have to work out why it was funny. And once I'd done that, I'd do it again. That was a way of showing people I was participating, but I wasn't. I worked it out as a way of being involved without being involved."


Image: Getty.



Of course, now the world knows Gadsby is funny.

But her journey from a child not sure of her place in the world, to a stand up comedian with two Netflix specials under her belt, has been far from an easy, linear one.

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