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All the rumours about the new season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia in one place.

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Grab yourself a mango daiquiri.

Although Bachelor in Paradise isn’t returning to our screens until early next year, it looks like the rumours about the upcoming season are already rolling in thick and fast.

And according to Channel 10’s Daniel Monaghan, it seems we’re in for an exciting season.

Speaking on the TV Blackbox podcast last week, Monaghan shared there was “love at the end” of the upcoming season.

Mamamia speaks to The Bachelorette Australia’s Angie Kent. Post continues after video.

“It’s been a stellar, stellar season of Paradise over in Fiji, we’ve got some really good cast over there, not that I can talk about them in full now,” he said.

“We’re really comfortable with how that’s landed and the love that’s come out of it, at the end. You know, we love the drama, but to have love at the end of it as well is really refreshing.”

While the cast for the reality show hasn’t yet been announced, the Daily Mail shared a leaked list of the cast back in November.

Although the ~ rumoured list~ hasn’t yet been confirmed, here’s who was listed by the publication:

  • Ciarran Stott (Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette)
  • Jamie Doran (Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette)
  • Niranga Amarasinghe (Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette)
  • Abbie Chatfield (Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Helena Sauzier (Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Renee Barrett (Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Sogand Mohtat (Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Jessica Brody (Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Julia Hyde (Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Brittney Weldon (Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor)
  • Keira Maguire (Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor)
  • Kiki Morris (Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor)

Mia Freedman speaks to Angie Kent about The Bachelorette, her time on Gogglebox Australia and her friendship with Yvie Jones on No Filter. 

While we wait for the cast of the new season to be confirmed, here’s a round up of all the rumours surrounding Bachelor in Paradise 2020 so far.

Abbie Chatfield is definitely headed to Bachelor in Paradise.

Abbie Chatfield, the runner-up of Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, was the first rumoured participant of Bachelor in Paradise.

Besides being listed on the Daily Mail’s alleged ~leaked list~, Abbie was also spotted ‘attempting to go incognito’ in a cap, sunglasses and hoodie at Brisbane Airport in early November as she prepared to board a flight to Fiji.

Interestingly, Bachelor in Paradise usually films in Fiji in November and December each year.



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Earlier this month, however, a source speaking to NW claimed Abbie lasted just two days on the reality show.

“She lasted like two days. As soon as Abbie stepped foot in the resort, everyone started having issues with her,” the source claimed.

“Jamie [Doran] had no hesitation choosing Abbie to be sent home after seeing how much drama she brought to the group.”

In an interview with Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa in September, Abbie appeared open towards appearing on the reality show.

“You’re single, you’re famous and you have Bachelor in Paradise right around the corner,” Fitzy said. “Congratulations on that.”

Abbie laughed before responding: “I think it’s a really good process and I know what I’m doing now. I probably wouldn’t say on camera ‘I’m really horny’ again though, so I’ve learned my lesson.”

See? If that ain’t confirmation, we’ll pour this whole damn mango daiquiri out.

Ciarran Stott’s rumoured relationship.


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The Bachelorette favourite Ciarran Stott is also heavily rumoured to be entering Paradise in 2020.

Over the weekend, the fan favourite was spotted in Paddington with Kiki Morris, who appeared on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor and is included on the leaked list of potential Bachelor in Paradise contestants.

The pair were photographed holding hands as they left fellow The Bachelorette contestant Jackson Garlick’s fancy dress birthday party.

(You can take a look at the photographic evidence right over here).


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Last Sunday, Kiki also shared a photo to Instagram of herself on a date with a mysterious tattooed man.

According to eagle-eyed fans, the tattooed arm actually belongs to Ciarran, fueling rumours the pair got together while in Fiji for the show.

ciarran stott
Interesting... Image: Instagram.

Keira Maguire's rumoured relationship.

Keira Maguire, who is rumoured to be entering Bachelor in Paradise for the second time in 2020, appears to have started a new relationship with another fellow Bachelor alumni.

Last week, fans of the reality show speculated whether Keira could be dating former The Bachelorette contestant Alex McKay after the pair both shared photos on Instagram from Byron Bay.


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On the same day, Keira posted a photo from Byron Bay Lighthouse, before Alex posted a photo taken from the exact same tourist attraction.


The rumour comes just six months after Keira split from Jarrod Woodgate, who she met on Bachelor in Paradise in 2018.

Feature Image: Instagram/@ciarranstott/@kikimorris

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