Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. There’s now a rumour that Elizabeth and Nic were together before MAFS and we cannot keep up.

Oh, here we go.

There’s a very legit and not-made-up-at-all sounding rumour that Elizabeth and Nic, Cyrell’s fake hubby from MAFS, actually had a brief fling before the show started and HUH?

It could be (very) likely we have another “Matt and Lauren are pregnant” situation on our hands, but it’s a verrrrry interesting morsel of gossip delivered to us by none other than an anonymous source.

According to Now to Love, the pair were apparently “hooking up” for a while before the relationship fizzled, and they hadn’t seen or spoken to each other until they were both getting married to strangers on national television. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?


Just imagine their surprise when they bumped each other at the first dinner party (honestly, how did the experts miss this?! We are shooketh).

“Nic and Lizzie actually matched on Tinder before they were cast on MAFS and started messaging each other,” a source told the website.

“Nic was super-keen on her and asked her out on a date immediately.”

The source adds that they were “shocked” when they saw each other, but decided to pretend they hadn’t met before, which doesn’t sound like the Lizzie we know at all, but OK.

“They were shocked when they saw each other but introduced themselves and began chatting as if they were total strangers. Nic eventually addressed the elephant in the room and said, ‘Oh my God, I’ve met you before, I know you from somewhere.'”

We wonder if this will come up on the show soon…

2. Lisa Wilkinson has accused Channel Nine of using her image for “fake news”.

Lisa Wilkinson has called out her former network, Channel Nine, for misleading readers by using her image in an article about a woman’s relationship with her stepdaughter.

The network’s women’s site, 9 Honey, published an article titled “How I discovered my step daughter hates me” on Sunday, which included a video snippet of Lisa on the Today show as the main image.


The story, about a woman named Samantha, opens with the line: “When I first met my husband Peter, he’d been divorced for six years and he was very close to his daughter Tia who was 12.”

Lisa has been married to her husband Peter FitzSimons for nearly 27 years.

The story is actually about a stepmother named Samantha, however that is only revealed in the captions of stock images as you scroll through the article.



“Come on @Channel9 This is a low act. I’m used to it from rotten online scammers & the weekly trash mags, but you should be better than this,” Lisa Tweeted.

In her following tweet, she called the article “fake news”:


3. The harsh comment from her son that made Cass Thorburn sign up to Dancing with the Stars.

Cassandra Thorburn has shared the real reason behind her decision to sign up for Dancing With The Stars.

cassandra thorburn dancing with the stars
Cassandra Thorburn is competing in this season of Dancing With The Stars. Image: Getty.

According to the former journalist, it was a comment from her oldest son Jackson which ultimately led her to take the plunge and join the competition.

"I went to Jackson, my eldest, and I said, 'I think I'm going to do DWTS' and he turned and said 'No, you're not – you can't f*cking dance' and right then and there I decided it was time I learnt to dance. So I signed up," Cass told The Sunday Telegraph.


"If Jackson – who did 10 years of ballet – thinks I can't dance then I'm going to learn to dance," she added.

In a previous interview, Cass also shared that her late father also influenced her to go on the show.

"It was one of the last conversations I had with my dad before he passed away," she told The Daily Telegraph.

"[He told me] if you said no, you will regret it one day."

4. “She was like a wild animal.” Martha has spoken about her feud with Cyrell on Married at Fight Sight.

The drama just keeps on brewing on Married At First Sight.

In an upcoming episode, fellow brides Cyrell and Martha are set to clash in a heated argument.

More drama is coming... Image: 9Now.

Now, in an interview with TV Week, Martha has shared how the argument began.

According to Martha, the fight began when Cyrell heard about a 'nasty rumour' which she believed Martha started.

"She was like a wild animal," Martha told the magazine.

"I'd never encountered someone so aggressive in my life. The look on her face was so intense. She really wanted to get to me."

Cyrell's husband Nic also weighed in on the argument.

"I was filthy with her over it," he admitted. "It was next-level. It was too much; it was inappropriate and ridiculous."

5. The one moment from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance that proves their love.

Let’s face it, tonight’s Oscars was about one thing and one thing only: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow performance.

And it was… well, it was bloody beautiful.

As soon as we heard those first few chords, we’re not ashamed to admit we were majorly attacked by the feels. We’re talking lump in the throat, eyes welling up type feels.

Bradley looked nervous, Gaga gazed on adoringly as he started the song: ‘Tell me something girl…’

Much emotion.


The pair performed the hit to perfection but the real climax wasn’t even Lady Gaga’s high-note (although that was pretty epic).


We may have squealed. Source: 9Now.

Yes, we’re all still shipping them. Yes, Bradley Cooper is there with his wife Irina Shayk, but that’s beside the point because we’ll always have Shallow… right?

You can read the full story right here.