9 wildly surprising facts about your lady bits you'll wish you’d known sooner.

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Some have them. Some love them. Some like to be near them. Some wish they had them. And why? Because they are a delightfully fascinating part of the human body.

So why do we know next to nothing about them?

Watch and find out how well you know your lady garden. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

Beyond a pitiful sex education at school and questionable chatter with our friends, our knowledge of the vagina and what it can actually do is pretty abysmal. 

Which is why we have rounded up nine wildly surprising facts about the mighty beast that is the vagina so you can clue yourself up on the wonders of this organ/tell your friends and fill the vagina-education gap like the champion you are.

Vagina fact #1: The clitoris is literally the tip of the iceberg.

Ahh, that small but mighty dot at the top of your vulva that boys can never find… Welcome to the clit

While you may only be able to physically see the pea-sized nugget that is the clitoris, did you know that this pea-sized nugget is literally the tip of the iceberg? Behind that is an expansive network of nerve endings that reach up to 10 centimetres in length. Yes, 10CM! It’s shaped like a four-pronged wishbone behind the vulva and holds the power of an orgasm in its hands, so don’t be underestimating that pea-sized nugget ever again.


Vagina fact #2: Your vagina is highly... acidic. 

Talk about a sourpuss? Ammiright?! 

Okay, but in all seriousness, keeping your vagina acidic is key to the health of the whole damn area. This is because an acidic environment arms your vagina with the ability to fight off infections and keep the growth of any bad bacteria and yeast well and truly in check.

If the acid level drops, then you’re heading straight to trouble town. With a more alkaline vagina, you’re more at risk of bacterial infections and even bacterial vaginosis - which is not a fun time. We repeat, very much NOT a fun time. 

So if you find yourself wanting to use any ‘feminine hygiene products’ then be sure to check that they will protect your pH levels and keep your vaginal acidity in the sweet spot. 

Wondering how the heck to know if a product will do that? Easy. Look for brands that promote a ‘pH balance’ and that are gynaecologist tested. Brands like Summer’s Eve which have soap-free intimate washes (because soap is alkaline and therefore an absolute no-go) and even vinegar-based douches which won’t eff up your vag balance. 

Have a listen to Mamamia Out Loud, where Mia, Holly and Jessie discuss the wellness craze surrounding the vulva. Post continues after podcast.

Vagina fact #3: No two vulvas are the same. Even in identical twins. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no two vulvas are the same. Not a single one has a doppelganger. And yes, this rule applies to identical twins too. Why? Because vulvas are strong independent women who like to be unequivocally unique. 

Don’t believe us? Firstly, rude. Secondly, check out this gallery of vulvas to see for yourself. 


Vagina fact #4: Your vulva changes colour when you’re aroused.

Yes, much like the mood ring you were obsessed with in the 90s, your vulva changes colour when you’re turned on.

This is because when you’re aroused blood rushes to your vagina, making the skin of your vulva appear darker and redder. Essentially, your vulva is blushing, cos it’s a big old flirt. 

Like a chameleon, your vulva returns to its natural un-horny hue after sexy time has wrapped up.

Vagina fact #5: You can actually lift weights with your vagina.

This may be evoking truly bizarre images of an Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque coochie doing deadlifts, but that’s not entirely how it goes down. 


You can actually insert an ‘anchor’ (sounds painful, but it’s not) and you hold it in using your pelvic floor muscles. This can be done more casually at home with some kegel balls, or if you find you have a real knack for it, we’re sure there are some semi-professional comps you can sign up for. 

How validating to win a trophy for vaginal strength?! Yeah the girls!

Vagina fact #6: The clitoris is literally twice as sensitive as a penis. 

As we mentioned earlier, there’s much more to the clitoris than that pea-sized nugget you see. It’s a labyrinth of nerve endings that are actually (and scientifically) more sensitive than a penis. 

So next time a lad tells you that ‘there’s nothing more painful on this earth than getting kicked in the dick’, politely show him this article and smile smugly. 

Vagina fact #7: Not all women have vaginas and not all people with vaginas are women. 

You should just know this by now. Genitalia is not an indicator of gender. Never was, never will be. So commit this header to memory. Please.

Vagina fact #8: Pubes really do have a purpose.

There have been many ‘trends’ when it comes to pubic hair. Landing strips, full bush, Hollywood, Brazilians, merkins. So you’re forgiven for dismissing the practical advantages of a natural pube situation, because the world has told you to do everything else bar keeping it au natural.


But the benefits of a natural nether region are pretty damn good. The pubes serve as a protective barrier to your genital tissues, working as a natural bouncer of sorts to your sensitive vaginal opening. They also act as a buffer against friction, so if you deal with chronic thrush from wearing skinny jeans, a bush might just be your saving grace. 

Vagina fact #9: Your vagina is self-cleaning.

The lining of the vagina is made up of various glands that release fluids designed to cleanse and lubricate the vagina. This means that it basically does the washing up and brings the lube along all by itself. Clever little thing!

So what does that mean when it comes to physically ‘washing’ your vagina? Does that mean you shouldn’t use products on it?

The way we like to think about it is that your face skin is self-healing, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to treat it every now and again, right? After the #selfcare year that was 2020, we all leaned heavily into cleansers, moisturisers, face masks and serums and in the big scheme of things, none of these beauty routines are ‘essential’, but we like to do them anyway. They make our skin feel good and that, by proxy, makes us feel a little better all round.

So that’s the logic we apply to skincare, down there

Is it essential for human survival? Nope. But is it nice to do on occasion and does it feel productive when you’re self-conscious about smell and freshness? Absolutely yes.


So, if you feel like you want to dive into feminine care, for whatever reason, then these are our recommendations of what to use and when.

For a little instant freshening up…

Grab the Summer’s Eve Daily Freshness Intimate Cleansing Wipes which you can pop in your bag and whip out when you feel you need. They have a patented odour neutralising ingredient which diminishes smell without compromising your natural juices. 

For when you’re feeling a little too sweaty…

We’ve all been there. After a big day out and about when it’s 400 degrees and your nether regions just feel a smidge… claggy. If this is the case then tap a couple of poofs of the Summer’s Eve Daily Freshness Intimate Powder on the external part of your vagina to let the natural cornstarch-based formula effectively absorb moisture (while keeping your insides intact). 

For when you feel like you want to have a ‘big clean’...

Again, while no vagina needs to be cleaned, it can feel nice to treat that area to a little self-care sometimes. So, for those occasions, squeeze a small amount of the Summer’s Eve Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash onto your hands in the shower before applying it to the outside of your vagina with a lil rub before rinsing thoroughly. And Voila! Your self-care sesh is complete!

And there you have it, nine wildly surprising facts about vaginas you wish you’d known sooner. Feel free to go forth and spread this mind blowing news with everyone you know. The world will definitely be a better place if you do.

Feature Image: Mamamia.

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